Unothodox Murray Is At It Again At School Board


School Board member Ann Murray’s favorite song must be “I Did It My Way.



The common wisdom in campaigns is you collect as much money as you can to scare away opponents.

But Murray is starting her re-election the way she ran her previous campaign:

On Her Own.

Murray collected no money in the first quarter of 2010. 

She lent herself $1,500.

Murray savaged the darling of the political insiders, Richard Saltrick, last year.

Saltrick collected $94,201 from his lobbyist and business friends.

Murray won the Hollywood-based seat by using $25,800 of her own money, no doubt earned from the school system’s transportation department where she worked.

She also collected $8,435 from friends.

Mostly she did a hell of a lot of grass roots campaigning.

This time around I’m sure the lobbying community will be throwing money at Murray, now an incumbent. 

She just isn’t ready to take their money yet.

In other School Board campaigning news, Jennifer Gottlieb easily collected $16,693.  She loaned herself $1,000 to kick start her re-election.

School Board member Phyllis Hope’s contribution report was not available when this was written.  Her opponent Laurie Levinson (state Sen. Nan Rich’s daughter) raised $11,574 for a total of $13,349 to date.

All the election reports can be viewed here.

6 Responses to “Unothodox Murray Is At It Again At School Board”

  1. Timmy says:

    Ann Murray is a wonderful school board member and has a good feel for the district. I hope she gets no opposition.

  2. Democrat says:

    It will be a particular pleasure backing Ms. Murray since she won office despite the opposition of the Crystal Palace crowd. Often times she alone on the School Board makes sense and brings an understanding that their are many support staff that makes the schools run.

  3. Git R Done says:

    I don’t think she will have an opponent, she’s doing a good job so far.
    The lobbyists will be knocking on her door after she wins this term again to see how she stands and then and only then you will see some change.
    The school board members can be so easily tricked into what the lobbyists want and she has to stand strong.
    Time will tell, some people don’t really understand how the political machine works in that arena and it’s really too bad. Politics plays much to much in the Educational field in this County and I seriously think Stern is to blame, sorry, truth hurts

  4. Beth The Bounty Hunter says:

    I hope she wins too…..she is working very hard and knows what is giong on BEHIND THE SCENES only the little people seem to know that. The staff lies repeatedly to the BOARD/BORED!!!!!

  5. Michelle says:

    Ann/Mom first and foremost we all love you and are very proud in how you conducted yourself, when others were knocking you around in the dirt. You have stood your ground for what you believe in, and that makes you a good person. We also know that you will run your re-election campaign the same way you ran when you were elected back in 2008, grass roots and no hidden agendas. Keep up the great work you are doing, and we all will see you at the victory party in 2010…Love you

  6. Two 2010 Campaigns Kickoff Next Week : says:

    […] I have written about Murray in the past, who I believe does a good job.  One previous post on her is here. […]