Update: Deutsch Tells The Herald He is Running



The Miami Herald’s Amy Sherman reached former U. S. Rep. Peter Deutsch late Tuesday. 

He confirmed  a Browardbeat.com report earlier in the day that he will be challenging Mitch Ceasar for the chair of the Broward Democratic Party.

I couldn’t reach Deutsch, but Sherman did.

The major issue, also as predicted by Browardbeat.com, is Ceasar’s job as a lobbyist.   

Also in Sherman’s article is a hint of what Ceasar will surely make an issue:  Deutsch is a part-time resident of Broward. He spends much of the time in Israel and other far flung places. 

Sherman tracked him down in China.

Here is the link to Sherman’s story:


6 Responses to “Update: Deutsch Tells The Herald He is Running”

  1. Marty Rubinstein says:

    Buddy, I predicted this on my own website on October 6th…

    Who’s Gunning For Mitch Caesar’s Job?

    I’ve never been one to either engage in rumors or publish them. But the rumor mill has been extremely active lately and one is just too good to pass up. Somebody’s gearing up to challenge Mitch Caesar in December.

    Well, we’ve all heard that before.

    This time, it’s different. We’re not talking about the usual gang of “legend in their own mind” Democrats like Randy Fleischer and Phil Busey. We’re talking about mainstream Democrats with real followings. Five years ago, none other than Howard Forman sent out a letter to Democratic leaders testing the water. While I can’t speak for Howard, I can guess that the response to the feelers were either less than positive,or that most (like me) did not respond at all. Howard’s potential challenge never materialized.

    If you’re ready for a huge laugh, my name was mentioned in that rumor mill several weeks ago. Of course, if I thought for even a moment that the DEC was worth fighting for, I’d be tempted. Fact is, it isn’t worth the effort, so have a good laugh and count me out of the equation. Well, as a potential challenger, anyway.

    Now to the latest names…

    Dan Reynolds. As President of the Broward AFL-CIO, Dan would have a lot of support from union members who are in a position to vote. He would certainly be a considerable challenger, but I don’t think he’ll do it. As union President, he has more than enough on his plate, especially now with state mandated budget cuts threatening the very livelihood of his membership.

    Peter Deustch. Yes, THAT Peter Deustch. He’s spent the last few years tucked safely away in Israel tending to Jewish issues. But he’s back. First the Ben Gamla Hebrew charter school, and now he’s run for and won a seat on the DEC as Committeeman. In reviewing the committee election results last August, I was surprised to see Peter’s name, and wondered why. Maybe, just maybe, we now know. If anybody in the county has the backing and ability to unseat Caesar, it’s Peter.

    But then again, all of this is pure speculation. We’ll have to wait to see what develops.

  2. therealdem says:

    Dan Reynolds. Not a bad idea. He’s a hard worker. The only downside is that Broward Dems have to break away from our labor/Jewish retiree/black base and reach out to others. Is ther any attempt to get Hispanics involved in the DEC? How about Christians?

  3. ObamaDem says:

    Expand out from the Jewish retirees maybe. But for labor and blacks it has always been nominal. Labor has NEVER been involved except to buy tickets and tables and the so-called black leadership are a joke. Couldn’t deliver a vote if their life depended on it and didn’t support Obama until after he defeated Hillary.

    Bringing in Hispanics and mainstream Christians is a great idea.

    Dan would never run but everybody knows this is Labor’s move with a couple of hard workers on one side and Brains on the other making it “work” this time. I’m from Chicago and I always thought labor down here was kinda weak but I guess they’ll prove me wrong.

    Forget Peter. He’s just a figurehead who will keep the Jews happy post takeover. They’d never go for a non-Jew replacing a Jew. The real people to look at are , along with Dan, never mentioned–Nadeshda Martinez, Andrew Lewis and Robin Rorapow

  4. DEC member says:

    Nice spelling errors – how you could know these people and have no idea how their names are written is amusing to say the least!

    Robin Rorapaugh – thanks, but no thanks.

    If thats who Deutsch will look to for guidance, I’ll stick with Mitch! Oh, and Marta Prado, is she even a Democrat???

  5. Brian Craig says:

    What does Peter Deutsch do that has him all over the world? How can someone traveling so much know what’s on the mind of Broward Dems, and why did he leave Congress??

    FROM BUDDY: He would be expected to regenerate the party. I know Deutsch is a fierce fund raiser and also has the ability to grab headlines for the local party.
    Democratic executive committee members will have to decide for themselves on whether his travel will impede his ability to run the party. I’m sure Mitch Ceasar will use Deutsch’s absences from Broward to make a case for himself.
    Deutsch left the U. S. House to run for Senate. He lost to Betty Castor, who then lost to Mel Martinez, the Republican.

  6. DEC member too says:

    Shifty Shifrel is that you