Update: Parks Tied To Coconut Creek High Through Lobbyist


School Board member Bob Parks wants his name on a new Coconut Creek High School track.

That figures, since the lobbyist for the construction company that built it is now his campaign strategist.

It sure is a cozy little club of insiders at Bob Parks’ School Board.

Barbara Miller was the lobbyist for Recreational Design & Construction, the firm that built the new facility at Coconut Creek.

Miller is now Park’s re-election campaign consultant.   She has made calls to other politicians on Park’s behalf.

Neil Sterling also was a lobbyist for the firm.  He was Miller’s lobbying partner, but dropped his registration this year.

Printed reports have said federal investigators are interested in Sterling ties with  Board members.  But that didn’t bother Parks.

Sterling contributed to Parks’ re-election, a campaign almost totally fueled by contractors, lobbyists and others he votes money for at the School Board.

Everybody seems to cash in at Bob Parks’ School Board.  Everybody, that is, except the parents and the taxpayers.

23 Responses to “Update: Parks Tied To Coconut Creek High Through Lobbyist”

  1. Voter says:

    Parks, Miller and Sterling all have one thing in common. They have active FBI files.
    Parks is a total sellout.

  2. Nora Rupert Voter says:

    Actually, you’re wrong. Miller and Sterling don’t have active FBI files! Unless you are with the FBI, how the hell would you know that?

    As for Parks, his time is up. Someone ought to tell him that!

  3. The real reason says:

    Now that you have found the connection, do you see how it all ties in?
    A lot of green is needed for Parks, but plantings leave records and they are now in the hands of those who count.
    Look at the high schools. Look at the connections.

  4. BrowardTeacher says:

    Parks needs to go and the School Board should have term limits – 8 years and out.
    That said, his only opponent does not have much to run on.
    Someone with real qualifications – please run against Parks.

  5. To Voter says:

    How do you know they don’t?

  6. To Nora Rupert Voter says:

    Sorry the above post was directed at “Nora Rupert Voter”

  7. Defiant and Arrogant says:

    This community has had enough of defiant and arrogant politicians that for too long have defended a status quo that is by no means acceptable. Bob Parks is the poster boy for that crowd.

    For too long he has ruled over an public school monopoly that feels entitled to immunity from public accountability. The mediocrity of that school system helps explain why companies won’t move their headquarters to Broward County. That means job loss and misery for all of us. All the while Parks and his cronies are busy buying swampland, wasting public tax dollars, and offering excuses for why they only graduate a miserable 60% of our high school students.

    Throw this bum out! Throw them all out. Send the school board a message that we have had enough. Let’s get people in there that want to do the job right. For the sake of this community, our future and for the well being of our kids, wake the heck up and take back your government.

  8. Floridan says:

    Defiant and Ignorant Arrogant: “For too long he has ruled over an public school monopoly that feels entitled to immunity from public accountability.”

    Last time I looked, every School Board member has to stand for election. Sounds like the ultimate in public accountability to me.

    If you are complaining that the people you want to be sitting on the School Board don’t win, maybe it’s because you and others like you don’t work hard enough electing someone else. Of course, it’s much easier to complain than to actually do something.

    Also, can’t BN figure out who originated the proposal to name the track after Parks. He implies it’s Park’s idea, but without any documentation. Did he call Parks and get his comments on this? I would think that there would be a paper trail, available via the Sunshine Law.

  9. Floriwrong says:

    Floridan is Floriwrong. Defiant and Arrogant hit the nail on the head. Defiant is saying that Parks and his ilk need to move along and new blood replace them that can run that operation better. That is an obvious need. The point is it should not take hard work to throw someone out that has so terrible a track record. Residents need to wake up and start voting more intelligently. We must stop sending people back for more terms in public office if they are not generating positive results now.

  10. Just me says:

    I understand the naming was recommended by a committee at the school.

  11. Hoof Hearted says:

    Just me,

    I understand that every recommendation made by committees and staff originate with board members who are trying to make everything look like a legitimate recommendation. The school board does not leave these recommendations to chance. They have a lot riding on the outcome. They all have community activist friends (think Nipon/Kraft or Greenbarg/Wexler or Nipon/Bartleman). These activists help make recommendations and thus drive the train.

    Parks is a big time player in getting his name on that school’s sports complex. Take that to the bank.

  12. the gotts says:

    What a caste system? In Broward County! No!!!!

  13. Floridan says:

    Floriwrong: “The point is it should not take hard work to throw someone out that has so terrible a track record.”

    I think you made my point — there are plenty of complainers and conspiracy theorists, but when it comes to doing the hard work of campaigning, raising money and moving beyond a single issue . . . well, its just a lot easier to complain and suggest the deck is stacked against you.

  14. SimpleMan says:

    I believe that Nora will demonstrate how to get a crook out of office.

  15. Joel Smith says:

    Perhaps someone ought to challenge Dr. Parks in regard to what his educational philosophy (insofar as educating our children is concerned) is rather than is economic philosophy (and judgement! If he can demonstrate clarity of educational vision – and unwavering commitment to that vision – than he might be the one Board Member who should have something named after him – what are the bets on it?

  16. The Truth says:

    I respectfully differ with Joel Smith.
    No public facility should be named for a living person who is still in office.
    It is bad enough we have a school named for an administrator who killed somebody in a DIU, a fine lesson to teach kids.
    Under their current policy, the School Board could have named a school for Beverely Gallagher.
    Parks could be next.

  17. show us the money honey says:

    I think its fine for schools to name parts of their facilities after living people, if those people have contributed big $$ for the privilege. Douglas HS got like $350,000 from an alum to name the stadium after his parents. You can always take their name off if you get a higher bidder or the person has been disgraced. How much $$ is Parks giving for the privilege of having the track named after him?

  18. Charlotte Greenbarg says:

    To Hoof Hearted…If you’re referring to me in the Greenbarg/Wexler comment, you obviously forgot: 1.that Lois Wexler hasn’t been on the School Board for a long time; and 2. that Lois Wexler told the Board years ago at a workshop discussion on the subject of how appointees follow/don’t follow directives of appointing members, “I’m going to tell her how to vote?” That evoked a great deal of hearty laughter (Buddy was there.)

    The only train I’m helping drive goes “clickety-clack, clickety-clack.” It’s very satisfying.
    Especially considering the battles I’ve fought and still fight with corrupt officials, several of whom are either in jail or on the way.

    FROM BUDDY: I can assure any reader that Charlotte Greenbarg is an independent voice for change in the school system.

    She has volunteered endless hours for almost two decades to improve the way the school system operates. She is a thorn in the side of school administrators, which is a good thing. She has exposed millions and millions of dollars of wasteful spending, which has not endeared her to the School Board.

    We need more concerned citizens like Charlotte Greenbarg.

  19. Maria says:

    Charlotte, keet driving that train, You are doing quite well.

    And to Hoff hearted: If you are willing to give out names why don;t you step up to the plate and give your real name.

    My opinion: You should not name a school/track with Mr. parks name or any living person’s name .Although I would have an exception. Mr Parks could rename Cypress run Alternative school with his name , for the fight he has done on behalf of those who are 18 and never learn to read past 3er grade level-.

  20. JOEL SMITH says:

    I am sorry. I guess my attempt at sarcasm did not come through! I agrre that no facility should be named after a living person……I was attempting (poorly apparently) to make the point that Board Members should be thinking about the decisions that affect the lives of thousands of children now and in the future rather than being concerned about having their name in front of a ‘tribute’to something that they think they accomplished (in the past). I continue to wonder what the educational philosophy (collectively and individually) is of the Board Members. I continue to wonder if any one of them would allow their children (or grandchildren)to go to XXX school which might well be located on the east side of the county? I continue to wonder why decisions about public education are made by Board Members who do not send their children to public school……I wonder.

  21. Hoof Hearted says:

    Charlotte, for the record that was a reference to Terese N. not you. I too believe you are a light in a dark place.

  22. Jeanne Jusevic says:

    Clearly this place is hostile to Dr. Parks. But, I have to wonder why any one would think his opponent is a vaible alternative?

    If Nora Rypert was actually well versed on the issues and would asnswer questions put to her by people asking questions on her facebook page, perhaps she get more traction that from her small circle of friends and the City Commission. Many people in Coconut Creek think an endorsement from the commission is a signal to vote for Bob Parks.

    I feel badly for Nora. Whoever is advising her isn’t serving her well.

  23. Jeanne Jusevic says:

    Hello Joel and Charlotte.