Update: Broward Clerk Brenda Forman Claims In Court That Frm Clerk Howard Forman Has Lost Mind; Seeks Control of Husband’s Money






Clerk of the Courts Brenda Forman filed court papers Thursday asking to be appointed on an emergency basis a guardian of her husband, former Clerk Howard Forman, alleging he is unable to take care of his own affairs.

“There appears to be an imminent danger that the physical or mental health or safety of the alleged incapacitated person will be seriously impaired or that the property of that person is in danger of being wasted, misappropriated or lost unless immediate action is taken because: the incapacitated  person has not been taking proper medication, has not been attending doctors appointments and is showing poor judgement in managing assets,” according to court documents.

The document lists his assets as containing a 50 percent interest in a home valued at 200k, a checking  account of $6,900, a second checking account of $6,400 and a saving account of $5,100.

What isn’t listed is whatever money Howard Forman received from the Deferred Retirement Option Program, a lump sum for public employees that would amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

An attorney reached by Browardbeat.com opined that the petition Brenda Forman filed “deficient…An emergency (in this case under the law) is death and manifest injury.  These are things citied could be immediately remedied short of the remedy sought.”

But like so many breakups of married couples, this nasty spat is the classic “he said, she said.”

Howard Forman denied the allegation of incompetence in a 10-minute interview with Browardbeat.com on Wednesday. He appeared completely cognizant of the questions asked and discussed retirement and the old days in a rational manner.

According to numerous sources sympathetic to Howard Forman, Brenda Forman was allegedly drugging her husband with medication.

However, when Davie Police were called to the couple’s home at 6:08 p.m. on Monday, their report appeared to back up Brenda Forman’s allegation. It is possible that Howard Forman was over medicated at the time:




A hearing is set for April 5 in front of , magistrate Claudette Vanni, who is the wife of Circuit Judge John Bowman.

Action may not come quickly. It would be highly unusual if the case was not transferred outside of the county’s court system, since Brenda Forman is the clerk of the Broward and her office handles all court documents.

Brenda Forman’s court filing comes one day after Browardbeat.com’s report that the political couple’s marriage was dissolving over allegations that she abused her husband.  She also muzzled the Clerk of Courts employees, forbidding them to talk to the media.

Sources say that Forman has already filed for divorce. Browardbeat.com could not obtain the court papers.

Asked about the split on Wednesday, Howard Forman appeared to confirm it:  “Your information could be correct.”

Asked for further comment, Forman said, “You’ll be reading about it.”

The disintegration of the marriage comes less than five months after Brenda Forman surprisingly election win to replace the retiring Howard Forman, who served from 2001 through last year.

Howard Forman’s marriage over four years ago to Brenda Forman, a clerk in his office, was a shock to the Broward political establishment.  She is 14 years younger than her 72-year-old husband. Brenda Forman also had several previous marriages and a history of bad debts.

Brenda Forman and Howard Forman: Happier Times


Howard Forman, who is now retired, is a longtime office holder in Broward and his late wife Susan (Schwartzman) Forman was a beloved political figure, too.

He was a Hallandale City Commissioner from 1973-1976 and then a Broward County commissioner from 1976-1988. He then was a state Senator 1988 through 2000. He then became clerk.

53 Responses to “Update: Broward Clerk Brenda Forman Claims In Court That Frm Clerk Howard Forman Has Lost Mind; Seeks Control of Husband’s Money”

  1. FAIL CEASER says:

    That the team of Dan Lewis and Mitch Ceaser couldn’t beat Brenda Forman shows how awful their campaign really was.

  2. Chris Jabonski says:

    We all new this was coming, surprised it took her 5 months. She knows the Kanye West song , “Gold Digger” it’s her anthem. I tell you something though, she is the smartest hood rat I have ever seen. This is a story as old as time and one that will be remembered on Sistrunk Blvd.for years to come. Don’t feel sorry for Foreman, he cuddled up with Madam Clerk for the price she demanded and he gladly paid Fancy, “To Thine own self be true”…Meanwhile, Queen Iris Siple showed grace and elegance. Hail to the Queen and may she reign always as usual. Foreman, pray she drops your name and only takes half of your fortune. Idiot on viagra for Clerk 2020 !!

  3. RMLewis says:

    Actually Howard set the pace for her election…
    Now to address the issue at hand… Is anyone actually surprised Brenda is a opportunist…
    It was a purely a political opportunity and convenience.

  4. County bad blood says:

    I wonder if she will go after his pension. Speaking of splits, with the news that Tutor Perrini is going after the contract to build Trump’s Wall, and built Trump’s hotel in Las Vegas, is the county going to use Tutor to build the new courthouse garage?

  5. Mother Karma says:

    Well, well, well, the truth is finally out there. I can’t say that I am surprised and I know so many others aren’t either. It was so obvious that you had an agenda from the get go. You may have used a name you never deserved and fooled enough people to win an election but now everyone will see you for who you really are. Nothing more than a lying, hypocritical, two faced piece of garbage. You took an man who had an amazing reputation throughout the State and ran his image into the ground. Did your God tell you to do that too????? I hope they throw the “unethical” book at you and remove you from office. How can you be in charge of such a huge budget when you have a history of foreclosures and endless debt?? You obviously can’t be trusted. There will only be one Mrs Forman as far as so many are concerned and you Madame Jerk will NEVER be her!!!! You couldn’t begin to hold a candle to her. So go ahead and surround yourself with all the pastors you want, and join every church in Broward County, but just remember that God sees all!! And to all you fools who supported this “user” because you thought it would benefit you in some way just know you too are no better and what goes around will surely come around!!!

  6. Son of Civility says:

    You would think that as hot as she is and how active their sex life was nothing could break these two love vultures apart. Maybe she demanded to be called madam clerk in bed and he couldn’t pronounce it with his false teeth in a glass

  7. Into the future says:

    And other sources are saying that she was not abusing him, but that she was actually the only person in the world who took care of him. Easy to cast blame when it fits a convenient narrative, it’ll be a whole lot tougher to prove. Folks ought to be really careful to keep their ugliest thoughts to themselves.

  8. tell the truth says:

    “He was a Hallandale City Commissioner from 1973-1976 and then a Broward County commissioner from 1976-1988. He then was a state Senator 1988 through 2000. He then became clerk.”

    one heck of a pension he has now. easy six figures a month.

  9. Someone Who Knows 1st hand says:

    You all are as racist as can be. To think Brenda used Mr. Foreman is as insane as your vote for Trump. Not surprised though…I have been around Mrs. Foreman (Brenda) and she was his only caregiver and peraon who sincerelh cared…even when family abandoned him. Knock off all the Trump insults. Nobody fed him, took him on vacations, etc…and speaking of Sipple who vacationed 3/4 of the year and hired all her relatuves making over $100k. Please…Brenda will be ok. The bigger issue is how you all fix the mess you have us in with your vote for Trump!

  10. Son of Civility says:

    Oh my futuristic friend how naive are you or do you have a a genetic interest in the Madam’s legacy? Are you gonna be one of the cousins that benefits from a woman with NO experience winning an election using someone’s last name that she acquired only for her benefit? I believe he did have someone “taking care of him” or rather running the whole courthouse while he chewed old cigars and wore mismatched shoes around the office. Well now that he’s with that beast of a woman he’s all pimped out in canary yellow suits. All he’s missing is a hat with a feather and he’s a pimp. Actually now that I think about it she’s the pimp. She “employed” or married him and put him on the streets to bring him that cheese. He turned his back on people that took care of him and his job for a long time for a piece of…. well it’s not even good enough quality to mention. He’s an idiot that got duped by a opportunistic con artist who saw dollar signs, I mean they fell in love with each other for obvious reasons. He’s a stud and she’s hot. She tricked the voters into thinking they were voting for her husband. She even used his sign design with the green letters. She better hurry up and divorce him. The pool for old Jewish guys is drying up quickly.

  11. Chris Jabonski says:

    Iris Siple, his daughter and his family took care of him. Brenda fed him meds and made him crazy. Look what she did with his phenomenal life, career, money and reputation. All destroyed by her hand while heavily medicating a 72 yr old man to take it all. Calculating…=Brenda Foreman, or whoever she is. No wonder we were all in shock by his actions, it was not the real Howard Foreman. She will never be Susan Foreman, the angel. I hope they look into her for criminal charges and immediately remove her from office. She is the Devil and will have her moment with her maker. Bible thumping hypocrite Madam Clerk. Smile today, cuffs tomorrow. Sleep well.

  12. Sorry for Howard says:

    Howard is a long-time friend. I have felt very sorry for him, and have also heard the long-time rumors of Senior Abuse. Although she wouldn’t be entitled to any part of his pension by law for such a short-term marriage, who knows if she had him sign a pre-nup where he voluntarily gave up part of his pension. I was told months ago that she had him sign over his house to her.

    Howard is simply not now who Howard was. He’s Jewish, and her constant “Jesus told me to run” would have alienated the Howard we all knew and loved if he was still the same man.

    I really feel bad for him.

  13. Poor Guy says:

    If he is locked out of the Clerk’s office he loses his pool to pick up chicks.

    Is it true the Brenda organized a retirement party for Howard and the price of admission and/or donated $ towards the gift was cash only?

  14. Get A Lawyer says:

    The fact that Brenda won is good for Howard. She will have a harder time getting her hooks into his money because she has a $160k income.

  15. Harold Whitestone says:

    Brenda tried to ruin a good man, a man who thought of nothing but doing the best for the community.
    I heard the same story as @11. It is not going to play well in court.

  16. Sam fields says:

    Assuming there is no prenup her interest in his pension is about $7000 a year.

    It was a four marriage. from a thirty year pension base–13%. If the pension pays $125,000 she is entitled to half of that 13% which is about $ 9300 .

    Subtract his equal interest in her pension and maybe it is worth $7500 a year. Typically they do a flat sum based on life expectancy.

    Also, a four year marriage gets no alimony.

  17. RM Lewis says:

    Let’s be clear that whoever is using initials (RMLewis) on this blog need to stop being a coward, stop throwing the rock and hiding your hand and say who you are. Since you had the balls to post using someone else initials or name say who you are. The Brenda Forman who I know LOVES and cares for her husband and it’s the haters out there who has a problem with her and their marriage. Don’t believe everything you read especially by someone who is pretending to
    be someone else. FAKE NEWS

  18. Friend of Howard says:

    I don’t know anything about his relationship with Brenda Forman or any of the allegations posted here. I knew Susan well and thought the world of her. If even a small portion of what is being said here is true it is very sad. I wish Howard only the best. He’s a good man.

  19. Mother Karma says:

    To someone who knows 1st hand…..you are an idiot!! You’ve been around her for how long, yet you can’t even spell her name correctly. Let me educate you….its FORMAN!! Also, you need to get your facts straight, Siple (one p) did not hire ANY of her relatives. You can check with the Clerks office on that. And took him on vacation???? Seriously?? You can’t be that naive, can you? On who’s dime? Certainly not hers. She must not have taken such great care of him or he wouldn’t be leaving her. And you’re right, Brenda will be “ok” if she’s into orange and metal bracelets!!!!

  20. RIghtwinger says:

    Employees better hush. Two open investigations are ongoing. One from
    FLSA. Wrongful demotions, Misclassifications, and Retaliation.
    Also the Florida Ethics Commission.
    Mariam, I mean Madam Clerk might
    Be going down.

  21. Lookie Lou says:

    Sooooooo, now she “Brenda” is attempting to have Howard declared unfit and she be his guardian. Wow

  22. Lookie Lou says:

    All those (unqualified) promotions madam clerk handed out. You folks maybe downsizing.

  23. Just Saying says:

    Tick, tick, tick … that’s the countdown clock marking the seconds until coward State Attorney Mike Satz quickly recuses himself from his office handling the criminal investigation/potential prosecution against Brenda Forman.

  24. we saw it all happen says:

    Iris Siple thought she would cut Brenda from out Howards life to keep control over him.But Brenda heard about it and put an end to Iris. Nobody can blame her Iris had no business in that.

    Now both have no use for Iris.They will divorce Brenda will stay Clerk and Howard will retire. It will all be done quiet we think.

    Iris Siples the loser and she deserve it for trying to control everybody all the time. Clerk office glad shes gone Iris was nasty mean except with her favorites and the daughter she hired. She was out a lot but then she would come in. She and Howard would scream at each other and we would pretend not to notice or Iris would get you. It was bad but everyone knew.

    Brenda Forman outsmarted them all. We all just laughing here. We like Brenda. She good people and nice.

  25. Father Karma says:

    Brenda needs to have herself checked out. Buzz around the entire courthouse is what a nasty woman she is. She’s got a nasty temper AND thinks she’s some female GOD.

    Look out dear Brenda, my wife, Madame Karma is going to have the final say. You and your faux job are going to come to an end.

    As for Howard, God will be on his side, not you.

  26. Chris Jabonski says:

    To: We saw it all happen:

    I can tell by your format, grammar and the lack of knowledge for the English language………


  27. Son of Civility says:

    Brenda outsmarted then? That’s what scammers and bottom feeders do. I’m not calling her Madam Clerk. EVEN IF THERE’S A FIRE!!!

  28. Maria alvarenga says:

    1- sorry about the Forman’s personal issues. 2.- we all know she’s professional unfit for her position ( no colleague degree, no politician experience and so on…) can not even talk properly! Always walk wit Dian Diaz her body guard who is the advisor what to say or no to). Worry more what color of clothes the employees must wear on each day, instead of doing her job. All her close friends (unqualified as her) for Supervidor/ Management job all of them have the best position, great salaries. Is mandatory to call her Madame Clerk. Mandatory to answer the phone as “Brenda Firman Clerk of the Court office”! C’ mon is about time the State do something and get somebody professional to serve as a Ckerk of the Court. The only reason she won is because her campaign was based on her husband name. Time to give the seat back to a REAL professional clerk. Rick Scott do something!!!! Employees as per meeting today can’t talk about it or lose their jobs ???

  29. Talks like a politician says:

    Thanks, Buddy, for providing a forum for people to expose the inner workings of yet another public office in Broward County,

    The Supervisor of Elections, the School Board Superintendent, and the Clerk of Court seem to be run by who is in favor, not by business principles. Our tax money at work!


    Or our tax money at waste.

  30. Against your morals says:

    Brenda don’t tolerate bullying and intimidation in the work place but she walks around the organization and bullies and intimidates her employees whose to say if she has not done this to her husband.

  31. Rotted Roots says:

    And, acorns do not far from those trees!!

  32. Rotted Roots says:

    Meant: Rotted acorns do not fall far from those rotted trees!!

  33. Another day says:

    Who are you all kidding? Let’s be clear about a couple of facts that are not even in dispute:
    1. Everyone who was around Howard and Brenda over the course of several years observed that he seemed happier then he had been in years. He took great pleasure in being with her, including campaigning with her.
    2. The reality is that he hadn’t been running that office for years, he was there in a ceremonial capacity at best.
    3. Of course employees at the clerks office shouldn’t be talking to the media about something they’re not prepared to speak about, whether it’s Brenda and Howard’s personal life or any matter the office is involved in. The fact that she had to institute such a policy only further proves my previous and my next point.
    4. What’s even more outrageous then all that is that Iris Siple was working there for 16 years as Howard’s Chief Administrator/Chief of Staff making at least $150K a year for a job she was completely unqualified to hold, and rarely showed up for, and we’re now paying her pension too! She had her daughter on the clerks payroll for $80K for another do-nothing, no-show job. Iris was rarely at work and when she did bother to schlep herself in for part of a day she was nasty and disrespectful to everyone there. The truth is Iris thought after all her years of sleeping with Howard she’d be in line to run for clerk, but she waiting too long and Brenda came along.

    So to all the commenters who are defending poor Iris, or suggesting some sense of vindication, didn’t you notice or care that Howard was happy? Or were you really that blinded by your own self-importance and ambition?

    Brenda Forman was elected by the voters. They weren’t tricked or lied to or fooled.

  34. Son of Civility says:

    Brenda Forman is my mother and I will no longer put up with this.

    Haters gonna hate hate hate
    Players gonna play play play
    You just shake it off, shake it off

  35. Son of Civility says:

    Brenda your milkshake brings all the old…men to the yard. Damn right it’s better that y’alls

  36. RMLewis says:

    There must be two of us with the same initials.And Im not sorry for what I said.
    It’s a shame such a well respected man and politician has to endure this oportunist who played him like we all knew she would. It’s not over and Howard will come out on top. And madam Foreman shame on you!!!!!!! We know what we know what we know!!!!

  37. STERN BERN says:


  38. Anonymous says:

    Brenda Forman:
    College Education: none
    Experience: 4 months as an entry level clerk before departing due to romantic relationship with the Clerk of Courts, Howard Forman
    State Licences: Real estate agent (revoked?)
    # of marriages: unknown
    # of forclosures: unknown
    Reason for running: ‘God told her too’
    Relationship Status: another divorce
    Possible outcomes: charges of elder abuse, ethics violations, fraud…
    Current Status: awaiting cuffs
    Video Link: Brenda hosted by Attorney That Rides https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aabzKYrkrxs&list=PL7vQNGNuXjyhEQbsDHizONiZt7cBDTSEE&sns=em

  39. Son of Civility says:

    So now that they are splitting up I have my chance to go after that smoking hot woman? I can’t wait to “get with her”. We are gonna have romantic lunches while watching murder trials. I’m gonna meet all her cousins that work at the courthouse. She’s gonna buy me purple velvet suits just like she did for Howard. I wonder if she’s gonna make me call her Madam Clerk in bed. Will we have to wear the same color every day? Do I have to switch over to her crazy ass church and drink the kool-aid there? Either way I’m gonna get to be with the Madam. #BunyonButt


    You won’t be watching murder trials unless Forman’s Clerks Office delivers the property files to the courtroom first. I am told that it has been a problem!

  40. Son of Civility says:

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Brenda just ruined a nice old Jew

  41. Of course Judy Stern involved says:

    Judy and Iris are jealous hags who are scorned because Howard spurned them for Brenda. Sounds like Judy was willing to turn a blind eye if things were rolling her way from the Clerk’s office and now they may not. Typical

  42. TheWatcher says:

    In the words of Trump the “TONE” of everyone is so Hateful. Like I heard a friend of his say a few years ago “I can’t believe he’s dating a black woman”.

  43. Question to be asked says:

    I see Howard is being represented in the guardianship case by Jody Leslie. Someone should see if the rumors are true that Ms. Leslie may have donated 3 fancy printers to the 3 probate Judges and one Judge may have used one of the printers before someone realized it may have been inappropriate to accept the printers from an attorney who often practices in the probate division. Of course, if that is if it what really happened?


    The printers were donated by the Guardianship Association for use by the guardianship lawyers for their benefit. Judges have their own state-provided printers.

  44. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Results of August 2016 primary for Court Clerk:

    44% Brenda Forman
    30% Mitch Ceasar
    26% Elizabeth McHugh

    This should have been a runaway victory for Elizabeth McHugh, who was by far the best qualified and the most competent candidate. But this is Broward County, where we elect and re-elect the unqualified and the incompetent instead…

  45. Anonymous says:

    People should not automatically assume that Brenda Forman is wrong.Maybe she is right and Howard suddenly got dementia.No mention it during the campaign, where he was out every night meeting voters. She only brought it up right after she won election with HIS HELP.

  46. Plastic Boutonniere Still Stink says:

    When you see Mike and Timothy showing up to the courthouse wearing colorful suits you know that the girl is on the move. Hence there will be no Elderly Abuse prosecution.

  47. Someone Who Sees says:

    Dear Someone Who Knows,

    You’re the racist for bringing it up. Her color has nothing to do with it.

    Brenda is an unqualified, unrefined woman who has a nasty temper when she doesn’t get her way.

    People who worked side by side with her are no longer allowed to call her Brenda, but must call her Madame Clerk or Mrs. Forman. She is NOT worthy of either. The proof is her mandate for people to be silent about her. If you have nothing to hide, you don’t threaten people.

    When was her Glamour Shots website photo from, 20 years ago? She looks nothing like that now. The only similarity is the condescending arms folded giving that “I’m better than you” attitude.

    If she has a reputation, she made it herself.

  48. Broward Voter says:

    Whatever else, nobody campaigned harder for a candidate than Howard Forman did for his wife. He was out there in the hot sun every single day morning to night campaigning for her. Probably campaigned harder for Brenda than he did for himself. I saw them together many times and there is no question they loved one another. But the rumors have always been strong that this is a pairing those around Howard did not want. There may be more to this than we know.

  49. Playing the race card says:

    I find it interesting that such long time friends of Howard,like Judy Stern and others never cried a peep about Howard marrying Brenda 4 years ago. Stern and the others never called Brenda out as unqualified when she ran.

    Stern and the other hags now say Brenda is some evil exploiter of Howard. I call BS.

    Follow the money or follow who got cut off from the gravey train after Howard left office and it may explain the sudden concern for Howard.

    Same game, different year. Brenda became one of only a few women of color to be a Constitutional Office holder on Broward. No doubt she pissed off some of Howard’s hags and cronies. Now she has to be taught a lesson.

  50. Ted Victor says:

    Thank you Buddy Nevins for this awesome article! 🙂


    Ted Victor
    Supporter of Brenda Forman
    The Broward Social Network

  51. One of the censored Old Hags says:

    “Seeks Control of Husband’s Money”

    Isn’t that what “Marriage certificate” provides for Pleione [Brenda] from Atlas [Howard] she was also awarded the “Pillars” of the courthouse through chicanery.

    @49, things were being said…..behind his back. Ask Ceasar.

    This will expose more the incestuous political structure of the Democ”rat’s” running the courthouse trough.

  52. Knows for Sure says:

    @Someone Who Knows 1st hand
    First of all: No one in this thread mentioned Race or Trump until YOU did. It seems you might be the one suffering from a declining mental state with your rambling on.

    Howard and I have been friends for 35+ years. He has always been a fine man and when Susan Forman was alive, they were a formidable Broward power couple.

    Brenda Forman should be absolutely ashamed of herself. She could never approach being the woman Susan was.

    Brenda Forman is nothing more than a low-life, opportunist, gold-digger who used Howard to get elected and then turned on him.

    Look out for an opponent next time you run. You will never win re-election to any seat in Broward County, especially after this.

    As for Mitch and Dan, how the hell did you let her happen in the first place?

  53. Rightwinger says:

    #52. You are on the money.