The Pix: Pols At St. Patty’s Day Parade

Photos courtesy of Fort Lauderdale photographer and civic activist Art Seitz (click to enlarge):


Mayor Jack Seiler

Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jack Seiler (on left) with others

tim ryan

County Commissioner Tim Ryan (seated)




County Commissioner Chip LaMarca, drivingFish eye chip



Fort Lauderdale Commissioner DeanĀ Trantalis

Chip and wife atparade



County Commissioner Chip LaMarca and his wife

5 Responses to “The Pix: Pols At St. Patty’s Day Parade”

  1. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    They all looked great. This parade is good for all the business’ on Las Olas and surrounding areas. Next year bring the parade down Federal Hgwy in Pompano Mayor Seiler. Oh you would be in for a real treat. Marching down the street stop by and see Robert here. Go by next door , see dog shit(piles) in the windows(yes) w/ roaches eating it. Stick around long enough see “slumlord ” owner trying to mace me(dumb move). To if its raining getting out of your car into a foot of water. Oh, wait to the “slumlords” obnoxious Santa Claus lookin attorney(bring it on bitch-w/out the beard-oh he’s got that beer gut ,hanging over his trousers oh yes. All he needs is the red suit). Nice huh??…..

  2. Alice McGill says:

    The mayorship twins, Walter and Lisa Duke, were there. What the heck are they running for next, now that they have outgrown Dania Beach??

  3. Parade Watcher says:

    This year’s parade was wonderful and went off without a hitch! Great marching bands…nice military presence…all the beauty queens…huge crowd…and a great festival all afternoon. Great way to spend an afternoon!

  4. Family values says:

    Chip, his wife and son look adorable. More good old Catholic family values are what is needed in this District.


    I don’t believe that Chip has a son.

  5. Fellow patriot says:

    Lamarca is an example for all Americans, an unwavering love of Family, Military and Country.