To All That Helped During Hurricane Irma, Thanks!






Now that the storm has passed, we all need to take time out to thank all of you that helped us during our greatest time of need and continue to help us.

To all those first responders – Police, Fire/EMS – THANK YOU

To all those Meteorologists – THANK YOU

To all those in the Media – THANK YOU

To all those Water, Electric, Telephone/Cell Phone, Stormwater Drainage, Cable and Utility Workers – THANK YOU

To all Road Crews and Transportation Workers – THANK YOU

To all those with the Red Cross, charities and Volunteers – THANK YOU

To all those Government Leaders and Employees – THANK YOU

To all those that provided gasoline and supplies – THANK YOU

To all those providing Medical Services – THANK YOU

To all that provided Shelter – THANK YOU

To all those Family, Friends and Neighbors that helped each out another – THANK YOU

To all those that did something to make the situation better – THANK YOU

To all those that I might have missed but deserve recognition – THANK YOU

For those that believe in a Higher Being, and if not, then whomever you believe in – THANK YOU

Without all of you, this situation could have been a lot worse for all of us.



(Retired attorney Richard J. Kaplan is the mayor of Lauderhill. He was first elected to the City Commission in 1988)

11 Responses to “To All That Helped During Hurricane Irma, Thanks!”

  1. Commissioner Angelo Castillo says:

    Thank you Mayor.

    The outpouring of support, caring, volunteering in my city, Pembroke Pines, has been extraordinary. We are lifting ourselves back up after this super strong storm event and we are doing it with patience and caring. That is the mark of a great community, but more importantly also the mark of great people. I’m proud of Broward County. We are tough and we are survivors. But we also care about one another, and there’s a lot more of that our world needs.


  2. Tell the Truth says:

    A First Class Mayor.
    Thank you Mayor Kaplan.
    Could not be more proud if I lived and owned in Lauderhill.

  3. John Henry says:

    Wait. This clown is thanking Government leaders after 8 people baked to death in a Nursing Home????

    What planet is this guy living on?

    If that nursing home had any City licenses then heads should roll in the City of Hollywood.

    If that nursing home had any County licenses then heads should roll in the County Government.

    If that nursing home had any State licenses then heads should roll in the State.

  4. FTL Resident says:

    For all the times you have taken Mayor Jack Seiler to task, I believe an overwhelming majority of the city residents would say he did a great job guiding Fort Lauderdale through the hurricane and post hurricane clean up. In addition to the Sheriff and Comm Castillo, Mayor Seiler’s use of social media to keep his residents informed and address their needs was second to none. It was clear it was not a city staffer replying on FB because many times if there was a discussion of a downed tree or power line the Mayor would ask about specific references about people he knew in neighborhood, a staffer would not know.

    Hopefully, you will give credit where credit is due…

  5. Ann Jello says:

    How appropriate two politicians rubbing massage oil on each others derriere.

    As for the others they were monetarily compensated, with the exception the volunteers who showed their survival instincts.

  6. Well Said says:


    Well said. I cannot think of a single individual who is not appreciative of our first responders. It diminishes their fine efforts to see elected’s capitalize on their efforts and sacrifice. Nice job Kaplan-THANK YOU

  7. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    #3Thats nice.Sinxe you have al these wonderful things to say about him please ask why he ran a budget (2nd.hearing madatory by state statue)meeting last Wed. Night while the residents were just getting over a Cat 4 hurricane with no electricity etc.but Mayor Seiler decided to have a comm.meeting.Oh he will tell u we had people there.Sure some ass kisser.800 mill plus budget and he decides well its ok.While us resident’s were just trying to get our lives back to some degree of normalcy.No way Mayor..

  8. Huh says:


    Didn’t you answer you our own question in your post? It was required by the State.

  9. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    Bullshit.That could have postponed to another date.Just like Miami did.Alot of residents didn.t even have power(my point).#7 What another ass kisser.So lets have this meeting.Who cares if no one was there.Its the residents that are paying for all of this.No having this meeting was wrong.Plenty of dates before Oct.1.This was not necessary.

  10. rightwing says:

    in the end public safety was not the jails, the staffing was amped up with all three shifts being called in, there were few problems, and most of the inmates were understanding of the situation.this was the first time I can recall all 3 shifts reporting at once. but it seemed to work. however the food was scarce and barely suitable for the inmates. I suppose in 9 months, we’ll see just whether this was a good decision.

  11. Dick Bite says:

    May the shmuck, excuse me Schwartz be with you.