Update: Davie Commons Lobbyist Denies Harassing Parrish


The architect of much of The Davie Commons’ government strategy vehemently denied Wednesday his client had anything to do with a public records request against the development’s chief critic, Property Appraiser Lori Parrish.

Ron Book, king of lobbyists

Lobbyist Ron Book said:

“I would never do something that is personal.  I would never participate in doing something like you describe because it crosses the line into the personal.  I would be against any client I work for doing something like that and if they did it, I would have to reassess our relationship.

“If they (The Commons developers) did it, I would know about it,” Book said.

Book, one of the best-known lobbyists in Florida, has represented The Commons developer Turnberry Associates for years.

Parrish has theorized that a public records request slapped on her office last week was from the developers of The Davie Commons, a project she has publicly opposed being built in her neighborhood.

The request demands a list of Parrish’s personal vacation time and e-mails from her general counsel, Ron Gunzburger.  Gunzburger is widely suspected of doctoring a newsletter to taxpayers to include the subliminal message Stop The Commons.

My original post on the public records request is here.

4 Responses to “Update: Davie Commons Lobbyist Denies Harassing Parrish”

  1. Which One says:

    Two people who have made a career out of lying arguing which one is lying.

  2. Sunshine Law says:

    I believe that a Sunshine Law request constitutes a public record in itself. So what’s the name of the person that made the request?

    FROM BUDDY: Bryce Albu, a lawyer with an office in Jupiter.

  3. Ronnie Fan says:

    Too often, we think of lobbyists in one dimension. They always wear the black hat in the media and on blogs. I do not know Ron Book. I know of some of his works and I know that often wears the white hat.
    He was instrumental in creating a homeless shelters in Dade and Broward County. He gives hundreds of thousands to charity. He lobbied for a sexual predator law for free so that all of us would be safer.
    He might be a gun for hire for businesses. Sometimes he is a gun for the rest of us, too. Don’t forget that.

  4. What is Bryce Albu's Connection says:

    OK. Let’s put all this politically powerful bloggery to work. What’s the skinny on Bryce Albu? What’s his angle asking for this info and what’s his connection to Davie Commons?

    Go to work.