Twenty Three Apply For Broward Judge





Twenty-three lawyers have applied to replace retiring Broward County Court Judge Gary Cowart.

They are:



Adriana Alcaide                                  Betsy Benson                        

Michael A. Bernstein                          Mari S. Blumstein                  

Monique A. Brochu                            Haccord J. Curry                   

Phoebee Rebecca Francois                  Donald Gelin                          

Doreen Inkeles                                    Ernest Kollra                          

Mark D. Kushner                               Stefanie C. Moon                   

Christopher A. Narducci                    Andrew Newman                   

Gabriela Cecilia Novo                         Thomas Oates                        

Michele McCaul Ricca                       Abbe Rifkin                           

Richard A. Sachs                                 Annmarie Tornello Sapp       

Madeleine Torres                                David A. Weintraub   

Stephen J. Zaccor    


Broward’s Judicial Nominating Commission will be whittling down the list next Wednesday, Nov. 19.   The lawyers who make the cut will be interviewed by the JNC on Dec. 6.  Three to six of the lawyers will be recommend to Gov. Rick Scott on December 8.  From that list, Scott makes the appointment.



3 Responses to “Twenty Three Apply For Broward Judge”

  1. Sam The Sham says:

    More than half are women. The trend continues.

  2. The Long Black Robe (Ret) says:

    Abbe Rifkin has served this community well as a prosecutor.

  3. wake up says:

    You would think the perennial filers who are dems would get point “dems need not apply” for at least 4 more years.