There Is Life After Rothstein For Former Judge


Here come da’ judge!

Former Broward County Court Judge Julio Gonzalez was flotsam left from the collapse of the Scott Rothstein’s law firm.

Gonzalez has now landed with another Rothstein veteran Marc Nurik.

The Law Offices of Marc Nurik announced Thursday that Gonzalez would be Of Counsel to the new Las Olas Boulevard criminal defense firm.   One of Nurik’s clients is his former boss, Rothstein.

Gonzalez will practice criminal defense and also represent judicial officials accused of ethics and criminal investigations a new growth industry in Broward.

He was one of three Hispanic judges — Catalina Avalos and Pedro Dijols were the other two beaten by challengers in 2008.  Gonzalez lost to civil attorney Ellen Feld by 61-39 percent.

Gonzalez went to work at Rothstein, Rosenfeldt and Adler after his defeat.

The former judge had hoped to be reappointed to the bench by Gov. Charlie Crist.  It didn’t happen soon enough.  

When Rothstein admitted his firm was built on lies and stolen money, Gonzalez became persona non-grata at the governor’s mansion, even though he apparently had no role in any wrongdoing.

(Note: For those too young to remember, “Here come da’ judge” was a famous catch phrase used on the Rowen & Martin trendsetting TV show.  Many of the phrases used regularly on the comedy show became part of the popular culture in the late 1960s, including  “Sock It To Me” and ” You Bet Your Sweet Bippy” and “Verrrry Interesting”, delivered in a German accent.   I guess you had to be there.)

20 Responses to “There Is Life After Rothstein For Former Judge”

  1. wholio says:

    I don’t think bogey has much to worry about with the new competition. I wonder if Nurik is using part of that raise he got when scott left town to pay julio.

  2. Law firm man says:

    Good luck Judge Gonzalez. You never should have lost. I’m glad you landed on your feet and I hope to see you back on the bench someday.

  3. intheknow says:

    I thought Da Judge was Steve Ferens Poker Name..I smell Lawsuit…

  4. Sam Fields says:

    “He come da’ judge” was popularized to America on Laugh-In but was orginated on the “Chitlin Circuit” by Pigmeat Markham who performed it on Laugh-In first

  5. Go Gators says:

    I hope Julio does not trade his teeth for Nuriks-Yuk!

  6. Phil Heck says:


    It’s of counsel, not of council. Not trying to be your editor or writing coach. Just happened to notice it.

    FROM BUDDY: You are absolutely right and I corrected it. Thanks

  7. Kevin says:

    Well, if he is going to specialize in representing judges accused of being crooked, he is in a growth industry.

  8. James says:

    Thanks Buddy.

    Great memories of being a kid watching Rowen & Martin with my folks and watching Sammy Davis Jr all dressed up in judicial garb saying “Here comes da judge… Here comes da judge.”
    Another favorite was Flip Wilson dressed as “Geraldine.”.. “just wait till Killa gets ahold of you sucka.” Then Flip would do the spin move, snap his fingers, and say “Wooooo.”

  9. scott says:

    i had judge gonzalez as a professor at nova, and he was one of the most upstanding, ethical person i have met in the legal field. it is a shame he was washed out of office by an anti-incumbant mood, and a bigger shame that he happened to be associated with rothstein in any way.

    i wish him the best of luck.

  10. James says:

    Or how about A perverted Artie Johnson saying to Ruth Buzzi “Do you believe in the hereinafter?..then you know what I’m here after.” Then she would wallop him with her umbrella.

  11. No Doubt says:

    Julio is a real star.. professional, competent, humble, and a really good soul. He should be re-appointed. He would be an outstanding jurist – and the bench misses him.

  12. Broward Lawyer says:

    Re-appointed? What for? So some unqualifed person like Ellen Feld named “Stacy Weinstein” can take him out a second time. Take a look! This county will have no hispanic judges come 2012.

  13. Lookie Here says:

    I wonder how much of this is going to current Judcial Candidate, Julio Gonzalez?

    Rothstein attorney Marc Nurik claims he’s done $1.3 million in work

  14. Judith Stern says:

    This story is not correct. That was an old story and Former County Court Judge Gonzalez left that positionquite some time ago. Julio shares space with Carlos Reyes in Davie, where he drives his superdad minivan and still coaches his kids in Cooper City athletics. Not sure where you got this information.

  15. hi judy says:


    Can you confirm that is really THE Judy Stern or are you going to have to post something saying someone is posting as her again. I get so confused. Maybe if she is posting she can tell us about working to raise money for the Portier defense fund?

  16. RRA Alive and well says:

    Thanks Judy

    Good to hear that Julio went from one partnership with RRA lawyer Nurik to another former RRA lawyer Reyes. Those RRA guys sure stick together, thanks for the heads up.

  17. Real Deal says:

    First, most of the staff that worked at RRA were honest and played no role in Rothstein’s ponzi scheme. Julio Gonzalez is clean as a whistle and that fact is well established. No lawyer deserves to be given a “Scarlet Letter” simply because they had the misfortune of working in a firm headed by a crook. Rothstein disguised himself very well as an honest businessman. He fooled many thousands of people. Let’s not let him also disgrace the reputations of honest former employees. Judge Gonzalez was one of those honest employees.

    Second, there have never been any credible character issues associated with Julio Gonzalez at any time in his life. To bring up this RRA connection in so sloppy a way is reprehensible. It is a disgraceful suggestion about an honest man’s reputation.

    Last, Julio Gonzalez during his time on the bench was considered one of the very best, most talented judges in Broward. Lawyers with years of experience constantly remarked at his skill and ability to try cases expertly. He was an outstanding judge and everyone noticed it. The man belongs on the bench because of his talent to do the job.

    Last, I’m not sure if the facts in this story are even current. Was Mr. Gonzalez interviewed for this piece? My impression was he was sharing a practice with another former colleague.

  18. RRA Alive and well says:

    No Real Deal, there was a beautiful announcement that Julio became a member of the Nurik firm back in April. Dont worry you will see it and more RRA info soon enough. Maybe Julio would like to be interviewed now, are the rumors true he made 10k a month just to be a sitting judge on staff. Maybe he could explain what book of business he brought to the firm to earn this type of money. Even better how much revenue did he produce in comparison to his salary. Looking at the clerk records he sure didnt have a lot cases in that period of time. I will give you he was not in on the ponzi, but if some guys gives you $120k a year without a book of business, one would ask why.

  19. Dear Julio says:

    Dear Julio

    You know the this thread would have probably ended up pushed down and out of sight had Stern not opened her big mouth. Now you have posts coming out of the woodwork. This is what is called around town as the Stern Burn. Lay with dogs…

  20. All I want to know says:

    One question:

    Is Judy Stern helping Julio in ANY way, shape or form.

    If she is then I will be unfortunately working against what I heard was a fine Judge.

    @scott – “anti-incumbent” mood, LOL, you mean anti-Hispanic. And if it wasn’t for people like Finklestein “they” would have done the same to the Black Judges.