Update: Take A Look At What They Want To Build Next To The Everglades!


The Sun-Sentinel had a dramatic picture of the towering project developers want to build on the edge of the Everglades.

The picture was included with Sun-Sentinel Writer Susannah Bryan’s fine update on the project, which will be heard by the Sunrise City Commission tonight.

In answer to the pro-development folks who commented on Browardbeat.com’s original story on the project three days ago:

Developers have vested rights to build but not a project of this density, project opponent Commissioner Sheila Alu told the Sun-Sentinel.

I suggest anybody with an interest in the environment and our drinking water supply read Bryan’s story. The link is here.

5 Responses to “Update: Take A Look At What They Want To Build Next To The Everglades!”

  1. Sunrise Mom says:

    This is just what we need in Sunrise! More office space with no tenants. More hotels with empty rooms and more storefronts with no customers. GREAT! Then, top it off with the fact that they are messing with Mother Nature, this is a disaster waiting to happen just like the City of Sunrise elected (and some appointed) officials. The joke continues…

  2. Sunrise Resident says:

    We very much appreciate you bring this to our attention before the Sun-Sentinel. Alu is right. It must be objected to.

  3. Don't See The Problem says:

    It’s arbitrary to argue that a structure like the one in the picture is any more offensive facing the Everglades than it would be facing the Atlantic. So long as neither pose an environmental risk, and enjoys the support of the local residents, I see no problem with people enjoying that beautiful view from their balconies.

  4. Reminds Me of Weston says:

    Seems to me that on the northeast corner of Weston, off I-75 near the Bonaventure Golf Course, on that section of I-75 that turns into Aligator Alley, there is a very similar looking structure overlooking the Everglades. It’s attractive and not offensive. What’s the big deal? The question is whether there’s a market for it.

  5. Broward Residents says:

    Who cares what they are planning to build. If Alu is against this project and wants to save the Everglades than she needs to campaign to remove all development west of I75 which was part of the Everglades. So lets remove WESTON (Useless) and Pembroke Pines (YUK. So Ms. Alu start digging and removing all buildings and home west of I75 or shut up!!!