Update on Levey Cohen: Incumbent Judge Challenged Again?


Mardi Anne Levey Cohen thought she was running for an open seat when she kicked off her third judicial campaign last week.

She filed to run for Broward County Court Group One.

Now the judge sitting in that seat says he may not retire. 

Here’s the story:

A courthouse fixture who is a close friend ran into County Court Judge Joel Lazarus in Costco today.

Lazarus currently holds the Group One seat.

Amid the super sized packages of Bounty Towels, they started talking about Levey Cohen entering the race. 

Lazarus said Levey Cohen may think she is running for an open judicial seat.  

But he emphatically said he had not made up his mind yet about retiring. 

And he told my friend: “Tell Nevins he can post it on Browardbeat.com.

Lazarus explained that he still had a teenage son at home and that he likes being a judge.

He may want to work until he was 70.  That would keep him a judge for a few years past the 2010 election.

So if Levey Cohen stays in the race, she’ll have to take on an incumbent judge.

This would be the second incumbent judge she would take on, since she challenged Pedro Dijols last year.

Lazarus unlike Dijols does not have a Hispanic name, making him much, much harder to beat.

What’s amazing is that Levey Cohen’s husband is Broward Circuit Judge Dale Cohen. He’s got to work with judges like Lazarus.  It can’t be comfortable for Dale in the courthouse.

Of course, Levey Cohen will have plenty of opportunity to switch to another race before the filing closes next year.

At least three other county judges are rumored to be retiring.

8 Responses to “Update on Levey Cohen: Incumbent Judge Challenged Again?”

  1. Thomas Malen says:

    Dear Ms. Levey Cohen,
    Would you disappear.
    Thomas (who knows you)

  2. courthouse rambler says:

    This is one more chapter in the farce called the Broward legal establishment. Levey Cohen is now using two Jewish names to make sure the sheep in the condos know what is important – she’s Jewish. Is this any way to pick a judge? No.
    As a new contributor to this website, I want to congratulate you on including the controversial and entertaining views of Sam Fields. Now I would like to see him comment on what is going on the Broward courthouse

  3. Mardi Levey Cohen says:

    Buddy, once again your story is wrong. I am not running against an incumbent judge. Judge Lazarus has been an esteemed member of the Broward judiciary for many years. He has distinguished himself and served the people of Broward County with dignity and compassion. I would never run against Judge Lazarus, nor should any other lawyer. It is my understanding that he is not running for re-election, which I have confirmed with his office. However, if he changes his mind I will be his biggest supporter and Broward would be greatly served by his continued service on the bench, and of course I will withdraw my name from that seat. I hope this is now cleared up for you, Buddy, THIS STORY IS OVER.

    FROM BUDDY: Thank you for your e-mail. You are welcome to write a guest column outlining your views anytime.

  4. NO LEVEY says:

    She needs to accept the fact that none of her peers like her and even worst than that- no one respects her. She is a terrible lawyer- and would make a terrible judge.

  5. Buddy fan says:

    How did Buddy get it wrong? The last sentence of his story states that Levey Cohen can switch races — which she confirms she will do if Lazarus stays. Once again, Buddy is spot-on.

    Hey Buddy, how about posting an update on your lawsuit?

  6. roscoe says:

    Mardi. you stupid idiot.

    Your decision to run a third time – and the resulting loss of money – should be looked into by ChildNet as possible neglect of your kids.

    Seriously. Of course you aren’t going to “run against Lazarus”, you slimy poor excuse for a lawyer. You will pick the candidate with the least Jew-sounding name.

    You’re pathetic. Just like you were as a lawyer – go trick someone into hiring you.

  7. Sol Ginzburg Levy Cohn Israel says:

    Vat we need is another judge elected just because of their Jewish name.

  8. Bill says:

    Switch to another race?

    She’ll probably switch her name a few more times by then as well!