Two Candidates Are The New Face of the Democrats


Open Florida House seats are doing what the Broward Democratic Party has been unable to do – recruit new young candidates.

Two candidates running for open seats are the new face of Broward politics.  They are Katie Edwards of Plantation (District 97) and Louis Reinstein of Plantation (District 98).

Both are 30-Something. Both are terrific candidates.

Although Edwards and Reinstein are impressive, she is the one who has most D’s talking.

Charismatic,whip-smart and photogenic, she has years of Tallahassee experience. Her job as the former executive director of the Dade County Farm Bureau required her to be in the Capitol frequently.  It’s a job she had at 22.


Katie Edwards

Two years ago, state Democrats recruited Edwards to run for the House in South Dade where she lived at the time.  The race, always an uphill fight for a Democrat, quickly got nasty.  Vicious TV ads and mailers flooded the district. A Republican Cuban-American ended up winning by 8 percentage points.

Edwards moved back to Broward, where she grew up (Her father is Bruce “Dead Bug” Edwards, a former Plantation Commissioner) and entered law school.  Then she began looking at House seats, eventually landing in the one now held by outgoing Democratic state Rep. Marty Kiar.

Since she’s started campaigning, local Democrats tell me they are thrilled Edwards is running.

Reinstein is a young trial lawyer who is new to politics, which is a good thing.

Louis Reinstein

He is running for the district now held by Weston Democratic state Rep. Franklin Sands, who is term limited.

Although he is short on Tallahassee experience, Reinstein has been involved in major issues.

He has been a member of the Broward County Planning Board, which deals with land use. Before becoming a lawyer with a civil practice, he was a middle and high school teacher at the David Posnack Center for four years.  He knows education from inside the classroom.

He has a master’s degree in, get this, Jewish studies. Not bad when you’re running in a Democratic primary in West Broward.

Reinstein is exactly the kind of fresh, young candidate that local Democrats have been unable, or unwilling, to recruit.

Edwards and Reinstein are part of the new generation of Democrats. And they are welcome additions to Broward’s political scene.

Her website is here.

His website is here.

16 Responses to “Two Candidates Are The New Face of the Democrats”

  1. Shitty Activist Robby Walsh says:

    New “Face of the Dems”? Sorry, it’s not Katie Edward’s face I am looking at.

  2. Str8 Talk says:

    I know of another under 30 something who was a State Director in Tallahassee at 22, had exposure to the legislature and Gov’s Office, provides a fresh face and he is running for office, School Board District 5….the slant again Buddy.

    btw: his name is torey alston

  3. Local D says:

    @Str8 Talk

    Uh, Torey Alston is a Republican.
    Maybe you didn’t read the headline or you don’t know much about the candidate.

  4. about torey says:

    Torey would be a great candidate for anything but school board. He has no children in Broward Schools and only a few years from being a child himself.

    Simple fact is this, if you are too young to have not had a high school reunion, you dont belong on the school board.

  5. get real!! says:

    That’s true. Keep in mind Ruth is crooked, supports only charter schools and has run for office 5 times. Osgood has only worked at a church all her life, was arrested 6 times and used to be a prostitute. Its clear, all things equal who is the best choice. All the key folks are with the guy and buddy admits he is a good candidate and has a great chance to actually win.

  6. Get Real Access! says:

    @str8 Talk: Fresh? Seriously? Collecting donations from lobbyists who want work with the county while he is working as chief of staff for someone who swore of donations from lobbyists?

    Instead of fresh, sounds more like he learned awfully quick and developed “more of the same” traits.

    By the way how could Buddy slant a story against your hero when the story was about new dems and Tallahassee? You missed the point entirely yet again and this time the point did not demand much intellectually reasoning if you read the headline, the text, and message of the piece.

    You continue to lose credibility and this time did nothing to help your hero.

  7. John Henry says:

    How are these people the “new face” of the democratic party?

    They are basically the same type crappy canidates we get every election–wealthy Attorneys w/ political connections.

    How are they new?

  8. John Adams says:

    What did John Adams do for a living? Was he a crappy choice for elected office?

  9. Alex says:

    Maybe you should take the time to know more than just basic things about them. Also, there is a reason politicians often have a legal background. It’s because it is the best background to have for politics. The House is part of the legislature. The legislature make laws. How can you be better informed on how to properly vote on bills and statutes than going to law school? Maybe if you look beyond the surface you will realize how they are new.

  10. The envelope please says:

    big yawn….

  11. DeeDee says:

    @John Henry
    The job is called “legislators” who draft “laws.”
    Who should draft laws? Plumbers. You are an idiot.

  12. Thomas Torta says:

    I’ve seen both of them speak. They are change from the Franklin Sands and other washed up Democrats in this county.

  13. G Cohen says:

    Edwards is a winner.

  14. Woody72 says:

    To Alex says:
    Who do you think your kidding. The reality is that in Broward County most lawyers and or their spouses enter politics for personal profit. It’s so bad here in Broward. A few years ago we had a Broward Commissioner so overwhelmed by her lust to profit, she took a used golf cart.

  15. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Wow-this Katie edwards. Talk about easy on the eyes. Charlotte we have some competion. Wait till my sister sees her.

  16. Oh My!!! says:

    Are you kidding? Edwards is a loser. Already lost one race in Homestead. Get real would you.