Update On The Wizard And Sobel


Integrity Counts Committee’s latest financial report has been posted online in Tallahassee here since I wrote the previous post.
 The Committee raised $125,000 from committees associated with the trial lawyers (Florida Justice), the insurance industry (Impact), the wireless phone industry (Citizens for Economic Progress), chiropractors (CHIRO-PAC) and others, including lobbyist Ron Book of Plantation. The money went into the group’s attacks on state Rep. Eleanor Sobel, who is running for state Senate.
With the new report, it is clear that it is not just the trial lawyers who don’t like Sobel.  It seems like a whole bunch of special interests who are upset with her conduct in the Florida House. For instance, the phone folks are probably upset with Sobel’s vote against granting them statewide authority to offer television through phone lines. Chropractors, like the trial lawyers, are often at odds with physicians.
You get the picture.   But remember that Sobel supporters in the medical community started these attacks, lashing out at her Democratic opponents, former state Reps. Ken Gottlieb and Tim Ryan.

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