The Real Lamberti: A Partisan Republican



Sheriff Al Lamberti likes to tell Democrats he is non-partisan.

Of course he says that. Broward has 576,270 Democrats and only 257,179 Republicans.

I don’t know if Lamberti will be cheering “Go Romeny/Ryan” when he is the keynote speaker at the Broward Republican Party meeting next week.

But I wonder if he will be preaching the same old non-partisan pitch he makes to Democrats: “Law enforcement has no partisan label. We don’t ask whether a caller to 911 is Republican or Democrat.”

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21 Responses to “The Real Lamberti: A Partisan Republican”

  1. Strong Democrat says:

    As a Democrat I know i will be flamed for saying the following but oh well:

    Lamberti was the first Republican I ever voted for. Now, mind you, I am very progressive so that meant alot. The Democratic Party is such a corrupt collection of crooks that when I tell my friends the moral constitution they just laugh. But that is not why I voted for him because on the other side the Republicans can be a bunch of Rightwing lunatics – Chip excluded. I voted for him because I believed him to be a true non? multi? trans-partisan. As a member of the Left I sincerely believe there is no Right or Left in Law and Order.

    I have noticed Lamberti’s turn to partisanship over the last year and this saddens me. I cannot bring myself to vote for Isreal.

    I guess Lamberti will bring me to commit another electoral first:

    Leaving a race blank on the ballot

    P.S. I voted for a Republican one more time and that was for School Board – Donna Korn. Cannot stomach Sands. Our kids should be above partisanship too.

  2. Strong Democrat says:

    Sorry I was describing the Local Democratic Party (Mitch-Glassers-Percy Johnson-Terry Scott-et al.) Rightwing Lunatics stands for Republicans National and Local

  3. Norm Price says:

    What was stated is very true.I had the pleasure of working with Sheriff lamberti and I was a police officer for 17 years and NEVER when I received a call did I ever say which party do you belong to before rendering assistance. This is a race about compentency and to me that eliminates Scott Israel who all he is good at is running a dirty campaign and wow he was a police chief of North Bay Village which I think had about 25 Officers. Sheriff Lamberti has shown he is definitely the most qualified and please don’t just vote for who you are party affiliated to but who is the most qualified. Sheriff Lamberti you are the man

  4. get real!! says:

    Lamberti is not partisan at all. This doesn’t change my mind. I’m voting for him

  5. Lamberti is garbage says:

    Lamberti is a FRAUD, a LIAR, and a DESPICABLE person. He will say anything without regard to truth or fact so not to cause him confrontation. Wonder why he will never look you in the eye when he speaks to you? LIES. I am a Republican in a Dem county, but I am voting for Israel. Lamberti MUST go (to jail preferably).

  6. Saul Goldstein says:

    Lamberti has to play the game. Whether he is a career politician or a cop, the position he holds is an elected one and therefore he must work within the system. Don’t blame the guy, blame the system. Lamberti is still the right guy and has tremendous DEM appeal too. He will win again but this time by double digits.

  7. Strong Democrat says:

    @Saul Goldstein:

    Yes he will win again but that is a function of who his opponent is.

    Play the game? He didnt play a partisan game last time and that was his appeal. Why would an incumbent with strong Democratic appeal have to play the Republican game in a presidential cycle in an overwhelming Democratic county with a very weak Republican Presidential nominee? Only if he is really a partisan and the last time he ran and garnered all the Dem support he was presenting a false front.

  8. For Real says:

    Lamberti is hated by his own employees. That should say something. Five years ago they liked and wanted him. Today, he’s turned his back on us and screwed the men. Al Lamberti is a man of deceit, lies, misdirection, phony, promises never delivered.

  9. John Balzer says:

    Crooked Lamberti is running as a Republican against Democrat Scott Israel. Israel has a clean record and Lamberti has had scandal after scandal in office which include his cohorts who are convicted felons. If the recent South Florida Times poll is any indication Lamberti will lose in a landslide. Bye-bye! Three crooked sheriffs in a row is the charm!

  10. Just Sayin' says:

    The choice is clear: if you support Team Romney/Ryan (and Allen West and Rick Scott), you should vote for Republican Sheriff Al Lamberti. If you support Team Obama and have Democratic values, you should vote for Chief Scott Israel for Sheriff.

  11. IsNotReal says:

    John Blazer must have blinders on. Israel was arrested, israel was sued for child support and lies about just having triplets when he had a four child out of weblock, Israel was caught shoplifting in police uniform cologne at the Galleria Mall, Israel can’t manage money and had a foreclosure, BUT he said he didn’t lnow he signed mortgage papers, he is either an idiot or moron!!! Then why did he make mortgage payments if he didn;t know he signed for a mortgage that he was foreclosed on, Israel was a republican for over 30 years and never even voted til he was 43 years old. Israel is a LIAR John Blazer. I suggest you do some research. SAY NO TO CORRUPT ISRAEL!!!

  12. Patty MacAllister says:

    Law enforcement is not a partisan issue. It’s about honest public officials protectibg the public. This Sheriff election is about replacing Lamberti whose record includes rigging the Policemen’s Benevolent Association’s candidate endorsement process and being closely involved with Scott Rothstein, the convicted Ponzi schemer.

  13. Why ? says:

    Lamberti is scum; a liar, thief and a bully. Why would anyone vote for him. It’s time Broward had a sherif who can be respected – that person is Scott Israel.

  14. Lamberti = Rothstein says:

    LAMBERTI = ROTHSTEIN. Lets not forget how Lamberti accepted ‘pay-offs’ from Broward’s biggest thief, Scott Rothstein. Lamberti flew in private jets, accepted superbowl tickets among other ‘bribes.’ Is that someone you really want enforcing our laws? I say NO!

  15. Andy Jackson says:


    Funny how the same people who say Scott Israel cant beat Al Lamberti are the same folks who said Israel couldn’t beat Louie Granteed

    Israel romped with 68% !

    Big Al is in for a rude surprise the morning after the election.

  16. Dora Nash says:

    Lamberti is in the news every week for doing something bad. We have had three corrupt Broward sheriff’s in a row. Can we please get rid of Al Lamberti?

  17. badgenotforsale says:


    Israel is being managed by Ron Cacciatore who is the biggest scum bag in this town

    Come out come out Ron!
    You can’t hide that your are Israel’s puppetmaster

  18. publicservant says:

    Cacciatore, the guy who heads up Lori Parrish’s investigative unit

    What is a public servant doing propping up a guy like Israel who didn’t even win Parkland where he lives and plays!

    Is Cacciatore breaking any rules

    is he using public resources

    is he campaigning on our clock??

    this really stinks

  19. Lamberti is garbage says:

    Do the math:

    Salary $170,000
    DROP $170,000
    Def Comp $ 35,000
    Health $20,000
    Ins. $15,000

    Lamberti collects $410,000 a year. That is not a fiscally responsible Republican. That is a greedy unethical person. He is only fiscally responsible when it comes to a deputy.

    Now add a pension of at least $150,000 a year a sick leave a vacation payout of $500,000, and insurance paid for life.


  20. foreclosure= Chip says:

    If Scott Israel’s past foreclosure make him unqualified I guess Lamarca isn’t either. just sayin.

  21. Bernie Parness says:

    Just saying you are non-partisan doesn’t make it so.When you take money from Gov Scott’s people there are streings relating to republican party that come attatched. I woll not support Lamberti because of that. We have a viable alternative in Scott Israel a Democrat. it is a political job weather we like it or not.