Trouble At Northeast High




I received an extremely disturbing report about a major coverup of wrongdoing at Northeast High.

The school system police, the special investigation unit, conducted an investigation, but there was no remedial action.

I am asking the appropriate folks at the school system for comment.

Until then, I invite anyone with information about the situation at Northeast High to write  Your identity will be kept strictly confidential.


10 Responses to “Trouble At Northeast High”

  1. Charlotte Greenbarg says:

    SIU covered something up? I’m shocked, shocked to hear that.

  2. Lizzie says:

    Well I hope people talk.there is a lot going on and ithas been covered up by Runcie and goes back to Notter who covered it up too.

  3. Buddy says:


    I have already received a lot of good information.

    Be assured that if the confidential information was mistakenly posted as a comment on, it will not be posted. I will protect any administrator, staff member or parent’s identity. I have gotten information from all of these categories.

    Please send more documents including internal memos; police reports; computer printouts; communications to and from the SUI, the principal, School Board or any other person with information about Northeast High.

    I am also interested in more information about the background on any person involved in the troubles at the high school.

    Send anything to You will be protected (I have been held in contempt in the past for protecting sources.).

  4. Juliet Hibbs says:

    From the BOTTOM of my HEART Buddy THANK YOU!!!!!!! The people are SO afraid. I send you MANY, but I know a lot are too afraid to speak to ANYONE!
    This is a LONG history of abuses and abusers being promoted and protected all across the district…I believe NEHS was the beginning of the cover ups of this kind as common practice!

    Other principals now FOLLOW this model, as the district has demonstrated this is HOW to get promoted and be successful in leadership in Broward Schools. My hope is that EVERYONE I have spoken to, will come and know that you WILL protect them too! I have had hundreds of staff members tell me their stories. Most say repeatedly, that I know you don’t believe me, but I remind them I KNOW because I was a victim too. Thank you SO much Buddy! Your HONEST reporting helps to protect students and staff and expose the the criminal activities in Broward schools.

  5. John Henry says:

    Northeast Alum. Very eager to see what this is about and who is involved.

  6. Mia says:

    There have been TOO many cover ups. Nothing new here…

  7. Transfered from NE says:


    When SIU came to the school for statements last year Mr. William refused to leave and had “spies” seeing and reporting back to him as to who testified. Those that testified were suddenly given below average observations by administrators. A coincidence? I think not!

    Mr. Williams and the administrators at NE High have consistently been ranked at the bottom of the Broward School Board Customer Survey given to students, parents, stakeholders and teachers. The district refuses to release this information to the public!

  8. jujubean says:

    Its not siu its top administration.

  9. Karma Finally!! says:

    Mr. Williams has always been an unprofessional bully. He was put on a one year probation as a teacher by the FLDOE- July 8th 1997..but he had people protecting him which helped him in his undeserved rise to Principal. Research it is public record. I hope he will finally get his due as he has spent 15 years stepping on good people who had the backbone to call him out on his bad behavior.

  10. IT'S ALL THE ABOVE! says:

    It’s SIU or School Board police as well as Senior Administrators! Get rid of them all and get some REAL DETECTIVES to come in and investigate! Just look at the investigator that’s on this case!