Update: Judicial Candidate’s Husband Has Problems, Too.

Judicial candidate Mardi Anne Levey’s husband Judge Dale Cohen has problems, too.
 Cohen represented his wife’s campaign at the Broward Election Headquarters during last weekend’s recount in the Circuit Group 4 race.
  That could be trouble.  Judges are not supposed to be involved in other campaigns, even if it involves their spouse. 
 “Without doubt he participated in the recount, says lawyer Bill Scherer. “He was there as the representative for his wife.  He sat behind the canvassing board (which included two other judges and the county’s mayor) and the appearance was horrible.
Scherer was a supporter of incumbent Judge Pedro Dijols, who Levey squeezed past in the election to win a spot in the runoff.
Scherer was also instrumental in getting Cohen appointed judge. He was highly annoyed when Cohen’s wife filed against another judge Scherer helped get appointed Dijols.
 How about a two for one special from a defense lawyer?
After all, it looks like not only Levey’s campaign is headed to the Judicial Qualifications Ccommission but her husband Judge Dale Cohen, too.

3 Responses to “Update: Judicial Candidate’s Husband Has Problems, Too.”

  1. anon2 says:

    Again, ahead of the news. Other lawyers say Scherer is about to file suit to block Levey from being on the ballot.

  2. law lady says:

    Levey should do the right thing and quit the race.

  3. Landslide says:

    What high powered attorney risks his family secrets coming out??? Just to maliciously interfere with an upcoming election? Hmmm…???