To Victor Goes The Spoils




Chief Judge Victor Tobin is cleaning house.the courthouse.



Victor Tobin


He has given new assignments to two of his most outspoken opponents Circuit Judges Dale Ross and Tom Lynch.

It looks like political revenge to me. a tasty new website that I am part of has the full story here. had an early version two days ago here.

Tobin’s move has the judiciary and legal crowd buzzing gossip is what is done best at the courthouse.    

The judges in question were on the losing end of a leadership fight.  There are consequences.

A wise political mavin once told me that “punishment and reward are the glue that keeps politics together.

Nothing is more political than the little courthouse club called the judiciary.

Its full of the same vicious backbiting,  rumor mongering and infighting that you see in party politics.  

I love it!

Read my pal Dan Christensen’s story and enjoy.

19 Responses to “To Victor Goes The Spoils”

  1. Paine in the Judiciary says:

    Interesting line in the article that no one thought odd…..

    “A judge who is a Tobin ally said, “I don’t think for a moment that Vic has done anything vindictive. He wants to be elected again. He’s bent over backwards to do the best he can.””

    Didnt Vic vow not to run again after this term?

  2. Vengeance is Mine, Sayeth the Chief says:

    Hopefully 2010 brings some new blood into that courthouse that don’t have ties to this old rotting system. Lots of people are or are going to be running. They deserve a close look and potentially our votes.

    Otherwise, we are stuck with a new boss that’s the same as the old boss.

  3. Courthouse blog says:

    The Jaablog reported this weeks ago.

    FROM BUDDY: I must have missed it, but has many readers who don’t look at JAABlog. And JAABlog has readers who don’t look here.

  4. Law firm man says:

    I thought Tobin would be above such a move. It is sad to see he is just like every other political judge, despite what he promised.

  5. Civil Lawyer says:

    This move is sad on every level. Lynch is pretty much universally respected in the civil bar for being even-handed, smart, and with an excellent demeanor.

    His move is a loss for all of us. And we now have Dale Ross going to be hearing complex commercial litigation cases?

    Vic definiely doesn’t get my $500 next time he’s up for election. Hope he packs it in before then because I know plenty of folks who will be supporting whoever opposes him, just for this bonehead play.

  6. Another Civil Lawyer says:

    It is a shame to lose Judge Lynch in the civil division. He is truly a lawyer’s judge…fair, balanced,intelligent, hardworking,etc. There is a reason why Tobin is disliked so much now and like Buddy implies, one day it will be his turn.

  7. look at the facts says:

    Vic Tobin is an idiot…

  8. fatbeard says:

    Didn’t Tobin also “take revenge” on another Judge who didn’t support hm for chief judge- Judge Krathen, widely respected, great civil lawyer, then civil division judge. Tobin moved him out too, just for personal reasons, it seems.

  9. sam sloan says:

    krathen is an idiot. an old pompous crony of the ross gang.good riddance!

  10. Dicktator Tobin says:

    Tobin is a small-minded person with third grade grammar skills. Tobin also had ex parte communications with his very good friend Stuart Rosenfeldt as is clear from his email sent to all of the judges. This needs to be investigated further. Buddy, ask him how he obtained all of the facts in the email he circulated prior to a case ever being filed. Tobin is a disgrace.

  11. Law man says says:

    It will be funny to see Dale Ross work for a change.
    Lynch told everybody he didn’t want to move.
    Both of these guys have enough years in to retire. Tobin is trying to force them out?

  12. IMJUSTBEACHY says:


  13. I. P. Auphen says:

    Here is another take…
    Tobin tried to implement a rotation plan which was soundly balked at by the old guard.
    He told the old guard to propose an alternative. No alternative was put forth.
    Finally, with no acceptable rotation plan Tobin begins a manual unofficial plan.
    The same people who bitched, moaned and complained when he wanted to adopt a rotation plan from another circuit are now bitching, moaning and complaining when he goes ahead and rotates as he sees fit.
    It was a catch 22.
    Unless a plan is adopted the bitching, moaning and finger pointing will continue.

  14. Sgt. Schultz says:

    Cannon 3D1…JQC…plenty of moaning…i see nothing, i know nothing, i do NOTHING!!!

  15. .U.P. Auphen says:

    U R Wrong Mr. Auphen. Tobin was given alternate proposals, but Tobin does not allow anyone to participate in ANYTHING. Thank God he promised not to seek another term as chief, although Tobin cannot be trusted. Vicky will find out what goes around, comes around. Karma Vic, Karma.

  16. Pat says:

    Ross out…Tobin in…same as it ever was, same as it ever was, same as it ever was, same as it ever was, same as it ever was…..

  17. Music References says:

    Nice talking heads reference 6:56am.

    How about one from the Who —- “New Boss, Same as the Old Ross”

  18. luckydog says:

    Well, they don’t call him Vic the Pr*ck for nothing!

  19. TuterBell says:

    Tuter is a clown, I mean clone, of Victator, except 6 inches taller than the diminutive Pricktator.