Thirty-One Small Business Types Endorse Maymon For House


Northeast Broward Florida House Republican candidate David Maymon is on a roll.

Either that, or he just has a better media operation.

He announced today a huge group of small business supporters, including former GOP Broward Sheriff Nick Navarro.

There is also a Brian Bogdanoff, which is interesting.  The seat Maymon is running for is House District 91, which state Rep. Ellyn Bogdanoff is giving up to run for state Senate.

Does a Bogdanoff relative’s endorsement mean Ellyn Bogdanoff is quietly working for Maymon behind the scenes?

“Absolutely not,” Ellyn Bogdanoff said. “I am absolutely, 100 percent not endorsing anyone in that race.  I believe all the (Republican) candidates are wonderful candidates.”

Brian Bogdanoff is Ellyn Bogdanoff’s nephew.

Maymon is calling the newly announced group of supporters Small Business Owners For Maymon.

Here is the group:

Zach Finn, Finn Real Estate, Fort Lauderdale

Gunars Mansons, American Insurance Agency, Fort Lauderdale

Hank Norwell, Paul’s Abby Carpet and Floor, Fort Lauderdale

Glenn Easton, Lighthouse Cove Tiki Bar and Patio Restaurant, Pompano Beach

Debra Mink, Mink & Mink, Fort Lauderdale

Nick Denapoli, Effective Consultants, Inc. Fort Lauderdale

Jay M. Flynn, Flynn Engineering Services, Lauderdale by the Sea

Alan Rubin, Alec Bradley, Dania


Bill Telli, United Reporting Inc., Fort Lauderdale


Joseph Farrell, Resolve Marine Group, Fort Lauderdale


Tom Conland, Sky Limo Air Charter, Fort Lauderdale


Jose Batalla, Baxter Martin Advertising, Fort Lauderdale


Andrew S. Weisman, Nu Vision Management, Fort Lauderdale


Philip DeBiasi, BeneMax USA Inc., Boca Raton


Nick Navarro, Navarro Group LTD, Inc., Fort Lauderdale


Steve Mulder, Whitehall, Boca Raton


Brian Bogdanoff, Bogdanoff Insurance Group, Fort Lauderdale


Scott Burke, Florida Cigar Company, Fort Lauderdale


Shai Morali, The Barkers Pet Resort, Fort Lauderdale


Matthew Keysers, Holland Garden Center, Inc., Fort Lauderdale


Lenore Gilbert, Gilbert’s 17th Street Grill, Fort Lauderdale


Mark Kavousi, Nature’s Remedy Shoppe, Fort Lauderdale


Shaun Zaccour, Lauderdale Grill, Fort Lauderdale


Ernie, Tropix Tanning Center, Fort Lauderdale


Chrissy Beck, Lauderdale Diver, Fort Lauderdale


John Perry, Kaizen MMA, Fort Lauderdale


Ken Sadar, Southport Hardware & Locksmith, Fort Lauderdale


Anthony Darmetta, Angelo’s Pizza & Pasta, Fort Lauderdale


Brenda Duckworth, Timeless Flowers, Tamarac


Mel DiPietro, Resource Benefits, Inc., Plantation


Donald Frasca, Frasca Construction Inc., Oakland Park

6 Responses to “Thirty-One Small Business Types Endorse Maymon For House”

  1. T.T.M. says:

    Maymon is buying this support by giving business to all of them. Navarro Security is hired to guard all his businesses. What bullshit!!!!!!

  2. Snooze says:

    Maymon is going to win this race by a landslide. Numbers are going to be horrible for D’s this year. Sorry Judy/Barbara.

  3. Anyone but Stern says:

    Maymon seems to not only be raising money but now it looks like he is starting to put together a nice grassroots organization on top of it.

    In the end I could care less what happens as long as Stern gets her tail kicked.

    These endorsement/coalition releases are classic Richardson by the way.

  4. bogdanoff endorsement says:

    Bogdanoff has endorsed Maymon secretly because her son works for the Maymon campaign.

  5. The fat lady is warming up says:

    Postelnik and Moraitis need to reevaluate their campaigns. Both of them are solid guys but the hill is just way too tall right now. It will be interesting to see if these two go on much longer or if they pack it up for another day.

  6. Truth in Politics says:

    I heard a partridge in a pear tree endorsed him too.
    Bogdanoff endorsing him couldn’t be further from the truth. Please don’t blame her for her son’s bad judgment. She has worked very hard for Florida and clearly knows he is not the right choice.
    Only Postelnik and Moraitis have the maturity, experience and beliefs that a state legislator needs.