UPDATE: Jeffrey Backman Files For Lazarus’ Seat; Faces Levey Cohen


Commercial Litigator Jeffrey Backman opened his campaign today for county court judge.

In a statement e-mailed to Browardbeat.com, Backman discussed his reasons voters should back him and why he wants to become a judge:

“Integrity, energy, work ethic and passion set me apart from other candidates, he wrote.  “And I can assure you that nobody wants this more than me, nobody will work harder to get it and nobody will put more time, effort and devotion into the position, if elected.

 “Becoming a judge has been a dream that I now have the opportunity to make reality – it would be an honor and privilege to serve the people of Broward County for many years to come!

Jeffrey Backman

Backman listed his office address at Adorno & Yoss on his campaign form.  He became a lawyer in 2003, which is just within the five-year requirement to become a judge.

His treasurer is Brian Kopelowitz, an east Fort Lauderdale lawyer with his own firm Kopelowitz Ostrow.

Backman is running for Judge Joel Lazarus’ Group 1 seat.  Lazarus officially announced his retirement on Browardbeat.com yesterday.

Also running for Group 1 is Mardi Anne Levey Cohen, a former prosecutor who became a lawyer in 1987.  Levey Cohen has run twice before, the last time being forced off the ballot in a controversial law suit concerning her changing her name to run. 

JAABlog, the Broward courthouse’s informative blog, had its own take on Backman’s filing.  It can be found here.


4 Responses to “UPDATE: Jeffrey Backman Files For Lazarus’ Seat; Faces Levey Cohen”

  1. Please Another Candidate says:

    Isn’t there any other candidates out there who is mad mardi or baby backman?

  2. Truth says:

    Jeff would make a good judge. Young blood would be good.

  3. Democrat says:

    Which one is a Democrat and thus has a chance of winning?

  4. Courthouse Gossip says:

    A very well connected lawyer says that either Mardi Levey Cohen and Jeffrey Backman will switch races at the last minute. After seeing what happened last year, Carlos Rodriquez and Carlos Rebollo better watch out.