They Are Out There….Watching


An investigation by undercover law enforcement agents has been underway for at least five years, targeting the Broward County Commission, School Board and various cities.
At least two elected officials have been cooperating with agents. One even agreed to put a listening device and hidden video camera in a government office, but nothing came of itso far.
This report will be unusually vague in an attempt to protect the investigation. 
One of the questions I received many times while working at the South Florida Sun-Sentinel is why law enforcement agents haven’t cracked down on the culture of corruption in Broward County.
Let me assure you that they are trying.   
Numerous political and law enforcement sources confirm that a long-term Broward investigation has been trying to link various lobbyists with the award of contracts and the purchase of goods and services.  It has involved several levels of governments.
Undercover agents have attended political fund raisers and charity events in an attempt to get close to politicians. I have personally seen them.
Are there elected officials and lobbyists wearing a wire?  That is the first thing I would do if I were investigating local government.
Bagging a corrupt politician isn’t as easy as it appears on TV.
One source explained to the problem: Juries acclimated by television dramas want to see and hear the wrong doing. That means to gain a conviction; the good guys literally have to get wrong doing on video.
The agents have spotted a lot of hinkey stuff. They have not been able to video tape it.
Until now.nothing.   Stay tuned.


5 Responses to “They Are Out There….Watching”

  1. Zzzzzzzzzzz says:

    Other than the bit about the pol wearing a wire, is this really news? If the goal is to actually arrest and convict, why leak….it only drives the corruption further underground

  2. oppoman says:

    I was wondering where Dan Lewis went. No candidates in the last election. Witness protection program? just joking no need to sue me dan.

  3. OOps says:

    They need to check out Judy Stern, afterall, she’s the sleeze bag of them all

  4. yeah we will see says:

    Corrupt politicians, wow what a suprise. Think what you want about Judy, but let me tell you. She’s no idiot. She legally and ethicly covers her ass on everything before she does anything. So get a clue before you start bashing………… you people have got to find something better to occupy your time

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