This Fla House Candidate’s Ad Stinks!!!





Steve Perman’s latest ad mailed to voters in State House District 96 stinks.

That’s the point!

Voters can stratch-and-sniff on a portion of the ad and experience the smell of  Wheelabrator Technologies’ huge landfill, which lies along Florida’s Turnpike in North Broward.

The landfill, nicknamed Mt. Trashmore, periodically plagues the east Coconut Creek portion of District 96 with odors.

Perman’s Democratic primary opponent, County Commissioner Kristin Jacobs, has taken campaign contributions from Wheelabrator and its parent company, Waste Management.

And Jacobs did nothing to stop the expansion of the landfill in the past two years, according to Perman, a former state House member.

The charge is accurate.

David Brown, Perman’s campaign consultant, isn’t the first to author an ad with a scratch-off element in Broward.  County Commissioner Scott Cowan designed one in the mid-1990s in Davie’s city election.  The mailer stated: “Who’s the Developer’s Best Friend in Davie?” Voters could scratch off those words and find underneath a picture of the candidate Cowan opposed.

Cowan said his ad cost twice the price of a regular mailing.

Brown isn’t talking about the price of Perman’s piece. Presumably it was relatively expensive since it was a scratch-and-smell piece and much more elaborate than Cowan’s, which was just a scratch off.


Steve Perman piece





8 Responses to “This Fla House Candidate’s Ad Stinks!!!”

  1. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    Might be an effective ad, but… I’d give it a D- on Photoshopping skills.

  2. Kevin Hill says:

    On the one hand, this is pretty innovative.

    On the other, the grammar, syntax, punctuation, and spelling are appalling.


  3. Creek Girl says:

    The candidate who sent it stinks too. The Doctor is OUT.

  4. Coconut Creek Resident says:

    Too wordy

  5. Donnie says:

    This ad smells of desperation. Republican-in-disguise Perman is losing and needs to throw everything he can think of at Kristin Jacobs.

  6. What About This? says:

    Perman is the actual special interest candidate because almost every contribution is a chiropractor.

  7. Oh really says:

  8. Gagging In Creek says:

    When Kristin Jacobs voted to expand the landfill instead of shut it down (as planned), I lost all respect for her. The smell in my neighborhood is nauseating and neither I or my neighbors would cast a vote for has-been Jacobs. I guess the wind doesn’t blow in an easterly direction to reach her home in Pompano, which is, of course,outside the district she is running for anyway. Since she seems to jump into races other good Dems have already committed to like she is playing hopscotch, I guess she didn’t think this one through with any foresight. As I said, “has-been”. Vote for Steve Perman and let Kristin take some time to collect her thoughts.