The New York Daily News Says It All






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12 Responses to “The New York Daily News Says It All”

  1. disenchanted says:

    that tells it all no longer a republican there is no party that represents the middle only their narrow, parochial, elitist views.

  2. Floridan says:

    No the Daily News and you get it wrong. What we have is a situation in which the GOP/Tea Party is making extreme demands, while the responses from the president and Democrats are to offer plans that are all spending cuts and no taxes.

    The president has been willing to sign a clean bill, a grand resolution, a balanced bill that contains revenue increases, a bill that does not include revenue increases and a small spending cut bill — in every case they have been rejected by the right.

    It seems clear this morning that a significant portion of GOP House members will not accept any reasonable bill to raise the debt ceiling, and Boehner knows that crafting a solution that relies on moderate Republicans and Democrats for passage is the equivalent of signing his own political death sentence within his party.

    This whole “both parties are equally at fault” is the ultimate in facile analysis.

  3. BewareWhatYouWishFor says:

    Yes, the Democrats share some blame, but mostly for not educating the public properly and then being poor negotiators. But clearly, this “crisis” was created by the Tea Party nuts. The level of intransigence and misinformation coming from these people is breathtaking. First, there should be no “crisis” to begin with, based on the debt ceiling. This is a routine matter and just would confirm that we will pay the bill for things already approved by Congress. It is certainly is NOT a blank check for Obama, as Boehner lied to the nation. Second, since the concept of compromise is a some sort of obscenity to the teabaggers, we sit here as the stock market begins to tank, our credit rating is at real risk and a second recession is days away. All because a-hole true-believer ideologues sit there pretending there is no one in the room except them.

  4. Forgot something says:

    While you’re busy putting all of the blame on the tea partiers, don’t forget to call them racists. You don’t want to stray too far from the usual attacks.

    Now let’s go back to talking about the illusory cuts Obama, Boehner, and Reid are going to give us.

  5. disenchanted says:

    reading the last 2 statements i repeat what i said aboout narrow elitist viewpoints. im always right and your wrong, sounds like their married.

  6. Smart Move says:

    Correct. Our politics is polluted and it’s time to clean it up.

  7. watcher says:

    the racism isn’t about Obama. (my racist collegues say the proof that they are not racist is they support Allen West).Its about the “poor” which is code for black women with a couple of baby daddies. Helping them with housing and medical care drives these righties nuts…They are also fed by daily rightwing forwards about how all the budget problems are expenditures on foreign aid and schooling and medical care for “illegals”…I get these forwards many times a day…how can we debate with this much misinformation

  8. S.O.B. says:

    If , and I don’t wish it, does it CUT the Congressional pay, benefits, expenses, pension, etc???

    what I don’t see is the promises that the newly elected went to DC with a mandate to create JOBS, JOBS, JOBS, sorta like our lying Governor…

  9. AGM says:

    What is wrong with a Balanced Budget Amendment?

  10. Smart Move says:

    Here’s the problem with a balanced budget amendment. It’s not the concept, that’s hard to argue with. But if you are a jogger, say, then asking to become a world record holding sprinter in one year is a pretty steep, likely even irrational goal to wish for? Right?

    Well, to put that in perspective, asking America to suddently have a balanced budget now, after so many administrations and all those years of piling up debt, it’s like asking a wheelchair bound person to become the fastest sprinter of all time on one year. If we want to have a serious conversation about fiscal management, I’m all for that. Only don’t put my retirement funds at risk while you play politics. Pass the debt ceiling which will preserve the nation’s economy and then have that discussion.

    That’s what’s wrong.

  11. Barack Obama says:

    Its those darn republicans, as usual.

  12. Floridan says:

    Part of he problem with a balanced budget amendment is how its structured. I haven’t seen the GOP proposal in writing but from what I hear it exempts certain types of spending from being “balanced” and would require a simple majority to cut spending but a two-thirds vote to raise taxes (however that is defined).

    Moreover, would capital expenditures be included? Everone like to state how families have to balance their budgets, but many have motgages, car loans, student loans, etc. that far exceed the annual family income.

    A balanced budget amendment is based on a political philosophy, not on sound economics.