Tynan Says No To BTU; Lauren Book Says No To Race


School Board member Kevin Tynan has told the Broward Teacher’s Union thanks, but no thanks.

He told the BSU he wasn’t interested in their endorsement because of the “potential for a conflict of interest.

What a refreshing view.

I always thought it was questionable for candidates to accept the endorsements from their employees unions. Inevitably,  these endorsed  politicians vote raises to these same unions after the election.

It looks too much like a payoff for the endorsement using our money.

Thanks, Kevin.  


Social activist Lauren Book is out of politics for 2010. But in two years, watch out.

 Lauren Book said Tuesday she still has work to complete as head of the child abuse awareness group Lauren’s Kids so she won’t run for Broward School Board.  

She is the daughter of über-lobbyist Ron Book, who had vowed to raise “what it takes if she decided to run. She was looking at the northwest Broward seat abandoned by retiring School Board member Stephanie Kraft.

“I won’t be running for School Board, she said.  “I’m going to focus on Lauren’s Kids.  I feel we can push the foundation into more of a nationwide presence over the next two years.

After two years, Lauren said “I will be looking at other offices.”

What office?  She keeping that door wide open.

Lauren is only 25 and even she said the two years will add seasoning to her résumé.

“Maybe by then, people won’t say I’m too young…The children of Florida and men and women desperately need a voice, she said.  

Sounds like a pol already. 

17 Responses to “Tynan Says No To BTU; Lauren Book Says No To Race”

  1. Democrat says:

    He had nothing to lose. He wouldn’t have gotten the endorsement anyway.

  2. Local Lawyer says:

    There will be an open State House seat that Book can run for in 2012! Let me be the first to encourage her to look into that race!

  3. Impressive Move says:

    I am a Democrat and will not vote for Tynan because I think Patty Good will do a much better job there. His decision here is very impressive except for one thing, it is highly unlikely that the BTU would have endorsed him under any circumstance. So saying no to them in advance was a shrewd political decision.

  4. Taxpayer says:

    Buddy I agree with you. Just a payoff by the unions.

  5. G.B. says:

    Ann Murray today, drafted a letter to Pat Santoramo at the BTU thanking him for his invitation to their School Board candidate screening, but respectfully declining the invitation also.

  6. G.B. says:

    Expect Jennifer Gottlieb & Phyllis Hope to do the same.

    Santoramo publicly announced he would not endorse any incumbents.

    In fact, word on the street is he is the one who put the Republican Tea-Party crazies up to running against the incumbents.

    What did he want to do at the screening?

    Have a tea party perhaps?

  7. Concerned Broward Parent says:

    Pat Santaramo is a dictator, the king, the “boss-man” plain and simple. NO candidate, scholl board member or lobbist should ask for his “endorsement. He has an old outdated collective bargaining agreement that has ruined the lives of so many children, I cannot count them all. This “pat Santaramo” has been asked too often to take the high road and allow two articles in the agreement to be loosened through a one time “letter of understanding”, so principals can re-hire the same teachers, department heads and coaches they were forced to lay-off. Santaramo said “No”. Now these principals are forced to hire the next surplus teacher based on seniority, even if that teacher cannot coach or even has the skills to succed in the position!

    The BTU has got to go, because as you know a fish rots from the head down.

  8. Concerned Broward Parent says:

    G.B., Don’t pick on the tea party when the Dems have done such a great job being “transparent” and up front in the recent dealings, especially locally. There is room to improve on all sides of things. Maybe the school board can move an inch and this Pat “Sanitorium” can move an inch or two.

  9. G.B. says:

    @ Concerned Broward Parent 12:46

    It is not accurate to say that an entire party is bad because of the actions of a few.

    You don’t hear Dems saying that all Republicans must go because of George W’s fiscal irresponsibility, lies & deceit.

    By the way, where was the Tea Party when George W was in office?

    You know, I think some of the Tea Party’s ideas have merit, but there is definitely a crazy faction within that is giving their movement a black eye. You notice my comment referred to Tea Party “crazies”.

    You are, by the way, right on about Santoramo. His tactics remind me of a Long Island Dock Workers Union thug.

    The sooner his membership gets wise and jettisons this guy (maybe he and Notter can ride off into the sunset together), the better off they will all be.

    That is, assuming he has any membership left after this is all over. They are all giving themselves raises. They are no longer having to pay union dues because they’ve quit.

  10. Henry Lippe says:

    It looks as though Kevin Tynan has already had a profound effect on the election and the School Board. His ethics are beyond everything we have seen on the Board for a long time. Now if only the School Board would adopt his recomendations for Ethical Behavior, Broward would have a board that everyone could be proud of.

  11. Simon says:

    I have been in the union a long time and support it. But Santeramo needs to go. He is outdated and cannot see the forest for the trees. Time for new blood. He is only hurting us. And yes, get rid of him and NOTTER and the children and teachers will see a new light.

  12. Too Bad says:

    It is too bad that Lauren isn’t running since there is nobody worthwhile in that district. The school board needs new ideas and we were hoping she would bring them.

  13. Hammerhead says:

    Tynan has been a breath of fresh air, but let’s see if he goes the way of the career politician or uses his time wisely to get the system back on track and in the business of educating children and out of the business of welfare for the rich with all of the contract awards on which the government focuses.

  14. BrowardVoter says:

    A prudent move by Tynan. He will certainly get my vote. As for the BTU – what a bunch of grandstanding idiots. They could not care less about the kids. Their AFT founder, Al Shanker, once stated that he will represent the kids when they start paying union dues. The goal of the BTU is to instill fear in their members and potential members so they will sign their union card and give the BTU / AFT $600 per year in dues. The BTU will exploit ANY situation to instill this fear. Recently, they took advantage of a teacher grieving over the loss of her baby by blaming the principal of her school. But the TRUE FACTS regarding this terrible loss are coming out now and Big Bad Pat S. will not comment anymore since being slapped with a slander lawsuit. Good – let’s get more lawsuits to keep his big mouth shut. The worst thing to ever happen to public education in this nation are teachers unions. The teachers unions are the true bully in our schools.

  15. Flip flop says:

    Buddy, In this case you say a potential for a conflict of interest may exist. However in the Wishner race you said it was bad news for Wishner and it is highly unusual for the incumbent to lose the endorsement. Maybe as in Tynan case as well as Wishner they didn’t want to go along with the unions agenda.

  16. the Real Truth says:

    Looks like Tynan is going to walk the walk as well as talk the talk. Now if he can only get the rest to agree to his ethics proposal. I think Kevin Tynan has been a breath of fresh air in a stale School Board meeting room and I am glad to see that his fellow board members are starting to pay attention.

  17. Mr. Jay says:

    BTUsless is not to be trusted. They are and have always been in bed with the Board. I am glad I got out of BTUseless years ago! The money I am saving.

    Al Shanker (RIP) must be turning over in his grave! Having worked under Al for many years, what Al had in his pinky BTUseless does not have anywhere.

    Pat has to hit the road!!