Update: Gloves Are Off Between Geller And Gunzburger


County Commissioner Sue Gunzburger’s campaign team has a message for state Sen. Steve Geller:

You will never force her to retire so you can take her job. She will never back out of her re-election campaign.

Geller will have to fight a messy, expensive and long campaign to topple her from her commission perch.

If Geller dares to take her on, she will spend whatever it takes to beat Geller and serve another term.

This race is two years off, but both sides are already maneuvering.
A source close to Sue Gunzburger pointed out that she is a multi-millionaire with “a bottomless pocketbook.

“She will spend anything to win, the source says.

Gunzburger’s team already has been researching Geller and think he is vulnerable.  It doesn’t take a genius to figure out how they will attack:
They will contend Geller is developer’s lobbyist. He says he is a lawyer who has developers as clients.

It’s a fine point, a distinction I’m not sure voters will make.

Geller is a determined, dedicated and driven campaigner.  Gunzburger’s team says she will be just as determined, dedicated and driven…and she has a lot more money.


2 Responses to “Update: Gloves Are Off Between Geller And Gunzburger”

  1. waaaaa waaaaaa says:

    Darn you Buddy you did a mean post about my mommy. How dare you. Waaaaa Waaaaaa I am going to start a new blog called betterthenborwardbeatpolitics1.tv. then it will positive stuff on my mom i mean sue all the time.

  2. Faux Sue Gunzberger's Estate Planner says:

    Dear “Bottomless Pocketbook” Sue:

    Ronnie has been calling here all day demanding access to your books to find out if you’ve made plans to squander his inheritance on your foolish quest to keep Geller from beating the tar out of you.

    He sounded like he was crying in his last 4 messages. Would you please call him or at least give him some of the Xanax you carry around to calm him down.