Tony G Will Be Missed


Tony G could bring together a conservative Republicans and the chairman of the Democratic Party. Judges who he beat as a political consultant and judges who loved him.  And dozens of average folks.

Political consultant Anthony “Tony G Gargiulo’s funeral was a few days ago.  I’ve been remiss not to write about it earlier.

Tony G was a warm and wonderful guy who always loved talking politics with me.  His smile lit up a room.  He will always be remembered by those who knew him.

He was dubbed the “judgemaker by me in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel because of his amazing success in electing lawyers to the bench.

The reason he was victorious so often was obvious at his wake and funeral in Plantation.  He touched so many in the community and they loved and respected him, regardless of where they stood politically. 

The ceremony attracted both Jean Hansen, the former chair of the Broward Republican Party, and Democratic boss Mitch Ceasar.  They are polar opposites but they both admired Tony G.

Lawyer Mila Schwartzreich was there.  She was beaten by Tony G candidate Michael Orlando, despite pouring lots of her own dollars into the race.  She had, however, nothing but praise for the late political consultant.

Hope Bristol’s 2002 judicial campaign was one of the few Tony G lost.  She attended. 

At least a dozen judges, including many who didn’t use Tony G to run their races, were there.  Judges Lou Schiff, John Bowman and Renee Goldenberg  – all part of Tony G’s family of candidates – spoke.

Sheriff Al Lamberti paid his respects.

So did those without titles like the members of the 10/13 Club.  Club members are former New York City police officers, like Tony.

Many of his neighbors from the Hawiian Gardens condominium were also there.

Since the 1980s, Tony G put Republicans and Democrats on the bench. In this highly charged partisan county, Tony G was a refreshing breath of fresh air.

He will be missed.

3 Responses to “Tony G Will Be Missed”

  1. anonymous says:

    hey buddy dont forget to mention the 4 person bso honor guard that the taxpayers paid for that were there. how about the pd car out front with lamberti’s bumper sticker on it and of course the lamberti shill who was handing out camapign material.

    guess we know who you are sucking up to these days.


    Dear “anonymous”:
    I interviewed several people at Tony G’s wake and funeral and found no evidence that Sheriff Al Lamberti or his campaign staff was handing out literature outside the funeral home. If you have proof of this, I will publicize it. Nobody I talked to saw it.

  2. anonymous says:

    gee buddy what do you think they were going to say?

    how about the honor guard, did you ask if the taxpayers paid for that?

    in a time of major budget cuts 4 deputies for a funeral seems a little excessive

  3. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz says:

    Buddy – I was at the service as well. It was a very touching ceremony. John Bowman and Louis Schiff’s comments were very touching and emotional.

    Even having only met Tony G a few times in my life, I can understand why people had this kind of affection for the man. He was warm and funny and had a truly tenacious zeal for life and his friends.

    Judge Schiff in particular sounded like a son grieving for a father or grandfather.

    The priest was correct — for Tony and people like him, “The Best is Yet to Come.”

    And I can confirm about the crass politicking happening at the funeral by Lamberti’s folks. There are lots of former NYC Cops who pass away in South Florida — they don’t get a BSO Honor Guard at taxpayer expense. The only reason Lamberti was there with the honor guard was that he’s running for reelection and there were a number of politically connected folks attending and he wanted to put on a show. I don’t know what was being handed out after the honor guard was done, but it certainly looked like palm cards/campaign flyers. Pretty disgusting if you ask me.

    Have you called Lamberti’s office to find out who paid for the honor guard and whether he had people handing out Lamberti materials? If so, has he denied or just given a “no comment”.