This Week In Religion — Muslim Edition

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My married Muslim eight-year old trumps your pregnant Catholic nine-year old.
In a March 10 column I wrote about a Brazilian Bishop who insisted that a nine-year old pregnant with twins needed to have the kids. The column is here. 
Well you can always count on Muslim fundamentalists to top it.

The Herald reports that an eight-year old Saudi wife–yes, you read correctly “wife—is divorcing her fifty- old husband.  He had bought the girl from her father for $13,000. 

The story is here. 
The Koran describes that Mohammad took a nine-year old wife. Was this guy going the old boy one better?
Nah.  We all know the truth lies in one of two places. 

 He is either a pedophile.  Or he has a teeny weeny that’s just the right size for someone on the younger end of the Hannah Montana crowd. 
Frankly,  I am hoping that FOX makes a sitcom or a reality show out of this:  Leave It to Prepubescent Beaver.  “Oh Abdulla, don’t you think you were a little hard on the Beaver last night. 

How about: Saudi  Arabia’s Funniest Home Kiddie Porn?

11 Responses to “This Week In Religion — Muslim Edition”

  1. Flora says:

    The great untold story is that of Muslim slavery continuing to this day.

  2. Very Amusing says:

    I find it very amusing that some Americans think they have some higher moral entitlement to judge other societies and cultures. Viewing others through the loupe of a national viewpoint that is merely 233 years old, some Americans presume to condemn cultures and practices that are thousands of years old.

    They forget that merely 2 thousand years ago, not quite ten times the age of America, the Muslim world was a thriving culture of art, philosphy and academia, while many of their European ancestors were still living in caves and trees.

    Bringing the American perspective out of it’s early adolescence, and into the maturity that the rest of the world enjoys, requires some basic restraint on this unchecked judmentalism of theirs. Yes, there are things America can teach. Every parent can learn from their teenager. But this notion that all things, especially moral issues, are somehow superior because they are American is not only arrogant it is incorrect.

  3. To Very Amusing says:

    What is going on in this story from Saudi Arabia is nothing more that child molesting. The problem is that the world has progressed in the 2,000 years you mentioned (Mohammed wasn’t born 2,000 years ago. That’s a small point)everywhere except certain Muslim countries. If allowed, these countries would drag us all back to the 8 Century

  4. No One Is Dragging You says:

    No one is dragging you anywhere, and for sure no one is following you anywhere. That’s precisely the wrong way to look at this. The way to look at it is this: That’s how they are, and this is how we are. Period. No judgments. Focus on your own stuff, that should keep you plenty busy.

  5. Sam Fields says:

    Dear Very Amusing,
    If only those who have nothing to be ashamed of could offer criticism and oppose evil the Nazi’s would still be in power. After all at the time we fought WWII we were segregated and had put Japanese-Americans in concentration camps.

    The simple truth there is nothing wrong with people living in glass house throwing stones. Tt is equally good idea that stones are thrown at them. The hope is that it will make both of them stop and think about their failings.

    But let’s get to a basic failing about Islam. It never had a Reformation. From the 7th through the 14th century it was generally more enlightened than the thuggish Roman Catholic dominated West. The Protestant Reformation let the West leap ahead with technology, freedom, world exploration. At the same time Islam was going in reverse dominated by the Ottoman Empire that at might best be described as culturally reactionary with a degenerate attitude toward women. That attitude continue until this day. The Muslims that run places like Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia are degenerates who’s sexual inadequacies encourage them to abuse women. That guy was banging an eight year old. If you think that cultural relativism is a defense you are also a sexual degenerate.

    Even in the 20th century Islam has only improved in drips and drabs.

    A billion Muslims and not one has won a Nobel Prize in the Sciences. Not one Muslim nation is premised on meritocracy, freedom and democracy.

    Do we have a right to gloat? Damn right. You are my best evidence. You are living here and not in your birth place.

  6. Sam Fields says:

    P.S. to Amusing,
    Why is that the Fundementalist 9/11 highjackers expected to be rewarded with 72 “virgins”? That is certainly evidence of sexual sickness and inadaquacy.

    As a personal note, based on my life experience, I would have preferred 72 sluts.

  7. Sam Field's Groupie says:

    Ah, Sam,
    My day isn’t complete unless you are lighting someone up. You’re the man!

  8. Sam Wrong Again says:

    1. You know that the end is near to a debate with Sam when he pulls out the Nazi card. Very near.

    2. Nazi’s were angry, hateful new wave radicals driven by a mad man that lost track with good and evil. They took power over a country with the help of many that did not understand Jewish culture but made the kind of wild assumptions you do about Islam. Islam is a culture thousands of years old, with traditions and practices that date back to the dawn of civilization. Nazi’s were a flash in the pan. And so your comparison is not just ill placed, it’s in bad taste.

    3. Nothing in the article says that the 8 year old was being banged by anyone. There is such a thing as marriage without sex (go ask your wife), and that is fairly common in many situations in the eastern world. Your wild imagination should not lead you to confuse facts with conjecture.

    4. Sex with minors is forbidden in Islam. Marriage at a young age is permitted in Islam.

    5. It’s true that by western standards Islamic women get a terrible break. I do personally agree with that, so there we have no disagreement. But the majority seem to be fine with it which may be difficult for outsiders to understand but it’s true. Many women in the middle east see the rules as a natural part of their religion and culture. Ultimately, they have to handle that issue on their own terms. For sure, none of them have any need or desire for your assistance since you think they’re worthless animals anyway. PS — they have no absolutely no use for our culture and would prefer theirs, whatever you think of it, much more than ours anyday. That’s just the way they think. They consider Americans to be dogs without morals. How’s that for a kick in the behind?

    6. Al-Khwarizmi was the inventor of algebra and he was a Muslim. On balance, that accomplishment sufficient to allow him to wipe his ass with a Nobel Prize. Let me not waste my time with a list as long as your arrogance of Muslims that have made ground breaking and important contributions to the human condition. Go study some history and then try to suggest that Muslims, or any culture, has failed to make any contribution to mankind. Perhaps the group with the least to offer have been the atheists and that’s because they’ve lost their souls.

    7. No person at all, ane never a Jew, should ever speak as you do about any other culture. Especially those that presume to know about the Nazis. The blood of your ancestors begs you to stop that kind of thing. What’s wrong with you, were you taught nothing?

    8. I am an American idiot. I’ve simply had the opportunity to work for some years in the middle and actually know something about that culture, unlike you. You on the other hand are a poster child for why most of the world thinks Americans are assholes. America needs to work a lot harder at understanding Islam. Instead our tendency is to judge them, harshly and ignorantly, and they find that highly offensive. Rightfully so.

    9. Here’s some good advice. Go somewhere and try to improve your twisted angry life. Be quiet and listen to others without making judgments. Because your “frequency” is way off the dial on stuff.

  9. Kwitcherbelyaken says:


    72 virgins is a misinterpretation.

    It is really 72 Virginians. I suspect that George Washington, Tom Jefferson and 70 other Virginian patriots are taking turns beating the crap out of the hijackers.

    And enjoying it.

  10. Sam Fields says:

    Dear Sam Wrong Again
    How ironic that you talk about Islam and algebra but you still can’t understand 3rd grade arithmetic. Islam was founded in the 7th century which means it can’t be “thousands” of years old.

    It is noteworthy that you have to go back 700 years to find a Muslim that has contributed to math or science. This reinforces what I said that back in the Middle Ages. Islam was ahead of the West but scientifically and culturally failed to advance.

    We atheists only have to go back to last year’s Nobel prizes and every year before that. When the Swine Flu threatened the world I din’t notice anyone digging out the Koran or for that matter the Bible. All bullshit

    Surely there are Muslim women who prefer the veil. Few have known anything else. And the men are little different. I suggest you go to Europe and take a walk in the Red Light district. Muslims are the main customer base. Why? Because, like you, they are incapable of dealing with women on an even plane.

    The American culture is the SUPERIOR culture as evidenced by Islam’s refusal to allow a free market for ideas in their home countries. Not unlike the Soviet Union or Cuba , more than the CIA, Islam fears MTV. If , as you insist, this makes me an “American asshole” it is a moniker I will wear proudly. And if this moniker leads to my demise by some Taliban jerk like you I will be proud to make my last meal a burger, fries and a Coke. USA USA, USA!!!!!!

  11. Fine Republican Rant says:

    Now that we’ve outed Sam as a closet Republican, because his rant above makes that quite clear, there’s hope he might admit he actually fears there might be a God.