The True Face Of Broward GOP: Hate






This is the true face of the Broward Republican Party: Hate.


Republican Hate


These flyers  (click to enlarge) were alleged to have been passed out at the Broward Republican Party’s monthly meeting this week.

Apparently being gay friendly counts more to these mouth breathers than being a Republican.  The flyer attacks two of the only Republican office holders in Broward.

One target was Chip LaMarca,the only Republican on the Broward County Commission.

The other was School Board member Heather Brickworth.

Activist Ron Mills supplied the flyers to and said they were distributed at the Broward GOP meeting.

Andy Eddy of the GOP’s Log Cabin Republican Mills said, “These mean-spirited individuals did not show you were the pictures of exhibitor booths from  All Saints Episcopal Church, Holy Angels New Catholic Church, Metropolitan Community Church (Sunshine Cathedral), Log Cabin Republicans, the Broward County Sheriff’s , etc., etc., etc.  While these committee members obviously attended a closed GOP meeting and then passed out unsigned flyers one can surely assumes they did so without leadership approval.”

I’m not so sure, Ron. After all, the leadership can control who passes out flyers at its meetings.

I believe the Broward Republican Party has been co-opted by far right haters.  Instead of winning elections, all they care about is their philosophy of exclusion.

Here is an earlier post on this week’s party meeting.


27 Responses to “The True Face Of Broward GOP: Hate”

  1. Sam The Sham says:


    I’m sure you verified that these handouts were approved by the GOP leadership, right? Right?

  2. just sayin' says:

    The Republicans in Broward deserve to be where they are – not relevant. Stuff like this is really sickening. When I came to Broward many years ago, I identified as “republican.” But no longer. I’m embarrassed.

    LaMarca is the face of the new GOP. Not tea-party, not racist ultra conservative. He’s crossing party lines everyday to make Broward work. He’s willing to march in a gay parade in Wilton Manors!

    If more politicians in Broward, Tallahassee and Washington worked with each other more, our communities and country wouldn’t be in the shape they are in.

  3. Yeah right says:

    Not a big Chip fan, but it’s obvious these were planted by Keechel forces. The press has been completely hoodwinked by this stunt.

  4. John Henry says:

    So are the liberals that make death threats against the NRA, gun owners, or gun rights supporters getting a pass?

    A hypocrite says what…..

  5. Broward Husband and Wife says:

    My husband and I are republicans, with two children in the school system, and we support Brinkworth 100 percent. We heard her speech at the parade about how she supports her friends, family members, and the entire gay community. She is running to give children the best education possibly, not to be a phony politician. If we had more people like her in office, we would have a better school system and community. The crazy Tea Party Rs only care about politics, and not what is best for children. Exactly, why this is a non-partisan race.

  6. Jack Moss says:

    It is unfortunate that these bigots do not understand that to win an election, a candidate needs 50% of the vote + 1; and that much more can be accomplished in office with a vote, than throwing stones from the outside.

    To paraphrase President Reagan: it is better to have someone in office that you agree with 80% of the time, than someone with whom you disagree 100% of the time.

    Time for these Neanderthals to understand that noting gets done in politics without constituency, and they don’t have what it takes to be successful.

  7. It isn't always as it seems says:

    Truth be told Lamarca is desparate to do anything to hold on to his seat. He is trying to get Keechel’s voters. Won’t happen. Keechel and Dean are in control of the gay mafia (not a slight by the way). Whatever Ken or Dean says is golden with these gays and lesbians.


    First of all, the term “gay Mafia” is a tad offensive. Second of all, remember that a second Democratic candidate Ben Lap is also gay. Third of all, what is wrong with LaMarca trying to appeal to all the voters in his district.

  8. Gay for the money says:

    Chip cares about the money from gay tourism, not the gays who make and spend the money.

    Where was LaMarca when Broward Republicans ran Cara Pavalock off as BREC Secretary for being supportive of homosexuals? Did he stand by her? Call out the haters? He did nothing.

    Despite doing nothing the night Pavalock was crucified by BREC, Chip attended a Democrat Town Hall meeting outside his District to say how much he loved gays spending money here.

    Certainly there will be no added chapter in Profiles in Courage about Chip LaMarca

  9. Life Long Republican says:

    I am a life long Republican. I registered to vote as a Republican on my 18th birthday more years ago than I care to admit. It was the era of Reagan and a wonderful time to be proud to be a Republican. We stood for small government and fiscally conservatism.
    The Tea Party fanatics have swung the pendulum on my party. Once the party of Lincoln and abolition to the party of intolerance and disgrace.
    I applaud these Republicans for being willing to represent ALL of their constituents and doing the right this. You both have my vote!

  10. Show Courage Chip says:

    Has LaMarca denounced the Tea Party and their hate filled flyer?

    In light of these circumstances, it is not enough for LaMarca to say he attended the event and supports gays. This flyer was wrong and if he really cares about the gay community he will stand up and call out the Tea Party and their hate speech.

  11. Ha Ha Ha says:

    The cities of Miami Beach and Orlando joined forces Monday seeking to allow gay couples to wed in Florida and that the state recognize legal marriages performed elsewhere.

    “Our city is really pro LGBT. It’s important for us not to be pro LGBT by word, but more importantly by action,” Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine said after the Beach commission passed a motion supporting gay marriage on June 11. …

    Not to be outdone, Orlando commissioners passed a similar resolution on Monday. …

    After Orlando’s 4-2 vote Monday, Miami Beach attorneys representing both municipalities quickly filed a joint motion in Miami-Dade Circuit Court on behalf of six same-sex couples who have sued Miami-Dade County Clerk Harvey Ruvin to issue them marriage licenses.

    “The appearance of the cities is significant on a statewide scale because for the first time Florida cities are standing up and saying marriage discrimination is just plain wrong,” said Robert Rosenwald, Miami Beach’s senior assistant city attorney. …

    Late Monday, Miami Beach and Orlando filed a similar motion asking the state to recognize the Massachusetts marriage of a Broward man and his French-born husband, a student who is suing Florida Atlantic University to allow him to pay in-state tuition. …

  12. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    This “hand out” is plain and simple the work of people out of step not just with the current social climate, but more importantly with the whole history of the US going back to even colonial days in places like New York City when it was New Amsterdam, the Roger Williams colony that became the State of Rhode Island, Pennsylvania as founded by William Penn, and the early days of Georgia when it was a colony, although dishonoured by slavery. You simply cannot single out one group or groups as “unacceptable” in a DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY if they operate within the Laws of the society, i.e. crack dealers and muggers are not “acceptable” obviously and cannot be “singled out”, but for police action not mob rule. But, excluding the “lawbreakers exception” no one can “single out” law abiding citizens for “hate”. And HATE IS WHAT THIS IS! And since when it is unacceptable to go to parades (I am assuming the photos were of a parade) as if my native Tampa “Gasparo Private Days” are sinful or Hollywood’s “Mardi Gras” or Miami’s “Calle Ocho” AND SINCE WHEN IS BEING SHIRTLESS AND NUTTY LOOKING A SIN? EVER BEEN TO A ST PATRICK’S DAY PARADE CELEBRATION????? (I deliberately omit the venue not to get a nasty e-mail from Mayor Jack Seiler of Ft. Lauderdale) The Republican Party in Broward County, and in too much of the OLE SOUTH is just the Klu Klux Klan, the John Birch Society, the American Nazi Bund, and a few “witch burners” left over from 1660!!!!

  13. Broward Dem says:

    @ #3
    Then why did Republican committeewitch and co-founder of Tea Party Fort Lauderdale Denita Killcullen email the flyer out to everyone as she admitted in the Sun Sentinel?
    WRONG this is the kind of disgusting crap that goes on at Broward GOP Meetings.
    These people are a BAD joke and no one is laughing even their opponents. It is sad and ugly.

  14. GOP member says:

    These flyers were not passed out. I was at the meeting and stonewall. I never saw them at the meeting. Maybe I missed it. So why is everyone now up in arms and bashing Lamarca?

    He went and I didn’t see any of the other commission members. I think it is a statement he went. Most GOP members are not against gay marriages. I even heard a few in the den’s are against it. Get a grip everyone, what is improper about Lamraca trying to extend himself in the gay community. I think it is great.

  15. Never Leave Your Buddy's Behind says:

    Is it true that many Republicans dislike gays because they would secretly like to suck a big dick but never had the balls to try?

  16. Ana Gomez-Mallada says:

    Unless it can be confirmed that these flyers ALLEGED to have been passed out at BREC were actually approved by the leadership of BREC, I think they can be chalked down to the usual big mouthed but tiny forces of hatred, ignorance and fear.

    Then too, scratch a homophobe and find a closet case…

  17. just sayin' says:

    First of all, “Yeah right,” if you read the article in the Sun-Sentinel, you’d know it was not Keechel’s people who planted those flyers. Keechel actually stuck up for LaMarca! (First and last time in this campaign, I’m sure.)

    “Broward Husband and Wife”. I’m glad you support that woman. Did you hear her quoting Leviticus about gays? Funny, bet she eats shrimp. Has she ever been divorced? So much for taking everything the Bible says literally.

    “It isn’t always as it seems” You are assuming that because someone is gay, they will be voting for Keechel. LOL You think LaMarca got voted in last time with no gay votes? Just the opposite. Just because someone is gay, doesn’t mean they vote for the gay candidate.

    “Gay for the money.” You could be totally correct. Chip should have stood up for Pavalock. After all, he is the highest ranked Republican in the County — and yet he seems quiet on his politics.

  18. Mike says:

    This whole story line is disturbing. First Buddy lumps all the republicans together as “haters”. A handful of idiots does not a party make. Then to single out elected republican officials that support the gay community as wrong is a problem. If Heather or Chip DID NOT attend the parade there would be a large uproar about that. Yes, Broward is a democratic County, but does that make it right to us the majority to swing the big stick to bash every republican just because their beliefs differ from yours. This is America- agree to disagree, but don’t hate. Blogs like this create much more hate and anger than the real issues. It is a sad state of affairs when the “media” makes this a story. The real story is the bias and hate that comes from these journalists (buddy)

    By the way- if Chip has attended the parade for the last 5-6 years, why is this an issue now? (election time) and where are the other elected officials (democrats)? maybe that is a better, more newsworthy story.

  19. BREC says:

    I was at the meeting. These flyers were on each seat before the meeting began. Who put them there, I don’t know.
    Lamarca was there at the beginning of the meeting but quickly left when he saw them. I wish that he would have been the leader he claims to be and stayed. The people in that room support you Chip. Please lead them Chip and don’t run away when the tough questions begin.
    Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.
    – Abraham Lincoln

  20. Memory lane... says:

    Not only has LaMarca not attended the parade every year, he “unfriended” Katie Leach last year for attending. He also said that she should be judged by “the company she kept.”
    I don’t care what he did this year during his election cycle. The Tea Party should be disappointed with his behavior. He is clearly one of them.


    LaMarca “unfriended” fellow Republican Katie Leach for posing in a picture with Democrat Ken Keechl. The reason is that Keechl is running against LaMarca and the incumbent commissioner is notoriously thin-skinned.

  21. Missing the point says:

    The issue here is not about LaMarca participating in the parade but how much does he really support the gay community or any other minority community in is District.

    The question that should be asked of LaMarca is why does he not denounce the Tea Party Republicans for putting out and distributing this flyer?

    LaMarca has not denounced, rebuked or taken the Tea Party Republicans to task for these hate filled incendiary fliers.

    If LaMarca was walking in a Martin Luther King parade and group of Republicans distributed a racist flyer would he not take that group to task for their hateful actions? This could be said for Hispanics or any other minority group.

    LaMarca use of walking a parade without calling out the Tea Party Republicans is the equivalent of the old line of “but I have a black friend”

    By not taking the Tea Party to task it is obvious Chip is hoping this all blows over before the election because he knows the Tea Party folks will still have to vote him over the gay guy.

  22. city Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Shameful. You are above this type of hate Chip. Change your party affliation to Independant. These (some)Republicans think they are better than everyone else esp. the LBGT community. Your not. If it is war you want, war is what you will get. (memo- to “JA” you bastard.I blame you for this local GOP stunt)….

  23. Right on Walsh says:

    Not often I agree or understand you musings but I do agree with Robert. I don’t believe that Chip has to change parties to properly address this matter.

    I believe there are a significant number of Republicans who are supportive of equality.

    Chip does not need to change parties he needs to stand up and take to task those within his party that spew this hate.

  24. Tim Ross says:

    Two other Republicans also in the parade were Oakland Park Mayor Shari McCartney and Wilton Manors Commissioner Ted Galatis. Shari is openly lesbian and as mayor has signed the Mayors for the Freedom to Marry Statement. The tea party crowd seems to be hurting Republicans chances to win elections with their hateful tirades. This is not the Republican Party of my grandfather…

  25. Tits McGee says:

    Question for Tim Ross, you just told an LGBT activist you “loved it when (he) made Ellyn Bogdanoff cry at Wilton Manors…early voting.” How is grown men enjoying fact they make women cry not “hate?” Way to go tough guy, you boob.

  26. Not a Man, A Queen says:

    Mr/Mrs McGee,
    Well said. Watching the 2012 election cycle with intolerant behavior from the LGBT community disgusting.

  27. excompassionateconservative says:

    Last Friday, I think I caught the tail end of Chip Lamarca on the Steve Kane show. The show was an inquisition of Mr. Lamarca by Steve and Brian Craig over gays.

    This was pretty embarrassing to hear Mr. Lamarca have to bow down and kiss the rings of AM radio talk show hosts.

    This morning I tune in for a few minutes to hear Steve and Brian discuss why getting a bride from the Philippines or country where woman do not have “women’s lib” is a good choice.

    I guess those women are less “uppity”.