Third Lawyer In Fight For Open Judicial Seat





The Broward Courthouse’s worst kept secret has finally become public: Attorney Lea Krauss has opened her campaign for judge.

A criminal defense lawyer and former prosecutor, Krauss has been quietly making the rounds of political clubs, fundraisers and potential donors for several months.

She became the third candidate for the Circuit Court seat now held by the retiring Judge Susan Lebow. The others who want Lebow’s seat are Maxine Streeter and Jason Rosner.

Krauss has been a lawyer 15 years and runs her own law firm in downtown Fort Lauderdale near the courthouse.

She graduated from the University of Miami School of Law in 1999.


Lea Krauss twoLea Krauss



In an interview Krauss gave to the South Florida Gay News five years ago, she explained why she became a lawyer:

“My father always liked to say that I have a big mouth and I should get paid for it. I like to say that I had a calling, a sense of justice, a sense of right from wrong and always enjoyed playing devil’s advocate.”

She is a Long Island native who was introduced to South Florida during family trips.

“I always knew and felt that Florida was home,” Krauss is quoted. “It’s the cliché—the New York Jew coming to Boca, Fort Lauderdale or Miami for vacation. Every time I had to leave, I would say to myself, one day, I will live here. It feels like paradise. I literally am living my dream.”

Krauss is currently president of the Gay and Lesbian Lawyers Network, which the South Florida Gay News describes as:  “A social network in which gay, lesbian and gay friendly lawyers can develop their practices through friendships, referral relationships and professional development.”

Krauss’ Facebook page states she got engaged in April.



10 Responses to “Third Lawyer In Fight For Open Judicial Seat”

  1. Sam The Sham says:

    I gotta say that I know nothing about her qualifications, talents or temperaments. It is unfortunate that the Florida Bar has rigged things so that the candidates are shielded from responding to perfectly reasonable questions in these areas and that the “average Joe” voter is left in the dark relying on other members of the Bar to give their holy pronouncements as to whether they would be a good judge, or not.

    And so, going solely on the odds of what we DO know about this candidate, ie. Female, New York Jew, Gay, (and of course, being a lawyer in the first place), I can come to only one conclusion:


    Sorry, going on the odds, she is not qualified to be a judge.

  2. I'm In says:

    Take a look at her picture. If she really looks like that she’ll get votes of red blooded men even if she doesn’t swing that way.

  3. Not To Worry says:

    She is waaaay too cheap to get elected

  4. Talks like a politician says:

    How can we clone Judge Hurley? Broward needs more like him in its courtrooms.

  5. Thurgood Marshall says:

    Krauss has the prosecutor background that gets judges elected and the weakness is her DUI practice which gets drunk drivers off and allows them to drive again. A look at the list of judges will see many more prosecutors than defense attorneys. Voters will have to overlook her private practice.

  6. TJ says:

    Having seen her in action, Lea is very qualified to provide unbiased judgments. As a prosecutor, she upheld the law. As a criminal defense attorney, she protects citizens’ inalienable rights from laws.

    If that doesn’t show her ability to see both sides of a coin and look at every angle, then I don’t know what else could.

    Having another hard working, ethical, and qualified attorney will only protect the people of Broward County.

  7. Bernie Parness says:

    If you don’t ask the tough questions to a judicial candidate you are not really being responsible. I have found Leah more than qualified and be proud to support her.

  8. marshall geisser says:

    First of all if you’re going to comment you should not post under an assume name. Second you shouldnt ass/u/me as it makes an ass out of you and me. Do your due diligence and get to know the candidates. I have known Lea since her stint in the State Attorneys office. She was always an ethical,knowledgeable,reasonable and respected adversary.
    She graduated from the University of Michigan which is considered one of the most prestigious public universities in our country. She knows the law and respects our constitution. She has a great disposition and is respectful to everyone. Which is something I can’t say for some of the members of our judiciary. She doesn’t take anything for granted and understands the importance of legal precedent. Most importantly she recognizes the effect her decisions will have on us as a society.
    I’m not telling you to vote for her, that’s your choice, what I am saying is get to know who the candidates are and their reputation in the community before you make uneducated statements based on assumptions.

  9. Nancy Brodzki says:

    Lea is the most qualified candidate in the field. I don’t know what a “liberal nightmare” is when it comes to being a judge, Sam the Sham. All we ask from trial judges is that they are fair, thoughtful and have the right temperament to be a neutral arbiter of the law. Lea Krauss has all of those qualities. And that is why the people who know the candidates best – other lawyers – support Lea Krauss for Judge.

  10. count l f chodkiewicz chudzikiewicz says:

    There are lots of new York Jewish kesbians, lawyers and judges included who are solid judicial minds and didn’t let murders out like arkanas governor. The Rev. huckabee who also spent money worse than when Bernie sanders was a mayor. New York has given us more great supreme court justices than any state except maybe Virginia or Massachusetts and as for Jews, frankfurter, cardoza, and Brandeis are second to none.