The List: Who Contributes To Who



Where are some of Broward’s movers and shakers putting their money in this electon?

Here is a very arbitrary and partial list:

Mitchell Berger, Democratic Party financier and lawyer
 $2,300 John Edwards

Ronald Bergeron, road builder and real estate investor:
 $2,300 John McCain

Hayward Benson, retired
 $1,000 Barack Obama

David Bogenschutz, lawyer
 $1,000 Hillary Clinton

Rick Case, auto dealer
 $6,900 John McCain
 $2,300 Rudolph Giuliani

Rita Case, auto dealer
 $2,300 John McCain
 $2,300 Rudolph Giuliani

Joy Cooper, mayor of Hallandale
 $2,300 Hillary Clinton

Larry Davis, lawyer and Democratic activist
$2,000 Bill Richardson
$1,000 Barack Obama

Gordon Deckelbaum, developer and Jewish community leader
$2,300 Joe Biden

Christine Forman, wife of real estate investor Austin Forman
 $6,900 Hillary Clinton
 $1,000 John Edwards

M. Austin Forman, real estate investor
 $2,300 Hillary Clinton
 $2,100 John Edwards

Jennifer Gottlieb, School Board member
$500 Hillary Clinton

Gerard Gunzburger, retired husband of Suzanne Gunzburger
$1,500 Hillary Clinton

Suzanne Gunzburger, county commissioner
$1,500 Hillary Clinton

 Alex Heckler, lobbyist and lawyer
 $6,900 Hillary Clinton

Alan Hooper, construction
 $1,500 John McCain

H. Wyane Huizenga, Huizenga Holdings
 $4,600 John McCain

Dale Ledbetter, lawyer
 $5,900 Barack Obama

Michael Maroone, AutoNation
 $2,300 Mitt Romney

Don McClosky, lawyer and lobbyist
 $250 Hillary Clinton

James McKinley, McKinley Financial Services
 $500 Hillary Clinton

John Milledge, lobbyist and lawyer
 $500 Barack Obama

Laura Raybin Miller, Republican activist and wealth manager
$500   John McCain

Edward Morse III, Ed Morse Auto Group
 $2,300 John McCain

Edward Morse Jr., Ed Morse Auto Group
 $4,600 John McCain

Bill Murphy, real estate investor
 $2,900 John Edwards
 $2,300 Hillary Clinton

Una Murphy, wife of real estate investor Bill Murphy
 $2,300 Hillary Clinton

Jim Naugle, mayor of Fort Lauderdale
 $1,000  Fred Thompson

Debbie Orshefsky, lobbyist/lawyer
 $2,300 Hillary Clinton

J. P. Ottino, development industry
 $8,600  Joe Biden
 $4,600  Hillary Clinton

Thomas Pennavaria, lobbyist
$2,000 Hillary Clinton

Jorge Perez, developer
 $6,900 Hillary Clinton
 $4,600 Barack Obama

George Platt, lawyer, lobbyist and former county commissioner
 $850    Hillary Clinton

Carlos Reyes, lawyer and lobbyist
 $500   Rudolph Giulliani

Charlotte Rodstrom,  Fort Lauderdale city commissioner
 $6,900 Hillary Clinton

John Rodstrom, husband of Charlotte and county commissioner
 $6,900 Hillary Clinton

Billy Rubin, lobbyist
 $1,000 Barack Obama
 $3,300 Hillary Clinton

Bill Scherer, lawyer and Republican activist
 $2,300 Rudolph Giuliani

Grant Smith, lobbyist and son of former U. S. Rep. Larry Smith:
 $2,300  Hillary Clinton
 $2,000  John McCain

Aleida Waldman, lawyer and lobbyist
 $500 Hillary Clinton

Zach Zachariah, physician and GOP fund raiser
 $2,300 Fred Thompson

 Note: Some of these individuals have donated additional money to political parties or political committees. This lists only the money given to candidates.


6 Responses to “The List: Who Contributes To Who”

  1. Jamie Holts says:

    Can you tell me who did your layout? I’ve been looking for one kind of like yours. Thank you.

    FROM BUDDY: did the design work for

  2. zzzzz says:

    let’s see where they are putting their money in local races see how many of these lobbiests are playing both sides…where is rothstein putting his money? how about the new eco’s that mayo wrote about wonder how many of the above are putting their money in their

  3. joe lambeta says:

    One thing all have in common. They all have something to gain from the candidates they back. We need real campaign finance reform.

  4. Beth The Bounty Hunter says:

    Mighty impressive. We all know who was working hard for Hillary, Diana Wasserman Rubin, and I wish she was still in the race as well. As for heavy hitters what happened to George Platt, he was always dishing money what this $850??? Best of Luck to Obama as second choice to Hillary. j There is a rally in Hollywood on Saturday for Obama and a walk from South Broward High to the circle.
    Join in on the fun!!!!

  5. Buddy - Interesting Info says:

    Come on Buddy — where’s the data from the Broward SOE so we can see who gave in local races.

  6. Elaine says:

    What are we chopped liver Buddy?
    We didn’t make your important list this year!
    We gave $2300 to McCain

    I only give to winners!