Two Guys Run For House, But Where Are The Women?





Two men are running for state Rep. Katie Edwards Walpole’s Davie/Plantation based House District 98. Edwards Walpole, who is ending her third term, is not running again.

So in the so-called Year of the Democratic Women, where are the female candidates?

This is an extra important election.  The winner of Democratic primary for this heavily-Democratic seat will take part in reapportionment, helping draw the House boundaries for 2020 to 2030.

The best-known candidate so far is Michael Gottlieb, a veteran criminal defense attorney who has regularly appeared on television with his clients and as a legal commentator.


Michael Gottlieb


Gottlieb has political heavy hitter and criminal defense lawyer Eric Schwartzreich as his campaign treasurer. That’s just one example of how much support Gotlieb should get from the Courthouse crowd and the Florida Bar.

Here is Gottlieb of Davie on Facebook last week announcing his candidacy:

With the support and encouragement of friends, colleagues and family, I am announcing my candidacy for the Florida House, Seat 98.

When Katie Edwards Walpole decided not to run for re-election, it was my opportunity to do what I have wanted to do since volunteering and interning in campaigns and working for elected officials as a student: serve the public in elected office.

For the last twenty five years as a lawyer, I have been helping individuals in need of representation. I have earned an AV rating, lectured, and have chaired Bar committees and voluntary bar groups. I have also been a hearing officer for Child care facility cases.

I have lived in Broward County all my life except for college and I currently live in the district, with my wife and children, and have lived in Davie for the last seventeen years.

Giving back through charitable giving has been an important part of who I am. My family and I participate in numerous charitable organizations, helping to raise money and awareness for worthwhile causes. Giving back and participating is a big part of who I am.

Helping others has always been a passion. Now with your help and support, I want to use my experience, skills and passion to improve our community and our state by serving the public in elected office.
There are many issues to address including the environment, education, safety for students and families, women’s issues, early childhood programs and policies, jobs and business opportunities. I will work hard to make a difference for all of us.

Please support me. I am here to listen and discuss any concerns you may have and can be contacted at or by cell (954)682-0999.

Have a great weekend. I hope to see you all soon and at the polls on Election Day, August 28, 2018.


The second candidate in the race is Andrew Dolberg, an activist in the Broward Democratic Party. He is the founder of Champion Briefs, an education resources company helping students develop public speaking and debate skills.

The 24-year-old Dolberg is a native of Plantation.

These guys might make great candidates.  But no women?

What gives, Democrats?

The right female candidate could change the tenure of the debate.  And the right female against two males would immediately have an advantage.

So where is she?

Stay tuned.

6 Responses to “Two Guys Run For House, But Where Are The Women?”

  1. A reader says:

    I hear Hillary is looking for a job. Maybe she will file soon.

  2. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    Wasn.t his wife on the Broward county school board ?.Anyhow i have heard that he is a very good atty.Good luck to him..


    You are thinking of a different Gottlieb family.

  3. Davie MAN says:

    You are calling for a quota, Buddy.

  4. Maria says:

    I want to know what They have done for the community I also want to know how progressive they really are. This is a chance to elect a true progressive who is going to be part of the “opposition” in Tally. Let’s not waste our time nor resources on a middle of the line Dem.

  5. Michael Gottlieb says:

    Buddy and readers, I am a life long Broward resident. A registered democrat. I actually live in District 98 and have been fighting a politically unfavorable battle for 25 years. The life of a criminal defense lawyer is not one of a person well liked, until needed. I’m not afraid to take a cause, to fight and to win.

    My main focus has been on charity and my family in the past. My family and I now wish to turn on focus on the community we live in and love.

    I used to work on Capital Hill in D.C. and have always been passionate about doing what I believe is right and just.

    Now is my time to give back, to fight and help our children live in a safer community. I will not bow to public interest groups and lobbying efforts when it comes to reasonable gun control legislation, the hot button topic in this election.

    As a criminal defense lawyer, I also know and understand the mental health crisis in this country. That and the gun control issue go hand in hand. Both need active and immediate reform

    I’ve been involved in the community I live in for 25 years and have lived here for 50 years. My motives are pure and my passion true. I welcome any and all questions and can be reached at should anyone wish to contact my privately to gain more insight into who I am and where I am going in this race.

  6. Broward says:

    #4.(Maria), While Andrew Dolberg may have little experience (24 years old), we as the voters need to give these types of candidates a try.

    Instead of electing candidates like Lauren Book (ran unopposed, daughter of powerful lobbyist Ron Book), we need to try grassroots activists. They owe nothing to the donor class, and can be held accountable much easier.

    Little experience does have a down fall, but I think it is better to have a new comer speak the truth, than a career lawyer…, i.e. Michael Gottlieb.

    A “true progressive” won’t come from the donor class.