The New King or Queen Of Politics?






Cancel the coronation.

With the number of black voters surging, there is talk that the winner of the 20th black-dominated U. S. House District race will be the new King or Queen of Broward politics.

The subtext is that the new member of Congress will be able to use their influence over black voters to control elections.

It’s bunk.

The winner of the special congressional election will never automatically rule Broward politics.

Even if Broward’s black Democrats could sway elections that doesn’t mean they would all vote together. The reason is diversity. 

There are African-Americans, born and bred in the USA.

There is a burgeoning group of Jamaicans, who already dominate politics in such areas as Miramar. Many voters were shaped by the free-wheeling campaigns in Jamaica.

There are Haitians from an island speaking Creole who often have different interests from the English-speaking Caribbean voters. 

There are Grenadians. There are Trinidadians. There are Bahamians. There are even Cubans and Venezuelans who identify as black. District 20 is a rainbow of voters who have a multitude of background and interests. 

It is highly insulting to say the wonderfully-diverse black community will automatically fall in line behind a new leader.

Whoever gets elected will replace the late U. S. Rep. Alcee Hastings of Miramar.  He had a lifetime of experience in the Civil Rights movement and political world. 

Hastings was important. Very important. But even this legend was not the most powerful black leader. 

The most important local black leader for over a decade just may be Bertha Henry, the outgoing county administrator who ran the $5.8 billion Broward government. She had a say in how all that money was spent, who would be hired to spend it and what policies and rules would be used. 


Bertha Henry




In addition to Henry, Broward has numerous other black leaders. They include the Sheriff, State Attorney, Public Defender and Clerk of the Court. They include numerous city commissioners. They include a bevy of appointed officials. And business and professional folks.

They won’t automatically follow-the-leader for anybody.

The election of a member of Congress is always important. The winner of this race will expand the Democrats razor-thin margin by one. They will be courted by the President and House leadership. 

That will last until the 2022 election, when many predict that Republicans will take over Congress. If that happens, a freshman Democrat’s influence will be largely diminished into irrelevance. 

Hastings was a Huge Personality.

He had a booming speaking style. When talking to a voter, he had his arm around their shoulders and made them feel like the center of the world. 

None of the candidates have shown those winning traits.  

But even Hastings wasn’t the king of Broward politics. Nor did he ever sway enough votes to control who won or lost elections. 

So put that crown back in the drawer. It will be a long time before the winner of District 20 will be the King or Queen of politics. 

6 Responses to “The New King or Queen Of Politics?”

  1. Richard J Kaplan says:

    Here is the other problem. Whomever wins out of 11 candidates will do it with about 30% or less of the vote meaning it is not anywhere near proven support of the majority. The lower the winning percentage the worse it gets. Plus they will have to run for reelection immediately with the election date in less than a year.

    So they should have concern from any candidate that comes in a strong 2nd or even 3rd, plus possible other strong candidates who may have sat this out and others now merge behind.


    Richard J. Kaplan is the former mayor of Lauderhill.

  2. Hardy Fan says:

    Don’t you think Omari Hardy got a boost when he received the Sun-Sentinel endorsement?


    It offers him some validity, especially in the Broward County portion of the district which may not know this 31-year-old progressive with a thin resume.

    Remember that Barbara Sharief received the Palm Beach Post endorsement despite Hardy’s home in West Palm Beach. Introducing Sharief to the Palm Beach County portion of the District, the Post said Sherief’s “11 years as county commissioner have made Sharief the best-prepared candidate in the race. In that position, she has taken the time to learn and work on a variety of issues, from outside activities as the first Black female president of the Florida Association of Counties, past chair of the National Association of Counties’ Health Steering Committee to serving on the County Coalition for Responsible Management of Lake Okeechobee, a board on which Hastings once served.”

  3. Robert Walsh says:

    Who would have thought Hardy.He has gotten alot of media coverage lately.However,he apparently offended many Jews over in Kings Point.So this will hurt him.This is a tough one.So many canidates to choose from.I told u Barbara Shariff would come on strong.Although,Dubose, Thurston,and Holeness I say in a dead heat.If I was in Vegas wagering a bet I go w/ Bobby Dubose( long shot).

  4. Sam the Sham says:

    What these candidates need to do is emulate Hastings record.

    They need to get themselves arrested under some sketchy circumstances, do some kind of victim class work around and declare they are the true heir to the throne because of their fight against white supremacy and systemic racism.

  5. Corey Weiner says:

    Tell the guy above me … Omari Hardy sits on a junk committee in the state legislature. Replaced Al.Jacquet by out race baiting people the same way Dale Holeness is doing in Riviera Beach.

    Let me explain this to Hardy’s entire crew… And everyone else blabbing about Hastings dirtbag seat in Miramar…

    Local politics is applied economics. NON partisan.

    As is a county administration position.

    In Broward, since your brains are too small to comprehend the scope of your actual job…you lack an actual.platform — so in Broward, candidates make up BS stories about their heritage skin complexion surname — anything to distract voters who tend to just go along.

    Hardy’s.staffers — let’s debate his first year in office live on TV — Anytime you prefer.

    Browards gdp is a disaster… It’s jail is out of space, it’s citizens have serious financial problems and increased property tax…rents rising.

    Yet all these morons with ZERO training in applied economics — all try to slide into office based on their physical attributes.

    Skin tone surname county or origin. These have ZERO correlation to better public policy in their districts.

    I have more training in applied economics than Henry Hardy Judge Hastings and their entire clicks.

    Corey Weiner

  6. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    McCormick spent well over 2 million dollars.I mean money talks,but come on.She bought this election.If I had known that she was spending this kind of money obviously I would have stated she was a shoe- in.Just very concerning that a candidate can spend this kinda money w/ no oversight.