Two Judges In Family After Appointment





Gov. Rick Scott appointed a new Broward County judge on Friday.

The new judge is Giuseppina Miranda, who is the wife of Broward Circuit Judge Alfred Horowitz. 



A family with two judges:  Newly appointed Judge Giuseppina Miranda and Judge Alfred Horowitz



Here is the news release:


November 15, 2013


(850) 717-9282


Governor Scott Appoints Giuseppina Miranda to the Broward County Court


TALLAHASSEE, Fla.  Today, Governor Rick Scott announced the appointment of Giuseppina Miranda to the Broward County Court.

Miranda, 51, of Fort Lauderdale has been a general magistrate with the Seventeenth Judicial Circuit Court since 2007. From 2004-2007, she was in the private practice of law and from 1999-2004, she served as an Assistant State Attorney in the Seventeenth Judicial Circuit. Miranda has been a Board Member of the Broward County Women Lawyers’ Association since 2009. She received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida and her law degree from Nova Law School. Miranda fills a vacancy created by the appointment of Judge Stacy Ross to the Circuit Court bench.

Governor Rick Scott said, “I am confident that Miranda will serve Broward County with intelligence and humility while demonstrating a respect for the rule of law. I welcome Miranda to her new role on the bench and look forward to her continued success in service to her community and our State.”

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4 Responses to “Two Judges In Family After Appointment”

  1. Well Deserved says:

    I was a public defender intern when Judge Miranda was a young attorney at the SAO.

    It was a privilege to work across the aisle from her in that Courtroom. She was always honest, diligent and an excellent trial attorney. She was an ‘attorney’s attorney’ – someone who knew the law, argued the law, but always knew where the line was.

    I am so happy that she has finally been appointed to the bench (long overdue in my opinion) and look forward to appearing in front of her.


  2. City Activist Robert walsh says:

    Speaking of judges. We all know that Judge Cynthia Imperato was arrested for alleged DUI. I saw the tape(who hasn’t). I think she can get this charge down to ‘reckless driving’. Bring up the fact that your car was swerving(already witness called 911 to report a car weaving etc they established that(cops). Work this to your advantage. The car was swerving etc because it has been swerving etc because you need an alignment. Bring the car to the over-priced dealership, get a report that the car is pulling to the right, left etc. Bring that report to the presiding Judge. Bring up the fact that you did not get out of your car when instructed because you as a woman was very scared. It was after 11pm, dark, and w/ all these stories of police brutality you were very concerned(just last month I believe in Cental Fla. this woman was pulled over for DUI and the bastards,some bad apples out there-ruin it for all good cops, anyhow two male cops took her out of the back seat of the cruiser in handcuffs and threw her to the ground ,landing on her face-again bastards-she was mouthy -too bad). See my reference. What woman would not be concerned. You want to bring up this because it looks like you wanted special treatment because are a judge. Bring up the fact that you had one beverage. Get some one @ the function you attended and that you where ok, and witnessed you were sipping the same glass per the duration. Do this w/ no breathalyzer, survilance tape you could pass for not being drunk. Do all this, and you will beat this DUI, and receive a lesser charge of reckless driving. Trust me. Good luck. Back to some of you out there. You have no right (cops-some) to put your hands on someone esp. a woman, because you are having a bad night. If that was my sister, nieces etc, body slap them on their face, while they are in cuffs. I would hunt you down(easy)and do what you did to this poor woman, and do the same thing to your kid. Oh now you will think twice…..Won’t cha.

  3. frank says:

    Jailhouse lawyer Walsh has a solution.

  4. Thomas scotto says:

    If ms maranda is anything like her husband good luck if you a dad trying to be a father , MR horowitz is about to be seabed with a law suit for damages by me , because of him I missed most of my daughters young years .