Thirty One Lawyers Apply For Judge





Broward’s Judicial Nominating Commission has released the names of 31 lawyers who have applied for two openings on the Broward Circuit Court.

At least two of the applicants — Betsy Benson and Russell Thompson — are currently running for bench in the 2016 election.

The positions opened when Laura Watson was removed from the bench for misconduct before she became a judge.  Then Lynn Rosenthal quit under the threat of removal by the Florida Supreme Court over incidences surrounding her DUI arrest in 2014.

JNC Chair Reggie Zachariah said the applicants were:


  1. Betsy Benson
  2. Monique Brochu
  3. Daniel Casey
  4. Mardi Cohen
  5. Thomas Coleman
  6. Haccord Curry
  7. Maria Estevez
  8. Phoebee Francois
  9. Keathen Frink
  10. John Fry
  11. Donald Gelin
  12. Pamela Gordon
  13. Julie Hough
  14. Ernest Kollra
  15. Samuel Lopez
  16. Chris Narducci
  17. Andrew Newman
  18. Grainne O’Sullivan
  19. Mason Pertnoy
  20. Alberto Ribas Jr.
  21. Michelle Ricca
  22. Abbe Rifkin
  23. Pauline Robinson
  24. April Rolle
  25. Andrew Salvage
  26. Russell Thompson
  27. Madeline Torres
  28. Claudette Vanni
  29. David Weintraub
  30. Beranton Whisenant Jr.
  31. Jeremy Zubkoff

The JNC will interview the finalists culled from this list on December 7.  They will then recommend to Gov. Rick Scott several possible choices for each seat.



2 Responses to “Thirty One Lawyers Apply For Judge”

  1. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    I am no lawyer n have no knowledge of Judges except those I meet at bars in fundraisers, but surely messrs ha ha ha chaz the genius sham must have views.

  2. An Observation says:

    Which ones are/were the registered Republicans, particularly recently re-registered?

    Then you will be able to narrow the list to know who the Governor will consider to appoint.

    Just writing this and knowing it to be true demonstrates the corruption of the system.