Update: Tallahassee Is The Legislature’s Problem


A reader of Browardbeat.com in Tallahassee took this picture and sent it to me after seeing my post on April 18 about the state capital being in the wrong place.



The bronze tribune in the Capitol gloats about thwarting an effort by state Sen. Lee Weissenborn of Miami to move it to Orlando.

The Legislature stopped Weissenborn by rushing construction of a new Capitol in Tallahassee so big and expensive no lawmaker would propose to move it again.  The new Capitol opened in 1977.

State Sen. Jack Gordon insisted the Legislature place the sarcastic plaque as a reminder of the real motivation behind the new Capitol. Gordon was one of Weissenborn’s fellow Democrats from Dade County.

Weissenborn is now a retired attorney.  He served 10 years in the state Legislature and lost a race for Congress to William Lehman in 1972.

According to a story last year in The Miami Herald, Weissenborn lost the race after admitting he counterfeited endorsement cards circulated in the black community. 

Lehman went on to be responsible for numerous transportation improvements in South Florida including Metrorail and the causeway through Aventura.

3 Responses to “Update: Tallahassee Is The Legislature’s Problem”

  1. Legislature Is The Same says:

    The crackers in the old Legislature spent all their time beating on South Florida and paying for a brass tablet to boast how they beat back the South Florida crowd. The backward Republicans do the same today.

  2. We Have Grown Apart says:

    Secede, let South Florida be free of these strange people.

  3. I.P. Freely says:

    Except you forget about the time inbetween those two eras where South Florida ruled with impunity. The source of much of the sore feelings today.