Unvarnished Statements From Plantation Candidates


The race for Plantation mayor is perhaps the most interesting in the county this March.

It will decide which of three candidates will run the only large city in Broward still managed by an elected mayor.

Plantation has approximately 86,000 residents, with the larger groups being white (78 percent) and black (14 percent).

I asked the candidates to prepare a statement 800 words or less which would explain something about themselves, why they are running for mayor and anything else they want to write about the campaign.

I promised that I would not edit the material.

I must also add that I have not verified any statement by the candidates for truthfulness.

This is an experiment.  I’ll see how readers like it and may do it again with other cities and in other elections.

Please have your say in the comments section. Here are their contributions to Browardbeat.com:


My legal name is Frankie Diane Veltri Bendekovic, however, “Frankie was
dropped when I married. Diane Veltri Bendekovic has appeared on all my legal documents for over 37 years. Decades of “Giving back to our Hometown has been one of the most rewarding chapters in my life, most currently, as your Councilwoman.

Now I have accepted the challenge to run for Mayor of Plantation. I will be a
Mayor with ten years experience on City Council, deep Plantation roots, and an inner core of integrity for effective leadership. I fully understand the importance of quality city services while retaining Plantation’s hometown character. I have the ability to think strategically and execute both long term and short term plans for sustainability. I have been engaged in the budgetary process and have the know-how to manage financial matters. I support a budget which maintains and sustains while always researching avenues to reduce costs.

I am cognizant of daily operational services which need to be funded and the
inter-departmental partnership supporting those services. My thirty-four year career has provided me with management skills, and both the organizational and communicative tools to run Plantation’s daily operations.

My networking ability has proven to be invaluable having served on several
Boards both local and county, local hospitals’ Board of Trustees, and
memberships in many civic organizations.

I have reached out to the residents throughout those years with monthly
attendance at homeowners’ meetings not just at election time, addressing
individual concerns, cementing working relationships, building friendships and bridges to earn their trust.

I have been “a voice on school issues and all my efforts were on behalf of our
Plantation students. My presence at IZONE and School Board meetings was to
stay informed with the happenings which would impact our Plantation schools.

As your Mayor I will support term limits for elective officials so henceforth no Plantation elective official will be entitled to a lifetime pension. One of
my opponents would be eligible to receive a lifetime pension of approximately $59,000. I would not be eligible for a pension nor would I accept one.

My impeccable municipal voting record in Plantation elections shows the
importance of exercising our civic duty whereas one of my opponents hasn’t
voted in a Plantation municipal election in ten years.

I have withstood the onslaught of unfounded allegations which had no
substance and were without any merit. Fortunately, I have inherited a strong

As Plantation’s next mayor, I have the commitment, dedication, and
administrative ability to lead effectively. With the support of Plantation’s residents on Tuesday, March 8th, we can continue working together to make Plantation   even better and “the grass even greener.


As Mayor my vision for the City of Plantation is to be a flourishing community blending a successful business environment with residential which embraces our hometown atmosphere. It is paramount to have an economically prosperous city by mixing impending projects with residential while still being mindful of the importance of our community’s integrity. It is my goal to stay cognizant of maintaining a low tax rate, but at the same time implementing a fiscally responsible budget to ensure quality service to our residents.

The City of Plantation budget will continue to be supplemented through
researching competitive contract bidding, comparable municipal fees, cost
saving employees’ fringe benefits, partnerships, franchises, and seeking grants.

As an aging community we need to continue addressing the infrastructure.
Plantation needs to have aesthetically appealing neighborhoods and business
corridors so it is imperative to continue enforcement of codes and procedures.

The exploration of ecological options is essential to having environmentally safe buildings, greener grass in Plantation, and a cost efficient government.
Families are the core to our hometown so it is imperative to maintain Public
Safety and our recreational amenities. We need to showcase and market our
neighborhood schools to attract new homebuyers to our community.

Plantation needs to be a community where generation after generation continues to be the mainstay.

The delicate balancing of economic transition, promoting our business
community, and working with residents will afford Plantation the ability to make the necessary adjustment to a changing municipality, but remain true to its roots.


I am Plantation City Council President Jerry Fadgen.  I have been a member of Council for 16 years.  And I would like to be your Mayor!


The Truth Squad is unfortunately required…

I have always conducted positive election campaigns. I have always emphasized my positive attributes, skills and knowledge.  I have always tried to be professional, courteous, and respectful.

Because this Election is so “important not just to me, but to all the residents of Plantation I am compelled to answer the negative false rumors directed against me in a “whisper campaign designed to create fear among City employees and volunteers.  Some of the rumors are flat out false, or comments taken out of context from years ago.  These tactics are very demoralizing for those employees and volunteers, and just “another example of poor, poor judgment on the part of my opponent.  These tactics will be counterproductive to the principal role of a good Mayor… to motivate all the employees and volunteers to strive for excellence and creativity in their individual activities, for the ultimate benefit of our residents and taxpayers.

The truth is and the facts are contrary to the following rumors:

My principal opponent, on September 23, filed papers as a candidate for Mayor and then told employees in the finance department they would all lose their job if Fadgen was elected Mayor, because he planned to outsource the finance department.   False, Fadgen has no intention to privatize.

As Mayor, Fadgen will privatize the Building department.  False, Fadgen has no intention to privatize.

As Mayor, Fadgen will privatize the Police Department, bring in the County Sheriff department, and cut 40 police officers from the force.  False, Fadgen has no intention to privatize.

As Mayor, Fadgen will privatize the Emergency Medical Services, and bring in the County Sheriff department.   False, Fadgen has no intention to privatize.

Perhaps the most bizarre falsehood of all… As Mayor, Fadgen will privatize the Volunteer Fire Department (which saves the City taxpayers millions of dollars each year … it’s a “volunteer department!!!), and bring in the County Sheriff department.  False, Fadgen has no intention to privatize.

As Mayor, Fadgen will terminate the current Plantation Acres, garbage bins, and revert back to the blue bag collection method.  False, Fadgen firmly believes, you should not try to fix something that is not broken and absolutely no one has complained about!

Please visit my website at www.Fadgen4Mayor.com , to learn about the “real and true issues in this election, as well as more about my background and philosophy.

This election boils down to one very important question, “Who is best qualified to manage the City’s $163 million expenditure budget, and its 950 full and part time employees, based upon a lifetime of relevant professional experience?

I believe Jerry Fadgen, as a certified public accountant for 37 years, in private practice for 22 years, with his 16 years of distinguished service and leadership as a member of City Council…   is uniquely qualified… because I am prepared, trained, tested and experienced!

That is the facts and the truth!!!

When I first ran for City Council, I told you I believe in limited, efficient government, and I have consistently adhered to that philosophy. And I always will.

I have the diverse business, government and personal experiences over a 42 year professional career (of “relevant experience) and a lifetime, to be very well prepared for the challenges and other emerging issues that will confront the next Mayor of Plantation.

For 57 years, Plantation’s forefathers have built a solid foundation. Now the City is at a crossroads.  I plan to build Plantations future on that foundation.  The path into Plantation’s future is in your hands.  The wrong decision today could be very costly.  My professional life has prepared me well to be Mayor of this great City.

On Tuesday, March 8, 2011- just a few days away – – you have an important decision to make.  I believe that I am best qualified and best prepared to be your Mayor, and will work as hard as I can to earn your crucial continued support now, and in the years ahead, as I continue to serve you.

Send me a note with your concerns and ideas to:   Jerry@Fadgen4Mayor.com .


I, Warren Meddoff, humbly announced my candidacy for the position of Mayor of the City of Plantation last October because I saw that neither of the two declared candidates is qualified to administer the City’s Government. I did so having witnessed gross fiscal irresponsibility of the cities administration and council, for having raised taxes at a time when one in five homes in the community were being foreclosed, the tax base was rapidly shrinking, and for granting exorbitant pay raises at the time of a severe recession, saddling the city’s future with unsustainable debts.

The position of Mayor is a responsibility that I believe one is prepared for by experience, not osmosis or political photo ops.  I believe in triple bottom line accounting, not accounting tricks for the wealthy and political elite.  I believe in strong principles of governance, suitable for the 21st century, not the back room dealings of the power elite of last century, where favors were bought with promises, bribes, and kick-backs.

The position of Mayor is not about whom your parents were, or the political party, church, or club you have been a member of.  It is about making a commitment to African Americans, Hispanics, Muslims, Christians and Jews.  All residents of Plantation deserve respect and services and are not to be treated as though they live on a plantation at the whim and control of a few.

I, Warren Meddoff, am the only candidate that has built large businesses from scratch, administered large workforces and made profits while serving the public at large.  I know how to attract and run a business. The position of Mayor is about nurturing and assisting these private businesses to prosper, not shaking them down for political donations and support.

The position of Mayor is about rebuilding and maintaining decaying city infrastructures as a priority, before vainly expending funds on extravagances.  It is about supplying our police and public safety departments the manpower, the most up-to-date tools and equipment to protect and serve the citizens, before giving special perks and pensions to department heads and elected officials.

I, Warren Meddoff, learned how to manage and administer large organizations as an executive vice president for business development, marketing, and government affairs of public corporations, international corporations, and private companies.  I have decades of experience in finance and debt management, having been employed by foreign governments to assist them in sovereign debt consolidation and management.  I have planned, managed and developed commercial and residential real estate projects and am conversant in the principles of twenty first century construction and renovation of existing structures in accordance with the standards of the US Green Building Councils internationally recognized LEED certification system.  I own and have owned my own businesses, know full well what it is to make a payroll and the tough decisions of hiring and termination.

I have served as the president of a local union and been involved in national contract negotiations.  I graduated from one of the most prestigious and difficult US Government Academies, where I was formally trained on how to deal with emergencies, natural disasters, and entrusted with the lives of the public, daily.  I am a veteran and have been honored to serve my nation nobly in the US Army, both domestically and on foreign soil.  I have served my country as an appointee of a President, a Governor, and a local city.

Our economy is healing.  We need a plan to insure that we are prepared for the financial challenges ahead of the runaway pension costs and unfunded repairs to our water and sewer system.  Fortunately, by applying careful administration we will not have to cut services; we need only cut out the waste and questionable expenditures in the budget.  We need to modernize the method in which compensation is allocated to our employees and to empower them in being a part of the solution to any problems.  We need for the City’s government to be streamlined and made more efficient by carefully modernizing its computer systems and energy consumption, replacing in a cost effective manner, the outdated and wasteful methods used today.  We need to re-allocate our Parks and Recreation Programs to better serve Senior Citizens and children not living close to current facilities, so that all may benefit from what we have all built.  We need to re-organize the method in which our City handles its legal affairs and cast aside the wasteful system of the last century.  We need to replace our inefficient hired private city attorney with a cost effective internal legal department.

I have made mistakes and have sinned; as such I have asked God’s forgiveness.  I am fully prepared and qualified to work for the citizens of Plantation as their Mayor as the best qualified individual for the job.

www.warren4mayor.com                         warren4mayor@bellsouth.net

35 Responses to “Unvarnished Statements From Plantation Candidates”

  1. Plantation Resident says:

    Including Meddoff with the two REAL candidate is an insult, Nevins.

  2. Sunshine says:

    A positive message will always prevail.

  3. AsEyeCit says:

    All candidates: Defending yourself against misrepresentation is good. Thanks for clearing the air. Let’s hope that there won’t be negative mailers going out the week before election by candidate’s supporters. Anyone who does that loses my vote. Underhanded methods like that don’t speak to character and we want a person of character as Mayor.

  4. Another resident says:

    This is an excellent idea.

    I get tired of the question and answer forums as the questions are basically always the same.

  5. South Plantation Resid says:

    Ms Bendekovic’s point of pension is the same she made in previous forums , the problem we resident have , its not about her own pension but rather her lack of explanation where she stands and how she would confront the financial challenges presented to taxpayers if continuing with present practices.

    Plantation also has traffic a problems, specially in the South Area , Pine Island and 595 , and University Drive and Peter Rd.Ms Bendokovich is a big fun of Plantation Acres’s life style, but she is totally ignoring residents of South Plantation lifestyle of the 90’s by considering new 5 floors building addition in the corner of 595 and University Dr. ,after building thousands of offices in the last decades…we too, want to keep our lifestyle and traffic is getting in the way .

  6. Warren Meddoff says:

    This blog has pointed out the rampant corruption at the School Board by a State Grand Jury. I strongly suggest that any candidate that so vehemently embraces that corruption, is loudly proclaiming their on predilection towards the same corruption. Should one find themselves unable to vote for the most qualified candidate, myself, I urge you to fight the forces of evil and corruption and vote for Jerry Fadgen.

    Jerry has always been a gentleman and run a very clean campaign. He is not supported by dirty tricksters and convicted political frauds. I do not agree with many of his policies, but he is honest and has real world qualifications that our mutual opponent does not have.

  7. Molly says:

    Jerry Fadgen conveniently leaves out that he is a puppet of the Republican party and his main supporter is the executive director of the county Republican Party. He conveniently leaves out that he supports the most rightwing of the Republicans, the anti-women branch. He leaves out that has had code violations on his own property. He leaves out that he stands to collect a huge pension when he leaves. He is the wrong choice for mayor.

  8. Plantation Voter says:

    Interesting premise, Buddy, thanks for providing us with a service that our hometown paper refuses to provide: an unbiased look at the candidates in their own words.

    Let’s start at the bottom (literally and figuratively), by addressing Warren Meddoff’s last comment:

    I have never, in any race, heard a candidate actually ENDORSE their opponent before the election! This goes to what many are saying, that Meddoff has been a foil to derail Diane’s campaign with innuendo, misrepresentation and phony ethics charges that were based on rumors coming from a former councilperson and supporters of Jerry. The scary thing is, I think he is unhinged enough to think he can actually win.

    As to Jerry, you always conducted yourself as a gentleman in public, but you have made too many deals with the devil in this election.This was supposed to be a nonpartisan race- why haven’t you revealed the Republican machine that is pushing for your election? (I know, you are going to say that the Democrats are the ones who identified the candidates by party, but we all know that the GOP has been working for you long before the Dems decided to wake up!).

    How about the self-proclaimed “Tea Party” activists coming from outside our city and introducing themselves to residents saying they are campaigning on your behalf ?
    Your statement , Jerry, is disingenuous at best. You want everyone to believe that Diane is running a smear campaign, but I can tell you from personal experience that the only smear campaign is the one that you and Meddoff are running by putting those lies out there.

    Diane has run with integrity and has tried to focus on the issues, all the while battling scurrilous charges from her opponents. A lesser person would have crumbled by now.

    I want a Mayor who is strong enough to fight for the residents and maintain all that is right with our city (and I don’t care whether they are a Republican or a Democrat !). I don’t want someone who has simply been “preparing to be Mayor” for the last 10 years and who would stoop to spreading misinformation to get elected (who are you listening to, Jerry?) or a megalomaniac with questionable personal and business practices and often erratic behavior.

  9. shinninglight says:

    Dear Mr medoff,

  10. Another resident says:

    Plantation Voter and Molly,

    To be fair, I don’t think Bendekovic mentioned she has Cowan, Ostrau and Armstrong in her corner.

    While I do think the ethics charges were baseless, I think full disclosure would be to mention Ostrau as a former person in charge of the ethics commission.

  11. S.O.B. says:

    Thank you Buddy, I do not live in Plantation…but your idea has many merits…an unbiased forum for candidates own presentations, to the public.. again Thanks, and do it more.

  12. Broward Politico says:

    Good luck Ms. Veltri Bendecovic. You are clearly the most qualified.
    My spouse and I have already voted for you absentee.

  13. In the Know says:

    Oh, Jerry, you called for the “Truth Squad” and we came running! Some of us actually pay attention to what you say at council meetings and at forums (I even did a little research on the computer today) So here we go….

    A quick review of prior council meeting minutes will show that it is indeed a FACT that you have mentioned privatization on more than one occasion. Didn’t you admit at a recent forum that you even mentioned it in your FOP interview? (Is it any wonder FOP didn’t endorse you?)

    Regarding the rumors you are spreading about Diane speaking to the Finance Dept…..

    FACT: former Councilman Petrocelli (and now executive Director of the Broward Republican Executive Committee) is friendly with someone in Finance and he was one of the people interviewed in the ethics complaint against Diane (hmmm…)

    FACT:the State of Florida investigated the complaint and interviewed Finance Dept Head Herb Herriman and two employees and not ONE person stated that they saw Diane in the Finance Dept nor she did solicit anyone.

    FACT:The Florida Commission on Ethics recommended “no probable cause”.The allegations were unfounded and had no substance or merit

    Yet still you spread these rumors.

    Here are a few other tidbits for you and your advisors….

    FACT: Check the Florida Commission on Ethics website, Norm Ostrau does not presently serve on the commission and therefore was not a voting member on this case.

    FACT: Your recent email advised all Republicans to meet at City Hall and Walgreens to canvass neighborhoods for you.
    (FACT: This is a non-partisan race)

    FACT: Any elected official who serves 20 consecutive years is eligible for a 1/2 the final salary pension. Jerry, you will be eligible if you become mayor….and it will amount to just under $60, 000 a year.

    FACT: you voted for the original Stiles Development

    FACT: Diane has a lot of supporters out here. We are Democrats, Independents and yes, even Republicans. We are the ones who see her at our schools and our homeowners meetings fighting for what we need…..she doesn’t just show up when she is running for office (oh yes, we noticed when you started to “appear” on our radar)

    FACT: many of us have very LONG memories when it comes to your council voting record and your extreme views. Your record proves that while you may feel you have the “relevant experience” to lead our city, your scope of experience is actually quite narrow. We are a diverse city and there are many, many of us that you have yet to meet or embrace. I am certain that you will not be a Mayor who represents all of the people…..I am confident that will be quite apparent on March 8th.

  14. Joseph J. Mercogliano says:

    I feel it is once again important to refute the “Truth” that Mr Fadgen is claiming in his letter.
    The areas I will concentrate on is the Police Department because of the past several weeks, the FOP has been accussed of spreading these false “truths”
    1. There is no way to “privatize” police services. The only thing that could be done is outsourcing it to the Broward Sheriffs Office. Approximately 2 years ago in a published, Plantation Forum article, Councilman Fadgen was quoted during budget time that he would look at BSO if there was a cost savings. Recently, in his interview with the FOP, he stated that he would “look” at BSO if there could be a savings. The FOP never quoted him as saying he would cut 40 officers.
    2. In his FOP interview and questionnaire, Mr Fadgen was was asked, “3. The Plantation Police Department budget is currently equal to approximately 34 million dollars. Approximately 95% of that budget is salaries and benefits. There hasn’t been capital funding in the police budget for the last three years. In anticipation of more budget cuts this year and into the foreseeable future; How would you approach these cuts as it relates to the police budget?” His reply was “Citywide, I plan to look at all elements of cost; looking at the largest and most expensive departments first. I will be looking at department structure. I will be looking at procedures and then processes. I have been trained to be objective, and have developed a serious attitude of professional skepticism and curiosity. I am hopeful that attitude will be productive for the City, the Police Department and the taxpayers.” The PD budget is the largest and rightfully so. The PD has received 0(zero) capital the past 3-5 years. If capital is not funded as we move foward, then the only place that could be cut is salaries and benefits. With a current contract in place and state law which decrees how our pension benefits must be structured, the only place to cut is salary or emplopyees themselves. As of late, the FOP has learned that Mr Fadgen is stating that he is a huge supporter of public safety and it is his priority. Seems ironic to me as if it was, why is he looking to focus on that budget first? Knowing the police budget like I do…there is no fluff, waste, extravagances, toys, etc….we operate at the bare necessities…so much so that we are forced to count every single round of ammunition for inventory and justification at budget times(which I dont have a problem with as it is the taxpayers money for which I too am a city resient/homeowner and taxpayer).
    Mr Fadgen in his interview, did reference the “Dr Fishkind Report” (www.fishkind.com) which calls for a 60% reduction in all municipal goverments in Broward County. The problem with this report is just that…pay me enough money and Ill write a report that says whatever you want it to. Also, this report doesnt use every city in Broward to come up with its results. Only selected ones.
    Mr Fadegn has also publicly at forums advocated the removal of one of the Deputy Police Chiefs which is in the direct contrast of our organizational structure which he knows nothing about and wants to do it because “Ive never liked that there is 2 Deputy Chiefs and want to make the orainization more flatter.” All this while he has never served in a para-military organization or served as an officer. Our department has less officers now in 2011, 178 with 3 frozen vacancies than we did 5 years ago when we had 190 officers. All this staffing reduction comes at a time when crime is on an increase.
    Mr Fadgen has NEVER been a fan of the city employee. He has advocated roll backs in salaries, benefits and advocates furlough days. He started this rhetoric way back in the early 2000’s(namely 2003, 2005 & 2009 budget hearings) when the city was benefiting from the housing boom. All the while, he touts himself as “fiscal conservative” but has voted for every raise, police contract, pension benefit but most disturbing, on every big city ticket item like parking lots, equestrian centers, pools and golf courses. All these while the city has more than adequate reserves to utilize for these type of rainy day situations. He wants to balance the budget on the back of city employees who give so much to this community and the residents who pay our salaries. Is it no wonder city employees are rightfully concerned for their jobs, benefits and livelihoods.
    Lastly, Id like to address Mr Medoffs endorsement of Mr Fadgen. I find this endorsement extremely hypocritcal as Mr Medoff has publicly blasted Mr Fadgen for his management of a shopping center, ethics violations, collusion with the city attorney in reference to dismissal of code fines and if elected, his ability to gain a pension that he estimates to be worth $1 million http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gd73t4thZzc
    As always, if anyone would like to know the truth and what potential cuts to YOUR Police Department could do to YOUR quality of life, please contact me at mercog9025@comcast.net or 954-275-0844
    Joseph J. Mercogliano – President
    Fraternal Order of Police/Plantation Lodge #42

  15. Another resident says:

    Joseph J. Mercogliano:

    The police dept. may not get a lot of capital money allocated, but do you not get all the money from selling your vehicles, selling confiscations, seized drug money etc?

    As far as voting records, honestly both Fadgen and Bendekovic are basically one in the same. So it’s almost a moot point.

    Not singling out the police dept., but counting all city employees; I as a private citizen strongly feel you should pay for your retirement the same as I do. I resent that I have to fund my retirement and yours. ……and please, the 6% or 8% that you pay in is nothing.

    I also feel that the pension Fadgen will be eligible for is just as absurd. Sorry, but no one should be given a pension at the taxpayer’s expense just because they served 20 years in a very part time job.

    While I understand your positions, I don’t think voters should only look at the mayor’s job with blinders from the police point of view.

  16. Joseph J. Mercogliano says:

    Another Resident
    I agree that public employees should pay and as a fact, police officers in Plantation pay 9.5%. With every contract negotiation, that amount is subject to bargaining…up and down….but more than likely it will go up. By no means am I complaining and I, along with all public employees are ever so appreciative of the city and residents for affording us it.
    I know that lately it is a hard pill for the public to swallow regarding our pensions and benefits but that has always been an attractive point in lieu of making the less $ as in the private sector. Only recently, the public sector pay and benefits is now outweighting the private sector.
    Yes we do get money from selling vehicles, etc or what is commonly called Forefeiture Funds. But, there are very stringent rules for the use of those funds. Generally it can only be used to cover things like equipment, etc., and not salaries and benefits.
    The PD has been using that money to buy patrol vehicles the past 3 years due to no capital.
    Thanks for your positive response…

  17. Bill Bzdek says:

    So other than Joe or Warren or me no one has the character or honor to use their own name , yet in Libya , Egypt, Bahrain, people put their lives on the line and die , yet here in America we hide behind fake names , SAD> Really very very very SAD!!Each of you should be embarrased and ashamed !

    So In the the Know , I do KNOW , I ran against Diane in 2001 . Lots of money. 5 candidates $180,000.Check it Public Record . Me $350.00

    Eric Hammond supported by Mayor Armstrong( so she could split the vote )with Tom representing the Mayor was out for Diane VERY ACTIVLEY ) .Ask Him. He was lied to. The fix was in !

    Jason Chalic attorney ,Front runner – went to his office day after election , he had agreed to donate unused campaign funds to PAL Dynamites . the only one of all running . Cop’s everywhere!

    Why ? someone had sent a pound of marijuana to his office from Puerto Rico using his law firms FEDEX account .

    It arrived a day late , it was suppose to arrive on Monday am before the Tuesday election. Why ?

    We played foosball in his office and talked about how crazy Old Boy Plantation Politics had become mini-me Chicago. Fact ask Him . And I wish him well , he should have been elected .

    Democrats – Republicans – Come ON Man! Since time began ! Its never been non – partisan, ever . I am a lifelong registered independant. In 2001 I was not allowed at either parties functions! Kicked out actually!!

    Diane was a lifelong registered REPUBLICAN! Changed to Democrat in 2001 . Why?
    Lets check Broward is 75 % Democratic.


    So everyone who wants to take a shot at me and not focus on whats really going on here:

    I did sink the Titantic !! TWICE

    PAL was Missing $10 million dollars when I left !!
    and I am seeing Mayor Armstrong on the side : sorry Tom Its a 60 minute thing !!

    I was there when Diane dragged her mom out to every function , she was dying , it was sad , I mean really sad , ( she Diane Veltri I will give her this was relentless , she wanted to win , badly , pulled out all the stops )

    and she did !!!

    Me for one is glad I did not !

  18. Plantation voter says:

    @Bill Bzdek-
    All old news… Very old news. People will start to think it’s sour grapes since you continually bring up an election you LOST in 2001! Move on, enjoy your retirement in Michigan. Fortunately for us, you are
    no longer a divisive force in our city.

  19. So Nixionian says:

    the above rant reminds one of what it must have been like in the final days of my “namesakes” stay in the White House. How sad the self promoting chest beating continues, while ripping down everyone who helped expose your self righteous facade. Well, at least the voters will regain their sanity on March 9, 2011,1 day after silly season ends and guess what we will all survive another day.

  20. the rest of the story says:

    Ms Bendeckovic has two public pensions comong into her household-one from the schoolboard and one from our police department-we are paying for those!!!!

  21. So Nixionian says:

    Dear Rest
    Give it a rest. She was a teacher and her husband was a policeman. Whether you like them or not, they worked for many years and those pensions were earned not gratuitously given.So get real.. Do you and your spouse get social security and medicare?? Did you earn those benefits by paying your taxes?? As a taxpayer I am paying for that!!!!! Get real and get serious about your issues.

  22. Mr. PAL says:

    Bill B. you seen bitter about the 2001 election. You only received 350 votes (4%), what do you expect when you spend $350.

    By the way, it was Greenberg $104,000 and $52,000 had to be written off.

  23. Bill Bzdek says:

    Well Mr PAL and Plantation Voter , seems you cannot let me go, and again are incorrect , not retired , still live in Plantation and watching with interest. Seems your girl lost it big time last nite and revealed her true self at Jacaranda.
    Not bitter at all , old news is still real news when you are running for office.

  24. AsEyeCit says:

    Jerry is the only person qualified as Mayor to untangle the numbers behind the budget and let the public know the truth. He is a CPA for over 30 years! What training does Diane have with finance? Whatever should be revealed will never see light of day because Diane would keep all of Mayor Armstong’s personnel selections in place. She needs them to run the city since she has no clue about finance. Would Diane look to cut city attorney costs? I doubt it. Diane is supported by her whisper buddy Jacob. That guy doesn’t have a bit of interest in the issues. Diane has stacked the Council with her supporters so she can get her agenda through. She is a nice enough person but nothing will change at city hall with Diane as Mayor. I’m voting for Jerry. If we don’t make the tough choices on cutting the budget, the city will go broke. The city employee pension is unsustainable. Jerry is willing to make the tough choices and not afraid to tell the truth about it. He loses the votes of the employees who want to keep things as they are. $$$$ Most of the employees are not even residents of Plantation! Diane acts like the employees are all her friends. You can be friendly but you got to be able to make the tough choices as a Mayor. I don’t think shes got it in her. Jerry does.

  25. Another resident says:

    One of my biggest problems with Bendekovic is too much cronyism; I don’t see the same with Fadgen unless it is well below the radar.

    Yes Fadgen is getting republican support, but Bendekovic is getting equal democrat support….. that’s not what I am talking about.

    This is city politics. All residents are directly affected by decisions moreso than any county, state or federal. Whoever wins mayor and council should be there truly for everyone’s best interest. Why does Bendekovic strongly feel the need to “rig” the council for her agenda – so to speak? Why does she have an agenda?
    Tingom from the prior election. Now Harr, Hammond, Holness her little handpicked “future” council people.

    Hammond the perennial candidate is at least someone knowledgable about the issues. Holness?? Geez, it took him 2 candidate forums before he realized he was run for city council not school board. Harr??? I dunno, you’d think a Rabbi used to standing and talking in front of people would certainly be more charismatic and knowledgable than the bumbling, babbling man that keeps showing up at the forums.

  26. So Nixionian says:

    Dear Posts 24 and 25
    Imagine me illuminating you and others with a few facts. Regarding Lunny, I feel his deal should be reviewed. However;Fadgen has said he would not review the deal unless Lunny’s bill exceeded $900,000.00 a year. Last year Lunny charged $658,000 as previously reported in this Blog. So the truth is there is no difference, because a CPA knows 658,000 is less than 900,000(I hope) so no review. As for the CPA “management” factor, that is really a clever obscurity of the voting record. Look at the record, any innovative cost savings or management programs introduced or passed by Mr. Fadgen in his 16 years on Council? What tough choices has he made before this election on the issues you raise? the answer is none. Maybe a few times he voted “No” on 3-1 or 4-1 votes but that’s politically easy.
    So, once again look at the records objectively based on facts and not hype and then decide who to vote for. Whatever choice you make is yours, but to paraphrase Syms.. an educated voter is our best voter. So take the time to truly look at the candidates and then decide.. If you fall victim to the hype and cast your vote based upon a title you cheat yourself and the community you live in.

  27. In the know says:

    @ Another Resident- Fadgen’s cronyism is indeed below the radar for a reason- so they can throw that accusation at Diane.
    As for Hammond, Harr and Holness – how do you know Diane is behind their candidacies, because of the whisper campaign that says she is? I can tell you from personal experience that she is focused on her campaign and her campaign alone.

    it is disheartening that Jerry has taken to twisting the truth to get elected, I wouldn’t have expected that and it comes off as desperate.

    Can we take a minute and appreciate all that is good with this city? If you read some of the posts you would think we have the corruption and serious problems facing other Broward cities. While you may not always agree with the decisions our council members make, I do not believe any of them are bad or corrupt people.

    There is so much more to running a city than numbers! You do not need a degree in accounting to be Mayor. The city has a Finance Director and most of us with any intelligence can read and manage a budget.
    Our Mayor needs to insure that the absolute best people are at the head of the various departments and that the employees are energized Into working for the good of the city, not just punching a time clock .If there is dead weight, make changes, but good employees shouldn’t have to live in fear of a Mayor who sees everyone as expendable.

    I do think Diane has what it takes to make tough choices and I also think she cares about the employees. Why do the two have to be mutually exclusive?

    I think in the end she will always try to make the best decisions for the city as a whole.


  28. Warren Meddoff says:

    Both Diane and her husband have earned their pensions and this is a non-issue. Jerry’s being a CPA means nothing, why hasn’t he used that experience for the past ten years to run a few spread sheets and question the budget? Neither of my opponents have any real world experience in administration or applied finance. Diane was a good teacher, no doubt, but escorting children to the bathroon is not management experience. Jerry knows how to do a tax return and keep other peoples books, but has never helped underwrite a bond issue, done a business plan or managed a workforce. I have done both. They are just not that well qualified.

    I happen to agree that the vast majority of City Department Heads have done an excellent job, but there is a need for new blood and an immediate change in the way city legal affairs are handled. We also need to severe the incestious relationship with the school board.

  29. Plantation Voter says:

    Mr. Meddoff claims experience in finance and administration. Let’s see some proof. Right now his resume makes him look like christ walking on water. I don’t believe any of it. Prove it, Mr. Meddoff.
    Ms. Bendekovic and Mr. Fadgen have proven records of achievement. Mr. Meddoff just has unproven statements.

  30. Warren Meddoff says:

    Mr. Plantation Voter: send me your email address and I will be happy to share with you some real “Proof” warren4mayor@bellsouth.net
    DD214, engagement letters from Ministry of Finance and Presidents. newspaper articles, bank references, its all available.

  31. Warren Meddoff says:

    The most recent financial report filed by Diane Veltri Bendekovic shows that City Attorney Donald Lunny, Jr., his wife and his law firm have paid, oh excuse me, (corrected version) donated a total of $850 to insure that he will maintain his no contract at the discretion of the Mayor position that soaks Plantation Tax Payers for in excess of FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS A YEAR should Ms. Bendekovic be elected. Is this legal? Is this ETHICAL? IS THIS A PRIME EXAMPLE OF CORRUPTION, NEPOSTISM AND INCESTIOUS TYPE OF POLITICAL BUSINESS AT ITS WORST?

  32. Plantation Voter says:

    @ Warren….I hate to give you more attention that you deserve, but you neglected to note that Candidate Fadgen also received $500 from Lunny.

    Your bending of the truth in your obsession with Bendekovic is making you sound more and more like a socio-path.

  33. Warren Meddoff says:

    Plantation Voter, thank you for bringing out Lunny’s Pay to Play mentality. My point is not against Bendekovic or Fadgen (political reality, they both accept campaign donations) but the fact that the method that Plantation uses to handle legal affairs is accutely antiquated and has the appearance of nepotism and corruption. I oppose vehemently the current method of hiring an outside City Attorney.

  34. Carmel Bressette says:

    McGriff99 how does it feel to be a hater? I bet that you were a Brown Shirt at Horowitz’s speech at Emory College. If you won’t have an open bedate and an accounting of public money to a private entity, then your must be a hater of freedom that our Constitution requires. It is a sad day when you would rather attack the messanger than the information in the story. Go back to your 1930s Germany and be happy with your fascism.

  35. Ghostwriter says:

    Privatizing the Plantation Police Department will be a good thing. Look at the money saved by volunteering the fire department.