U. S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz Working Florida District Hard








Although she is in one of the safest Democratic districts in the country, U. S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz isn’t taking her reelection for granted.

Wasserman Schultz was all over the Broward AFL-CIO Labor Day Ball at the Diplomat Resort in Hollywood last weekend.

She was a gold sponsor of the event, buying a $3,800 table for supporters.


She also sat on the dais and spoke to the 3-500 at the dinner, who were mostly Democrats.


U. S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz speaks to union group as Broward AFL-CIO President Dan Reynolds looks on.  


Wasserman Schultz spent her good campaign money and her time on a Saturday night  because she knows that her GOP opponent will always have plenty of money to challenge her.

The reason?

She remains one of the most hated figures among hard-core Republicans, causing some GOP donors to ignore that her district voted 61 to 36 percent for Hillary Clinton last year.

Some anti-Wasserman Schultz money will come from her years of being a punching bag for Fox News and others.  The conservative  media targeted her because she was a chief spokeswoman for the Democrats during the President Barack Obama administration.

And she didn’t do herself any favors by not firing an aide who was suspected of bank fraud until he was arrested recently. That incident should generate political donations against her, too.

Despite the frenzy against her in Republican circles and some opposition among the left wing of the Democratic Party clustered around primary challenger Tim Canova, she should have absolutely no problem sweeping aside any opponent.


Howard Forman Greeted 


Former Clerk of Courts Howard Forman also was a favorite of the crowd at the Labor Day Ball.

His wife, current Clerk Brenda Forman, was apparently a no-show, at least according to several Democrats who attended and talked to Browardbeat.com.

Howard Forman and Brenda Forman are embroiled in a nasty divorce, which came just months after she was elected to take over the clerk’s job from her husband.

Howard Forman wants out of his four-year old marriage.

Brenda Forman wants a piece (Or, should I say, as much as she can get her hands on?) of her husband’s $12,000-a-month pension and Social Security benefits and interest on his investments, which include a huge lump sum payout of retirement benefits of nearly $1 million, according to the Sun-Sentinel.

She had worked as a $22,000 clerk in his office and had a history of financial difficulties including a bankruptcy before marrying Howard Forman in 2014.

As part of the litigation, Brenda Forman has alleged Howard Forman has early onset dementia and can not take care of his own financial affairs.

All sources attending the Labor Day Ball said that allegation is bunk: Forman acted perfectly normal and held his own in conversations at the dinner.


Taking Over From Brenda?


Broward Circuit Judge Paul Backman told some attendees at the Labor Ball that he would run for clerk against Brenda Forman in 2020.


Backman became a county judge in 1985. He was appointed to the circuit bench by Gov. Lawton Chiles in 1993

His current term ends January 2019.

Backman, who is a criminal court judge, could not be reached for comment.


Circuit Judge Paul Backman

6 Responses to “U. S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz Working Florida District Hard”

  1. A reader says:

    I have not heard that Hillary blames DWS for her losing the election. Odd that Hillary does not understand that the emasculation of Bernie by DWS just might have contributed to Hillary’s loss. Many people backed Bernie and Hillary was not their choice.
    DWS burned many bridges. She must be somewhat worried that the unions are not solidly behind her if she is working them so hard. Canova just might be the “D” some union members push automatically in the voting booth.

  2. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    I agree totally with #1.How she rail roaded Bernie Sanders at every time was not right…

  3. Rightwinger says:

    Madam Clerk will not make it to the 2020 election.
    She will also have to pay Mr. Forman part of her
    New income.

  4. Ana Gomez-Mallada says:

    Cheater Debbie is now also as light on security as her great friend for whom she cheated so much, Hillary was. And she is likely to meet the same fate. Minus the book deals. http://www.theblaze.com/news/2017/09/07/new-details-in-debbie-wasserman-schultzs-it-staffer-case-should-worry-democrats/

  5. Adriaen says:

    The indictments are coming for Dirty Debbie. The Awans are cutting deals with the feds for immunity and must be singing like canaries. It’s interesting that other Congressmen that employed the Awans aren’t chiming in on their arrests. They must be terrified about what emails and evidence will be released. Ah…but poor, misunderstood Debbie only kept Imran Awan on after he was banned from Congressional IT servers because she was worried about his due process, racial and ethnic profiling and Islamophobia! What a humanitarian!

  6. Bob Adams says:

    Brenda Forman will not last until the next election. She will be lucky if she is only be removed by the governor… more likely taken out in handcuffs!
    Who would be the perfect replacement? Howard Forman!
    KARMA do your stuff!