Update: Sue Outraises Steve More Than 4-to-1


Broward County Commissioner Sue Gunzburger outraised challenger Steve Geller by more than four-to-one in the first three months of the year.



Gunzburger raised $54,020 for a total of $126,124.


Geller’s figures are not in.  The former state senator told Browardbeat.com that he raised at least $8,000 in hard money and $5,000 for his soft money committee Floridians For A Stronger Tomorrow. 

That would put Geller’s total at around $25,000 for his campaign and another $105,000 in his soft money committee.

Geller said more money might trickle in before he files the official report.

The two are locked in a battle for the southeast Broward county commission district that Gunzburger has held since 1992.

When told of Gunzburger’s fund raising in the first quarter, Geller said:  “She did well.

He said his campaign was hampered by a torrential storm in Tallahassee in the last week of March which rained out a fund raiser he had scheduled.

“I got a lot of promises, but not a lot of checks because of the rain, Geller said.  “I will have a very strong second quarter.

Ron Gunzburger, the son and political strategist for the incumbent commissioner, quipped: 

“I guess that (statement) is the equivalent of ‘The Check Is In The Mail.’

Geller predicted that he will “dramatically out raise Sue.  Certainly Sue has the ability (as a multi-millionaire) to stroke herself for $100,000-$200,000 at any time.

In the end, both candidates “will have a minimum of $500,000 each.  We both will have every penny of what we need.

The election is for the Democratic primary, 2010. 

7 Responses to “Update: Sue Outraises Steve More Than 4-to-1”

  1. They Are Their Own Stimulus says:

    One million dollars in a county commission race! These candidates should be rewarded because they are single handedly becoming their own stimulus plan

  2. Hmm says:

    The rain. Yea, right, Steve. It was the rain…

  3. Where Is Joy says:

    The idea that South Broward has these two old warhorses and nobody new is pathetic. They are both good Democrats. Their day has past. Where is Joy Cooper? Where is Peter Bober? Where is Joe Gibbons? Where is one of the Gottliebs?

  4. hollywood res says:

    Yes, the rain kept $100,000 in Tallahassee money out of Clyde’s that night…maybe even more.

    There’s going to be a cool front this week, that’ll probably prevent Geller from raising any money during April. Then it’ll be unbearably hot, nobody will be able to leave their AC long enough to go to his events and give their checks… and then of course, hurricane season, and everyone knows that it’s impossible to collect a nickel from these greedy lobbyists when there’s a hurricane coming!

    Give it up, Steve! These crazy excuses are about as much of a stretch as your fictitous poll that had you winning 4 different commission races.

  5. Rainout says:

    Rain can put a damper on any event, so it’s understandable that people didn’t go to an event because of torrential rain. But then there’s the post office where checks can be dropped. So to blame the rain for not getting money is not going to fool anyone. The viability of candidates is measured by how much money they can raise. People are simply not giving to Geller in the necessary amoungs and people generally have good reasons why. First, they don’t think he will win. Second, they don’t want to piss off his opponent who they think will win. And third, they don’t like him whether they think he will win or not. And so he is stuck trying to raise money from that small portion of people that like him AND think he can win. Not many of those and it appears they’ve already written him a check. Irrespective of the weather. Geller’s in trouble.

  6. In The Know says:

    “Where Is Joy”
    The entire political establishment is supporting Sue Gunzburger, which is another reason that she is the candidate that will win next year.

  7. ? says:

    What political establishment? Your beloved Joy hasn’t even endorsed her.