Two Express Interest In School Board


There has been some interesting developments in northwest Broward’s open School Board race.

Former County Commissioner Scott Cowan showed up at the Supervisor of Elections Office in downtown Fort Lauderdale and picked up the documents needed to open a campaign account in the race.

If the documents are returned to the supervisor’s office, it would allow a candidate to collect campaign donations and spend money. 

Cowan told the staff that the documents were for “Lauren Book, according to a source. 

Laruen’s married name is Lauren Book Lim.


lauren book two

Lauren Book Lim

Former commissioner Cowan works with lobbyist Ron Book, Lauren’s father.  

Lauren Book, an advocate for abused children, has been mulling making the race.  

And former School Board member Don Samuels, who lost the same District 4 seat to Stephanie Kraft 12 years ago,  picked up the documents last week.

Kraft is not running again this year, leaving the seat open.


15 Responses to “Two Express Interest In School Board”

  1. Colonel Broward says:

    Lauren Book is a new face and that’s exactly what we need.
    What is worrisome is the connection with Scott Cowan and her own father, Ron Book. Do we really need more of them?

  2. Scott Cowan says:

    Scott Cowan made some bad choices in the spending of his last campaign account. The arrogance of power sometimes leads to lapses in judgment.

    He was tried for that mistake and paid a very high price. None of it was government money. He has tried very hard to move on with dignity. This situation would have broken most men. Not Scott. He is made of iron. You’ve got to admire that.

    That unfortunate episode aside, Scott Cowan is and remains a historic figure in Broward County’s history. For years, he served as the unofficial strong mayor of Broward County. He was the business brains behind the growth of this county. Scott held most of the strings in this community and forced them to produce what we see today. Without Scott Cowan, much of what we see in Broward would not be here. And he never took the credit.

    He’s become a target for jokes and comments from people that, for the most part, don’t have a fraction of his talent. Folks that can’t wear his tee shirt. And he takes it silently. Like the man he is.

    Don’t get me wrong — Cowan could also be a mean, vindictive, opinionated, arrogant, dismissive, nasty son of a bitch. But if he was on your side, you were in the company of the smartest, best, hardest working friend on earth.

    We see those traits sometimes in powerful people. For sure, nobody that actually knew Scott Cowan disrespects him even to this day.

    Scott Cowan has paid a big price for a stupid mistake. He has been in the background long enough. He has a brilliant mind that we should tap into to help us solve today’s problems. I am a believer in the power of redemption. Scott Cowan deserves his due, he deserves redemption, and he has earned and deserves our respect.

    FROM BUDDY: I’m pretty sure this comment was not written by Scott Cowan.

    The writer makes some interesting points about Scott, most of which I agree with.

    People tend to forget that Scott’s wrongdoing had nothing to do with public money. It involved his campaign account and I don’t believe one of his campaign contributors complained.

    I always found that Scott possessed one of the most accomplished political minds I ever encountered. I didn’t agree with every commission vote he took, but Scott did a lot to make this county better. If not for his slip-up, he would rightfully have buildings named for him.

    Everybody makes mistakes. Scott’s mistake was a whopper and he paid an enormous price for it — jail, public embarrassment and the end of a major political career.

    All this happened a decade ago. It is time to move on. It’s been time to move on for years.

  3. CuriousO says:

    To “Colonel Broward”:

    when you say “Do we really need more of them”, what do you mean by “them”?

    and hopefully you don’t come back with some stupid stereotypical “they’re all bad” CRAP

  4. Colonel Broward says:

    Mr. or Ms. CuriousO,

    I meant one of those old school politician or lobbyist who ruined this county.

  5. About Scott Cowan says:

    No, I am not Scott Cowan and was not above either.

    Buddy should write about this topic of Cowan and begin that healing process.

  6. T. J. Ripley says:

    Don Samuels?!?!?
    This has got to be a joke. He never met a developer or lobbyist he didn’t like. Wasn’t he the ultimate double-dipper, supposedly working for Dade County Schools while actually being a fulltime school board member here?

  7. Yeah Right says:

    To “Scott Cowan”:

    Let me ask you if Mr. Cowan is such a genuis why is he working as a gofer picking up Ron Book’s daughter’s election paperwork. It looks to me like he is still depending on the $$$ of a big time lobbyist for his livlihood, just like he did when he served on the BOCC

  8. You've GOT to be kidding me says:

    Lauren Book is a sweet, fresh-faced entry who can’t help it if she is related by blood to a major campaign donor who lets not forget was responsible for introducing Ash Britt to the district, which was one of the bigger rip-offs, but I question her judgment in having Scott Cowan, a disgraced old-timer politician picking up the papers for her.

    And Don Samuels?? Are you kidding me?? That double-dipper was one of the most corrupt board members there was! Does anyone remember Church and Tower? Hello?

    I thought the people wanted ethical, new blood that was not connected to the same old same old. Wake up people!! Surely there has to be some good candidates out there??

  9. CuriousO says:

    To “Colonel Broward”:

    Do you feel all politicians and lobbyists have ruined the county or just these 2? are all of “them” bad or have some of “them” done good things, initiated good projects and initiative, and/or brought innovative new products, perspective and resulting efficiencies and cost savings to governments, along the way, COLONEL. Come with facts, man, not stereotypical nonthinking uneducated unknowledgeable BS garbage that any person not in the know would/could/does say, like you. give me some meat, COLONEL.

  10. BrowardTeacher says:

    Isn’t it real sweet that rich-dad wants to buy a little position for his 25 year old daughter? After the years of corruption, dealings with lobbyists, and ignorant land deals we don’t need a little girl who has to learn on-the-job because her lobbyist dad can afford it. This child/candidate hasnt set foot in a classroom since she was in 12th grade – only 7 years ago.
    This is worse than the “moms” who only look out for their own kid and no one else.
    I’m looking forward to a new face too, but one that doesn’t bring immaturity and inexperience with them.

  11. FLoridaNative says:

    Buddy, other people are also running for this position. Or do we have a personal agenda to frequently keep the cutie face on your page

  12. Can't believe it but it's true!! says:

    I think Lauren is a brillant young woman who will make a great addition to the School Board. She has a great spirit and is a tremendous fighter for children. She deserves a fair chance if anyone. She is by far the best “politically connected” candidate we have seen in Broward County and that says A LOT. Believe me it is difficult to say it but she has a solid chance inspite of the fact that she is related to a lobbyists. Now excuse me I must go throw up for saying this out loud-but it is TRUE!!!!

  13. CuriousO says:

    Hey Broward Teacher,

    you just pointed out all the reasons she should run!!!!!

    we’ve had nothing but over involved parent activists get elected to the school board with no business acumen whatsoever and look at the disaster they have created!

    her dad is a fucking genius who gets shit done in tallahassee and locally; hopefully some of his true understanding of politics has rubbed off on his kid so she can get things our current stoonads can’t !!!!!


  14. FLoridaNative says:

    CuriousO – “Her Dad” isnt running so his lobbyist “f-ing genius” talents are not relevent. She’s is very young and I believe the problems created by the current board needs more maturity and experience than she can offer at this point in her young, young life.
    There are other candidates who have more pertinent experience that should get some attention before ‘dad’ throws a bunch of his money at advertising to get his baby elected.

  15. CuriousO says:

    hey “Florida Native”:

    which stellar impressive different than the norm candidates are out there? tell me how these other candidates are going to change an 800 pound diaherrea of a system and / or get any relief from tallahassee? tell me your current candidate(s) that will recreate an entire broke system, tell me their mountain blowing up skills (which are necessary at this point)!