The Random Thoughts Of Sam Fields: Taxes, Texas, Health Insurance and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad



Don’t tax you and don’t tax me;
Tax that fellow behind the tree.

For generations that has been the mantra that has marked Florida legislators way of raising money to run the state.
Typically the “fellows behind the tree  were tourists who don’t vote in Florida.
 Fearful of a weakened tourism business the couplet has been amended to add a new line.

Don’t tax you and don’t tax me;
Tax that fellow behind the tree
But if you can’t do either, call it a fee.

While this legislative slight of hand might fool some of the people some of the time,  I doubt it fools anybody’s wallet any of the time. 


Republican Governor Rick Perry is threatening to have Texas, once again, secede from the union. 
Please, no one should talk him out of it.
On the plus side:

 1.  They can deal with the illegal alien problem; over half of which is on their border.
 2.   We get rid of Houston, the most polluted city in the nation.
 3.   The NFL would become a true international sport.
 4.   Congress gets rid of idiots like Sen. John Cornyn.
 5.    We have had three Presidents from Texas–Lyndon Johnson and the two Bushes.  Among them they account for over half of the national debt we have accumulated since 1776.  And they love war–Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan.  And while they are real good at the getting into war; they are clearly deficient at the winning/getting out part.
  6.  The Dallas Cowboys won’t be able to call themselves “America’s Team”

On the negative side.

 1.  Decent barbeque
 2.  Willie Nelson will have trouble getting a visa.

That’s about it.


Last month I attended a seminar with former presidential candidates George McGovern and John Anderson at Nova Southeastern University. McGovern had a simple and intriguing way to implement healthcare for all.
Starting with newborns to seven year olds, begin to phase in Medicare for all.  Wait a couple of years and add eight to eighteen year olds and so on until you reach 65.  
Medicare offers competition by encouraging private HMO’s.   Premium coverage is available for those who wish to pay a premium fee.


Among the locations for the April 15th Tea Party distraction was West Broward Boulevard and Northeast Third Ave.  I moseyed over there and it became apparently clear that this had little to do with taxes and more to do with GOP politics. 
This little demo was instigated by multimillionaire FOX TV personalities who would be part of the 1-2% of us with an Adjusted Gross Income over $250,000.  They are horrified that the income tax rate would return to the rate under Socialist Ronald Reagan
My unscientific poll indicated that not one of the actual demonstrators had an AGI over $250,000.  Few of them were aware that the Obama recovery bill gave them a tax cut. 

They were definitely getting tea bagged.  It could have been worse; it could have been a rusty trombone.


 While Holocaust deniers, like Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, really believe that six million did not die, I get the sense it disappoints them.
Speaking of Mr. Greasy Kid Stuff; why does he have nothing to say about the genocide in Darfur. 

Is it because the perps are Muslims and the victims are Black?


6 Responses to “The Random Thoughts Of Sam Fields: Taxes, Texas, Health Insurance and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad”

  1. Sam's Biggest Fan says:

    Sam, you are right. The Legislature are a bunch of hypocrites. They say they don’t raise taxes. Meanwhile, the price of everything from park entrance fees to traffic tickets keep going up. The Republicans have it down to an art. The Democrats were no better when they were in charge.

  2. Willie Knows Best says:

    I always thought it strange that all these blacks take Muslim names and give up their “slave names.” They are all joining the Muslim religion. It was Muslims who helped capture slaves in Africa. Muslims continue to hold slaves today.

    Just check out

  3. What??? says:

    If anybody can figure out how the health insurance would work under the above plan, please let me know.

  4. Sam Fields says:

    When you hit 65 you will know

  5. Sam Fields says:

    The way health insurance works is that upon reaching eligilbility you can put your cliams through Medicare or Medicare will pay for your membership in one of many HMO’s and you go through them. You can still buy supplemental insurance to cover all other claims


    It is becasue they are MEN.