Consultants Brown, Stracher Big Winners Tuesday


Two political consultants sprinkled their magic on seven campaigns Tuesday.  

David Brown and Bev Stracher were major behind-the-scenes winners.

Both have had their share of losses in the past.  Tuesday they won them all.

Brown managed, talked strategy or did the media on four campaigns. 

They include:

*Plantation’s Pete Tingom.
*Coconut Creek’s Mikki Belvedere and Lisa Aronson.
*Sunrise’s Joey Scuotto.

Stracher provided winning help on three campaigns:

*Davie’s Judy Paul
*Plantation’s Diane Veltri-Bendekovic
*Sunrise’s Don Rosen

I’ve got a soft spot for Stracher. She worked with me as a reporter at the Sun-Sentinel. 

Then she had a career as a Lauderhill city commissioner.  For over a decade, she has used her intimate knowledge of Broward politics to run campaigns.

Brown is a former congressional staffer, who also has plenty of winning experience in Broward.  He is a real political junkie and lives for politics — from the courthouse to the White House.  I just love schmoozing with him.

He also runs a novelty company, so his candidates are always supplied with nifty tchotchkes, i.e., personalized pens, sponges and note pads. 

13 Responses to “Consultants Brown, Stracher Big Winners Tuesday”

  1. Plantation Truth says:

    Glaringly obvious Buddy
    Kind of weird how you only reported on the opposition of those people that were supported by your friends and ex-colleagues…..
    We all know there was an angle!
    Thats right…its your BLOG….no need to be a FAIR journalist

  2. Miriam says:

    David Brown is a big FAT fool who cheats his clients by forcing them to buy overpriced goods. He lives off his wealthy wife who is a doctor allowing him to dabble in politics and pretend he is a BIG CHEESE. BIG is the definition of him. Did you ever see him, Buddy? It is no wonder that everybody know his friends are Geller and Klenet and other FATTIES. Brown has got to WEIGH IN at 300 POUNDS. All this weight has gone to his head because he thinks he is God’s gift to politics. I talked to him once about my race. He quoted a price that made my jaw drop.

  3. You Must Be Kidding says:

    You must be screwing Stracher. Otherwise, you have lost you mind. She is a total zero and loses more campaigns than she wins. Two of the campaigns you mention here are slamdunks. Paul is the race that Parrish had more to do with than anybody.

  4. Don't Mess With Lori says:

    For those that have not noticed, even though she’s no longer on the County Commission, and instead chose to take on the traditionally and politically unimportant role of Property Appraiser, the fact remains that Lori Parrish is the most formidible force in Broward politics. Agree with her, disagree. When Lori decides she’s going to do something it rarely ends up undone or unaccomplished. That’s the definition of power and those that cross her are smart to think twice. Marlin Luis — are you paying attention?

  5. BUDDY NEVINS says:

    My, My.

    Some of the posters are so jealous of Brown and Stracher’s success. They are so jealous they resorted to personal attacks.

    Dear “Miriam:”

    I have never heard anyone accuse David Brown of cheating his clients….except you, anonymously.

    Also, David Brown is a very fit gentleman. He is not “fat.” He weighs no where near 300 pounds. Even if he was “fat” or weighed 300 pounds would that make him a poor political consultant or a bad person?

    Dear “You Must Be Kidding:”

    No, I’m not “screwing” Bev Stracher.

    I find it objectionable that anytime someone wants to attack a politically powerful woman – especially if they can do it anonymously – they sink to sexual innuendoes. Such misogyny is beneath contempt.



  6. Balance says:

    I thought you covered this election in a balanced way, you brought up issues from both sides of each race. I know all the players very well, some of the races definately did not go were in the direction that i would have like to have seen, but that’s politics.

    I thought that a couple of the blogs from a Mayor and an out going councilman showed not class:

    What seems to be a blog from an outgoing councilman in Plantation, just sounded like a bitter loser. He should have taken a few days to gather his thoughts before commenting. I actually voted for him, just wished he would have not made those comments.

    The second was Mayor Wishner in Sunrise. He sounded like his side lost in his blog attacking you and others. He needs to show more class and concern himself with the issues of the City, and set the example for others.

    I have received negative press in your articles in the past, that’s just politics. If they take the heat, then they need to get out of the kitchen.

  7. Where credit is do says:

    I agree that David Brown did a fine job in this election, but i would like to point out that Joey Scuotto’s Campaign was managed by the Scuotto Family. The Family members have always managed Joey’s campaign, but have used the resources of others like David Brown, who provided and assisted with the Campaign Lititure. David was a valuable asset during the campaign.

  8. Brown blow hard says:

    David Brown represents the worst in politics. He is a ‘win at all costs’, ‘ends justifies the means’ type of guy [and he told me so, himself]. And the comments above- about him living off his wife- are right on.

  9. Oh really? says:

    Hey, how did Dave Brown do for his judicial candidates this season? Didn’t he handle Julio Gonzalez?

    And wasn’t he running the Shak attack for sheriff?

    The stink of those two will outlast his involvement in these races.

    And Geez Buddy — you don’t think that Dave Brown is 300 lbs….I was going to say 400.

  10. Broward voter says:

    show me some examples (or at least one) of David Brown winning a race where the money was equal, or his candidate had less.

  11. Robin Rorapaugh says:


    You are correct in acknowledging a great season for David and Bev. Local politics are tough to navigate due to the often personal nature of each race. The fact that these professionals choose to wade into the neighborhood waters and do it successfully makes for good blogging and great local political lore. I for one may not have been supportive of all the candidates listed or all the methods used- but as a political professional I admire the fact that these two “got it done” one more municipal cycle. congrats to both.

  12. come on says:

    dejulisis,gonzalas and tony g would like to thank u.
    Brown and strackers boy shak is on his way to prision.
    they did a great job with november when it really counts these two after they lose are looking to sale nail files,sponges,and all kinds of junk after they got all that money from there clients and the client has to return back to there old jobs.
    Buddy you cant be serious with Rosen,he had 5x the money,the support of the police and fire unions the mayor and council, an 8 year incumbant and just manged to hold on even after nasty tv ads.the Plantion race was a give me
    and the Davie race was on an issue which was the commons so they were either voting for paul or truex this is not magic

  13. come on says: