The Video: Broward Health Case Drags On In Court




One. Two. Three. Four…and that’s only the defense attorneys.

Count the lawyers on the screen below.

This is the cost of bad government at Broward Health, where five officials including CEO Beverly Capaccio and General Council Lynn Barrett are charged with various Sunshine Law violations.

The indictment is just the latest scandal at the North and Central Broward’s public hospital system. There have been several years of very public mismanagement, crises and state and federal investigations on top of poor fiscal performance.

The five health leaders were indicted by a Grand Jury in December, charged with illegally conducting public business in private.  They allegedly held private meetings at which they decided to oust former Interim CEO Pauline Grant.

In the foreground of the YouTube video shot by Broward Health critic Dan Lewis are four members of the defense team as the case was routinely delayed through later this year. In the background is lead prosecutor Tim Donnelly.

And why not a delay?

These high-priced defense lawyers get paid by you, the taxpayers, if the Broward Health officials somehow beat the charges.  They get paid by the officials if they get convicted.

Cha-Ching Cha-Ching.





2 Responses to “The Video: Broward Health Case Drags On In Court”

  1. Owl says:

    That’s the best looking judge I’ve ever seen!

  2. Investigate the crooks more! says:

    Buddy, there is additional corruption and mismanagement of the public trust that needs to be exposed:
    1. The new Board Chair is Andrew M. Klein who just happens to be Beverly Capsso’s neighbor and husbands friend in the exclusive Parkland Golf Club. If there was a prior relationship did Klein disclose this on his Board Application with the Governor ? I hope he did before he gave Capasso a million dollar salary.
    2. Commissioner Wellins is quoted in the sun-sentinel as stating “optics matter” in the rationale not to appoint Comm. Ure as chair because he is under indictment. So, why did he choose Capasso as CEO over 360 other applicants? The few number of seats filled on the Board and those who are on the Board is part of some larger plot that goes all the way to the Governor.
    3. Report about every single management “resignation” in the last 18 months, add up the severance agreements they had to give them to not speak up about the plot. And then compare the departing managers salary with the incoming salary. This is millions of wasted tax payer dollars so that Lynn Barrett and Beverly Capasso can carry out whatever the larger plot is.