Three Days After Voting, Fund Raising Invitations Go Out For Next Election





Poor political contributors just can’t get a rest.

Just days after the General Election, Coconut Creek Commissioner Lisa Aronson announced a fund raiser for her campaign.

Aronson is on the Dec. 4 special election ballot along with four other Democrats running for northeast Broward’s District 2.

The election was delayed a month due to a legal morass over the validity of a write-in candidate.

In a move almost guaranteed to keep the turnout low, Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes scheduled it for Dec. 4, a Thursday.

If the litigation isn’t concluded by Dec. 4, Snipes may delay the election until the March municipal balloting.

In addition to Aronson, the other candidates are Mark Bogen, Charlotte Rodstrom, Carmen Dixon Jones and Terry Williams-Edden.

As you can see from the invitation below, much of the political establishment, along with some lobbyists like Judy Stern, Bill Laystrom, Bernie Friedman, Candice and Dave Ericks, Barbara Hall, Neil Schiller, Larry and Grant Smith, Seth Platt and Aleida “Ali” Waldman, are backing Aronson:



8 Responses to “Three Days After Voting, Fund Raising Invitations Go Out For Next Election”

  1. Snooze fest says:

    Reads like a county commission agenda. Same old, same old bought and paid for.

  2. Sam The Sham says:

    What is a voter supposed to think? At least two of the candidates don’t really live in the district and Aronson apparently not really caring enough about her own district to hold the fundraiser there, but instead chooses to woo the down-town crowd on Las Olas.

    It does not matter who wins this election because the representation will be a charade. Only the good old boys from Down-Town Ft Lauderdale count.

  3. Se├▒or Censor says:

    Buddy, when are you going to have a article about Chief Frank Adderley run for public office?

  4. Real Deal says:

    @3: As soon as his wife stops trying to pop caps in his ass for cheating on her. By the way now that Rothstein is in jail, whose bags is Adderley carrying now?

  5. no news here says:

    she is a shoe in tes vote on all the development and land use requests
    she will fit right in on the bcc

  6. City Activist robert Walsh says:

    Big deal. I think Aronson needs all the money she can get because once she has to resign (mayor) she knows the money trail will be alot harder to find(perfect)….

  7. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Hey, I thought the Ft. Lauderdale City Commission with a Republican – former Police Chief Bruce Roberts = a White Conservative Protestant Democrat – Romney Rogers – and a believing Roman Catholic with conservative views – John “Jack” P Seiler would give us good government, and what do we get? A constantly delayed Aqua Center, a boongle mis-managed WAVE ( warned them about that, but, as usual they only listen to themselves – international bad publicity about the Homeless feeding embarrassing everyone in the City – and now putting a Plantation Black defeated politician on the Ft.Lauderdale City Commission! I mean I was right, looking for an honest man in Broward County politics in either party or no party is fruitless, hopeless, and a waste of time.

  8. Creek girl says:

    Lisa has a lot of lobbyist support but that doesn’t equal votes in the district. It will be interesting when she loses the election and re seeks her seat on the coconut creek commission.

    Buddy – has she made any formal statements about her future if she loses the county commission bid?


    She said she won’t run for the Coconut Creek Commission open seat created by her departure.