Update 2: Latest On Sunrise Dump


The on-again, off-again discussion of the proposed garbage transfer station in Sunrise is on again.

City Attorney Stuart Michelson was told by City Manager Bruce Moeller to include the discussion of the dump in Tuesday night’s city commission agenda.

Moeller’s reasoning was that the commission voted two weeks ago to discuss the issue on Jan. 26.  So it must be brought up.

Michelson had told each of the commissioners individually that they shouldn’t discuss the issue in public.  He believed that any discussion could provide ammunition if there is a future law suit over the proposed dump.

But Moeller said the issue must be at least brought up. Commissioners may decide not to talk about it once it is introduced, but they must have the chance to do so because of the previous vote.

5 Responses to “Update 2: Latest On Sunrise Dump”

  1. Something Amiss? says:

    Buddy, one of your prior post comments said you can see the meetings on line.

    Commission did NOT vote to discuss it tomorrow night. At 2:50:30 on the tape, it is ONLY supposed to be the City Attorney presenting to the Commission. That was the final decision after the focus changed at 2:48:55 to the concept that should just be city attorney giving advice to Commissioners. Then, if city attorney agreed it can go on the Agenda, would not be on the Agenda until Feb 9th. Attorney for the dump is not supposed to be on the agenda or allowed to speak.

    Certainly, it was NOT noticed on the Agenda as of yesterday. How is that timely notice to the public, when we find out the night before? At 2:48:32 the mayor said it was being put on the Agenda to give notice but it was never put on the Agenda.

    Very strange happenings here.

  2. gonzo says:

    wishner, goldman sachs, levy……

  3. Ace says:

    It has been put on the agenda through one of the Addendums. Review very carefully. I can not find the advertisement for it.

  4. Ace says:

    I watched the meeting and there was no vote to add it to the agenda, only for the Attorny to speak.

  5. Something Amiss says:

    Oh yea, I see it now. I feel bad for the folks of Sunrise that they would have to wait until the LAST item on the Agenda to even hear what the City Attorney is gonna say. Smart though, putting it last. Maybe everyone out there will forget about it by then.