Update: Candidate Rynerson Documents Linked Here


A Browardbeat.com reader has provided a link to court documents concerning Fort Lauderdale mayorial candidate Earl Rynerson.

As I wrote earlier, voters should decide for themselves how they feel about Rynerson after reading the documents.

The link is here.

I am told that if it askes for a screenname, its thetruthaboutearl and the password is earlrynerson.

Check it out.

20 Responses to “Update: Candidate Rynerson Documents Linked Here”

  1. P.G. 13 Barnum says:

    Ha Ha! Page 15 of these documents cite him owing membership dues to the international masters society, a “private” orginization that “brings masters and slaves together.”

    Still think more people sat on your face Rossi? LOL

  2. broward voter says:

    This has Judy Stern written all over it…along with the Seiler ad on the right side of my screen! But Judy, why would you want Earl out of the race… doesn’t it help Jack to have both of the gay candidates running?

  3. dumb says:

    Say what you want about Stern and Seiler but they are not dumb. There is no benefit for them to drive this guy Earl out of the race. This has Dean, Gaskill and Albetta written all over it.

  4. flying l says:

    With this thread this website may need to be renamed

    Buddy, you have been around a long time, while I agree porn is legal, does the City of Fort Lauderdale need another Mayor ripe for scandal and ridicule. He is a member of the Masters Society. Bondage sex, tie up sex, whips, leather, and what the hell are watersports?
    Does this mean the swearing in will be a leather affair? The Mayor’s ball a fetish party? Will Mayor Earl wear chaps to Commission meetings? Yes, this is all absurd, but these are the comments we would hear if this guy was our Mayor.

    Rynerson is the shining example of why Fort Lauderdale is badly in need of a Mayor with whom the spotlight will shine on the City and not him. After Naugle, I will take a boring Mayor any day of the week.

    It was bad enough when I had to explain to my Niece back in 1998 what oral sex was i.e. Clinton, I really don’t want to explain to my 4 year old daughter that our Mayor engages in “watersports” and to our dismay we aint talking about water polo.

    Sadly it is minority of gay individuals who engage in sexcapades like Mr. Rynerson that fuel the negative gay sex stereotypes voiced by Jim Naugle. While your are correct people are free to do what they want, when one chooses public office they are held to a higher standard and are role models to our children.

  5. Dean Supprter #1 says:

    After the years of the Naugle-Debacle, we really don’t need a complete 180 to someone like Earl Rynerson.

    I have no issue with someone viewing pornography on the web, whether it be gay, straight, leather, bondage, etc. What you do in your own bedroom is your own business.

    However, when you get sued over failing to pay for your jerkoff material, it becomes a public issue.

    We have a candidate in this race who has been a part of the Fort Lauderdale community for years, served on our commission with PRIDE and who has the respect of many in our community.

    Earl Rynerson is a guy who appears to have been run out of San Fransisco with lawsuits trailing after him, and wants to be mayor of a city in financial difficulties but can’t figure out how to pay his credit card bills.

    Vote for Dean, vote for integrity, vote for fiscal responsibility.

  6. I.P. Freely says:

    The only reason the master/slave fetish is interesting is it calls into question his leadership judgment. Will he be able to resist the urge to treat the residents of the city like slaves?

  7. all clear now says:

    earl really does not want to fire gretsas he just wants him to be his slave

  8. Say What says:

    dumb says:
    is really Judy Stern

  9. Its Gunzburger says:

    It is not Stern. It is Ron Gunzburger.

  10. Marc Dickerman says:

    This is a guy who wants to direct how our tax dollars are spent?

  11. Ron Gunzburger says:

    It certainly wasn’t me. I’m supporting Jack for Mayor, and it doesn’t benefit Jack to weaken Earl. I committed to Jack a year ago when Dean was then supporting Cindi for Mayor.

    However, I’m not involved in any local races these days beyond supporting Lori Parrish in her re-election bids and my mother for re-election to her final term in 2010. In fact, I haven’t played any direct role in any local races (except for Mom and Lori) since 2004. My only political involvement for the past few years — beyond publishing my Politics1.com website — is making seven contributions to Obama and one to Senator Russ Feingold’s PAC (and zero local candidate contributions).

  12. Whipsan Chains says:

    Geez. Reading those documents really got my artistic mind going.


    Do we really need a mayor coming into the job with financial and personal scandals already?

    I think not.

    Go back to San Fran Earl — oh wait, they didn’t want you there either and ran you out of town on a rail.

  13. Lt. Colonel Earl Rynerson says:

    Dear Mr. Nevins,

    Below is my response that I gave to Tim Smith regarding the documents one of my opponents have attempted to smear me with. Maybe you should take a lesson in decency from Tim, since he showed enough of it not to publish the link to this trash. Previously you referred to me as Earl Rynerdson, my name is Earl Rynerson and I think you should get used to spelling it correctly. Looking at your website I can see your bias towards one of my opponents. Once I am Mayor please know I will look forward to having a clean slate between us.

    I wanted to comment on the recent postings I have been hearing about me. First, my financial matters. In the 35+ years I have had credit cards, and the hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of dollars that have gone through my accounts, I have had two (2) disagreements with card companies, both of which occurred 5-6 years ago,

    One was for an African trip where deposits were made 3 months before the trip. Travel accommodations had in fact not been made and a repurchase had to be made overseas. Because the original deposits were made earlier than 60 days prior, the credit card agency has not (to date), been willing to reimburse me. The second was for a bad car repair, (the car breaking down on the way back from the repair company). Even though both of these amounts constituted a relatively small amount ($5-6K), I felt that the principal of the issue necessitated me to take a stand.

    In both these instances, I felt that proper service was not provided, and I disputed (and will continue to dispute) these two charges. It is important to know how I feel about issues like this because, as Mayor, I intend to look at the City’s swollen budget closely, and will make sure that the public gets the service they should be getting for the taxpayer dollar spent. If I find that’s not the case, I will be as tenacious there as I am in my personal life.

    I have also heard reports of some “spicy” Internet sites being talked about. I personally feel that what two consensual adults do (or don’t do) in the privacy of their own home is no one’s business but their own, and I will protect those rights, both for myself and for others. We as a city have gone through several years of an Administration trying to impose morals and judgments onto others, to the detriment of everyone. I feel that we need to stop trying to force our beliefs, opinions and morals on other people and allow our city to become more progressive. We need to embrace the diversity that we as a community have.

    Now, let’s get back to the issues that really matter to voters, the Budget, Property Taxes and future economic vitality of our City. Thank you!

    Lt. Colonel Earl Rynerson

    I appreciate your e-mail. I tried to reach you and left a message on your answering machine before posting anything.
    I think you would agree that my first post on the subject was sympathetic.
    Voters can listen to the candidates and judge for themselves. As I wrote before, I don’t live in Fort Lauderdale. I am really not concerned with who becomes mayor.

  14. damn says:

    Hey newbie Buddy has tangled with badder guys then you. Sure aint no Lomello huh Bud? this should go back on the front page under humor.

    FROM BUDDY: Obviously you’ve been following my career. I appreciate that. I also appreciate you calling me a “newbie.” At my age, the only place I will be a “newbie” is at Century Village when I move in. Thanks for your e-mail.

  15. damn says:

    sorry for the confusion buddy I meant earl was the newbie. but great comeback about century villiage. one of the best columns u wrote back in the day was how u missed the characters in politics like lomello and the guy in hacienda villiage who used to drink on th dais. gad ur back.

  16. Lt. Colonel Earl Rynerson says:

    Mr. Nevins

    I would not expect you to put my reply on the front page of your blog as it is quite clear you support my opponent. To the person who claimed I am a “newbie”, I assure you I am not. Check my website,I served in politics for years in California. Typically newspaper retractions always get pushed to the back page. I find it interesting Mr. Nevins that you claim you dont care about my race yet you openly support my opponent. No problem. I understand that both opponents in my race are long time politicians in the “club” around here and that is exactly why I am running to bring a fresh approach. Your integrity and character ring clear as you were the only person to attach a link to these slanderous documents. Your claim of “let the people” decide clearly rings untrue as I see my opponents camapign advertised right next to your “neutral” statement.


    Lt. Colonel Earl Rynerson

  17. zzzzzzzzzzzz says:


    yeah pal everyone is so focused on you and your race, damn the economy, foreclosures, obama, its all about rynersen.

  18. looking for answers says; says:

    Re…the canidate for mayor who has listed 3 home addresses in his filing papers !….JACK, WHERE DO YOU REALLY LIVE? & WHY THE BOGUS ADDRESSES?….ALSO WHY WERE YOU ALLOWED IN WILTON MANORS TO HAVE HOMESTEAD ON 2 PROPERTIES AT THE SAME TIME?



  20. Iain Barnes says:

    Little fact about Mr Rynerson.
    1. He made it mandatory for his empolyee to rally for him at the voters locations during his failed race.
    2. I worked for him for three years and he still refuses to pay me a commissionfor a project I finished for him at Clad Tile and Stone
    shady, big ego and unethical.