Update: Top Democrats Gather Around Kiar For Senate

By Buddy Nevins

The early line is that State Rep. Martin Kiar is Broward’s next state senator.

At least that’s where the pooh bahs of the state Democratic Party are placing their bets.

Martin Kiar of Davie

Kiar has the support of both the woman he is replacing, the new state Democratic leader and the House Democratic leader.  That’s before he has held his first fund raiser!

Throwing all this early support Kiar’s way is a smart move.  It is an effort to not waste Democratic money with a messy primary.

Senate Democratic Leader Nan Rich of Weston is one of the hosts of his first fund raiser. Kiar is running for Rich’s Senate District 34, which she has held since 2004 and is leaving in 2012.

Another notable Democrat on the host committee is the new Florida Democratic Chair Rod Smith of Alachua County. And there is House Democratic Leader Ron Saunders of Key West.

The fund raiser is being held, of course, at Tallahassee’s font of lobbyist’s money, Clydes & Costellos, within a block of the Capitol.  The tavern is one of the business interests of Dave Ericks, a Broward and Tallahassee lobbyist.

Nobody else is running yet, but anyone would have a hard time overcoming all Kiar’s Democratic support.

Here’s the invitation:

Chairman Rod Smith, Chairman FDP

Senator Nan Rich, Senate Democratic Leader

Rep. Ron Saunders, House Democratic Leader

Rep. Franklin Sands

Rep. Evan Jenne, House Democratic Whip

Senator Chris Smith

Senator Eleanor Sobel

Senator Jeremy Ring

Invite You to a Campaign Fundraiser for

Representative Martin Kiar

Candidate for State Senate District 34

Tuesday – February 22nd

5:30 – 7 pm

Clydes & Costellos

Front Stage

210 South Adams Street

Tallahassee – Florida

Please make checks payable to the:

Martin Kiar Campaign

250 Mahogany Terrace

Davie, Florida 33325

(954) 205-7735

Political Advertisement Paid for and Approved by Martin Kiar, Democrat for State Senate, District 34.

The purchase of a ticket for, or a contribution to, a fundraiser is a contribution to the campaign of Martin Kiar


Since posting the above just five hours ago, I have received lengthy endorsements of Kiar from three leading local Democrats:

Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz: “Representative Martin Kiar knows what matters to real people because he knows his constituents so well. Marty’s countless door-to-door interactions with the people he represents has made him an effective leader in Tallahassee, but one who has never lost sight of the challenges we face here at home.  He has served us well in the Florida House and will bring his wealth of knowledge and energy to the Senate.  I look forward to continuing our work together to improve the lives of the citizens of South Florida.

Property Appraiser Lori Parrish: “I have known Martin for many years and I am proud to endorse him for the Florida State Senate. Martin has lived in Broward County his entire life and truly understands the unique issues affecting our way of life. Martin has proven himself to be an effective and dedicated member of the Florida House of Representatives and I know that Martin will continue to work tirelessly for the great residents of our district in the Florida Senate.”

State Rep. Franklin Sands, former House Democratic leader from Weston: “It has been a true pleasure to serve with Martin in the Florida House of Representatives. Martin has proven himself to be an effective leader, a tireless advocate for the residents of our community, and has demonstrated a deep desire in ensuring that the needs of his constituents are being met. I am proud to endorse Martin for the Florida State Senate as I am confident that Martin will continue his staunch advocacy for the great residents of our community.”

5 Responses to “Update: Top Democrats Gather Around Kiar For Senate”

  1. ExCompassionate Conservative says:

    Martin Kiar is one of the few politicians whom I have the utmost respect for. I have met him on several occasions when he was either campaigning in Parkland or having town meetings at City Hall.

    I find him very down to earth with a genuine concern for what effects local citizens. He was very helpful in a price gouging problem I had with a local hospital which was an example of what is wrong wit US health care.

    I wish him nothing but success in his campaign.

  2. Kevin says:

    One caveat, here:

    That district may look nothing like it does now come 2012 with redistricting. In fact, that district has a really good chance, it seems to be, to become majority Hispanic, and thus less Democratic, if it is further extended into Miami-Dade (remember, Broward has actually had a population decline in the past five years, while the M-D pop has remained stable). None of this, of course, is known at this point.

  3. No Kingmaker says:

    I don’t like a bunch of Democratic office holders telling me who to vote for. I hope somebody runs against Kiar in the primary so I have a chance to decide for myself. I also agree with Kevin that this district could be Republican after reapportionment, making Kiar the underdog.

  4. Scott says:

    Regardless of who runs, Kiar has my support.

  5. Beth says:

    Marty Kiar is one the few people representing us in Tallahassee that has the best interests of the people on his agenda. I don’t agree with him 100% of the time, but his motives are good. Hopefully after the Republicans unfairly redraw the Senate districts he’ll have an open seat to run for.