Unions Battle Over Broward Deputies






A Sarasota-based arm of the AFL-CIO has its eyes on the Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies.

Over 2,000 deputies and sergeants will vote later this summer on whether they want the International Union of Police Associations to represent them, or want to continue with the Broward County Police Benevolent Association.

At stake: Millions of dollars in annual dues flowing to the labor organization.

The union gathered signatures from more than 40 percent of the deputies to call for an election. That means that the IUPA — part of the AFL-CIO, while the PBA is not — appears to be going into the election from a good position  — the need to convince only 10 percent more to win the election.

Broward Deputy Jeff Bell is a leader of the IUPA organizing effort, according to a report on Leoaffairs.com, a website for cops.

“…Under I.U.P.A.’s leadership, members will be pursuing a contract and working conditions that support a strong and professional Sheriff’s Department and a safe community. We look forward under the guidance of I.U.P.A. to strengthening our position and relationships with the community, it’s leaders, the public and most of all the county,” Bell says on the website.

The PBA fought back on its Facebook page.  Late Monday, June 1, it posted this:






The deputies and sergeants are currently one of seven BSO bargaining units whose contract is expiring. Others include the Federation of Public Employees, which represents the detention division, and the Fraternal Order of Police, which negotiates for a handful of lieutenants. The BSO fire fighters have their own fire fighters union.

BSO has a budget of more than $335 million annually, the bulk of it slated for salaries and benefits, according to the Broward County Office of Management and Budget.

Perhaps surprising for unions representing police officers, both the PBA and the IUPA have been repeatedly criticized for their phony phone charities solicitation campaigns. Media reports have pointed out that most of the money collected goes to the solicitors.

The pending election is big news among deputies. Some are hitting the Internet with inflammatory comments.

A spokesman for the sheriff’s department says they have no role in the dispute.

“Our contractual offer will be the same to either group,” the spokesman says.

Below are just some of the comments on Leoaffairs.com. See more through the link here. 


IUPA Comments






11 Responses to “Unions Battle Over Broward Deputies”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The state Legislature must curb the power of the government employee unions before we all go broke from inflated pensions and benefits.

  2. Lamberti is a Criminal says:

    The PBA became a part of BSO under Lamberti. They, and Lamberti, corrupted the purpose of a union. The PBA did whatever Lamberti wanted in exchange for cash for favorites. The PBA reps sold out the membership. Brickman, Poole, et al. BSO needs a new representative. Whether IUPA will do a better job, or not,is not the point. The PBA must go…they are a RICO now since Scumaberti.

  3. Going Down says:

    The Sheriff is playing games with the unions and when its all said and dome, he is going down as a two faced liar, which we already know he is and always has been. The Sheriff has been heard saying he wants the PBA out, so he can scam IUPA and feed them bullshit that he can’t give them a contract. Your a scumbag SI. Screw with the unions and you will get screwed. You are now officially the worst Sheriff in history and your ego must be dying as the most hated Sheriff EVER!!! We cannot stand you and want you out.

  4. Sam The Sham says:

    First of all, and echoing poster #1’s position, unions of public employees is a bad idea. Very bad. They should be disallowed by law. Barring that, they should at least be prohibited from supporting any politician in any way shape or form. Individual union members can support anyone they want but the union itself should not be allowed to support, donate time or money to, or organize any support for any politician.

    Secondly, and this is directed to anyone who is or was a public employee union member: the union is not your friend. The union is out for itself, not you. Very often the union’s and the employee’s interests coincide and that is when it is good for the employee’s welfare. But never think that the union will support you in all you do. The moment your benefit deviates from the union’s benefit, under the bus you go. You know this, you have seen this, so stop deluding yourselves.

  5. Forward March says:

    Comment #3 was obviously written by one of Al Lamberti’s dingleberries.

  6. IAFF says:

    This is not just about Deputies. The Sheriff sold Fire Rescue a bucket truck full of lies too. He gas refused to give us a contract and we are already lining up the election ousting campaign. Unfortunately, everything we ignored and didn’t want to believe about the Sheriff has turned out to be true. He is a liar and all about himself. Lamberti wasn’t great, but I have to say he was bêtter than Israel. The rank and file can’t stand Israel and he walks around in another world thinking people actually like him. Your position has gone to your head. I would start lining up a job before August 2016. You will need one!!!!

  7. Lamberti is a Criminal says:

    Hey #3, which one of the rightfully fired 28 are you?

  8. George Ortiz says:

    Police unions are the worst. They do nothing to support other organized labor. They protect lousy cops. They harass people for donations on the phone. They rip off the taxpayer with pension benefits unheard of in other industries.

  9. Real Deal says:

    Hey #6 IAFF: You are clearly one of the ousted Lamberti guys and you have no idea what you are talking about. You wrote:

    The Sheriff sold Fire Rescue a bucket truck full of lies too. He has refused to give us a contract and we are already lining up the election ousting campaign.

    1. Sheriff Israel didn’t “sell” IAFF anything in the last election. They didn’t endorse Israel. In fact, IAFF campaigned very hard against his election. Israel won, IAFF lost.

    2. Israel did sign a contract with IAFF in his first year. All of us working in BSO FRES are still under it right now (which you would have known if you worked here).

    3. IAFF and Israel get along great these days. Walt Dix told us IAFF has already made a sizable contribution this year to Israel’s PAC to show we are with him for his 2016 reelection. He has done right by us so far.

  10. Real Bull says:

    Mr. Real Deal

    Real deal is a Israel suck ass. Isreal screwed IAFF. Big mouth, where is the contract NOW!!! Nowhere. When he diets got elected it was three years ago and a contact ago. Helloooo. Idiot! I am not. Lambert guy. I am a current IAFF guy and the Sheriff blows. Plain and simple.

  11. Real Deal says:

    Hey #10 Real a Bull:

    Wrong again. Lamberti didn’t sign a new contract with us. We were without a contract under Lamberti for months when Israel came into office. Here is a photo from the IAFF CBA signing ceremony with Israel in 2014:

    That is the same contract we are still working under today. It hasn’t expired yet or anything. Go away for phony. You don’t work for BSO or you’d know the facts.