Photos: Thousands Jam Polls For Early Voting



A massive effort by President Barack Obama’s campaign has brought thousands to the polls across the state for the first day of Early Voting.

I personally was at the West Broward Library, which was filled with voters at 8 a.m.  There were so many voters I decided to return another day.

Here are the photos courtesy of the Obama campaign:


From top to bottom, Duval County, Orange County, Palm Beach County, Broward County





4 Responses to “Photos: Thousands Jam Polls For Early Voting”

  1. early voting says:

    Early voting only creates the illusion of increased participation. It clears the queue for people who vote on election day. I know I will be walking in and out.

  2. Long Queues!!, says:

    The Supervisor of Elections website has wait times posted for every early voting location. Most locations are showing 1, 2 or 3 hour wait times as of right now, but the Tamarac library is showing a FIVE HOUR wait time!!!

  3. Long Queues!! says:

    The Miami Herald explains why the wait times are so long: ““It wasn’t that there weren’t enough voting booths, it wasn’t that there weren’t enough people checking IDs — they just couldn’t print the ballots fast enough,” said 29-year old Joshua Brandfon.”

  4. Ghost of McLovin says:

    The true problem with early voting locations is that a very specific ballot has to be generated and printed for each voter based on which precinct they reside in (which differentiates every federal, state local and special district they are qualified to vote in). Absentee is the only way to go: complete in a leisurely manner, with the ability to carefully consider (and research if you like) each question. If you’re going to wait in a line, why not wait until election day?