Three Republicans Need To Be Defeated


As your investments continue to collapse, you can blame three South Florida Republican members of Congress the Diaz-Balart brothers and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen.

They voted against the recovery bill today.

They have been in Congress for too long.  They have been wedded to a failed belief in free markets for too long.

Their Republican philosophy and partisanship has blinded them. 

They can’t see the misery among the senior’s losing their life’s savings.  They can’t see pensions’ investments evaporating. They can’t see small business owners unable to get loans.

They can’t see the the credit market, the stock market and the banks collapsing.    

Its time that Florida voters reject Lincoln Diaz-Balart and elect his Democrat opponent, Raul Martinez.  Defeat Mario Diaz-Balart and elect Democrat Joe Garcia.  And throw out Ros-Lehtinen in favor of Annette Taddeo.

It’s time for a change.

4 Responses to “Three Republicans Need To Be Defeated”

  1. nancy p says:

    They’lll blame it all on Castro. What’s new?

  2. el gordo says:

    We’ve been giving our vote to Republicans for 50 years and is Cuba free? No. Vote for the Democrats. Maybe then we can help our relatives.
    The Canadians and Euopians are makng a fortine from Cuba. It is time to take our share. Drop the embargo and Castro will fall from the economic freedom.

  3. nat trayger says:

    I am glad they voted against this bailout. Have you even read the bill? I understand it is 400 pages and is loaded with pork also.

  4. Proud Republican says:

    Yeah, right. Make congress 100% Democratic and then see what gets crammed down your throats.