The Herald: Re-Elect Judge Skolnick


Continuing their endorsement of only incumbents, The Miami Herald today recommended that County Judge Peter Skolnick be re-elected.

Th endorsement of Skolnick is another rejection of the wave of assistant public defenders seeking to get on the bench.  His opponent is Debra Steinsaltz of the PDs office.

So far the Herald has endorsed judges appointed to the bench by Republican and Democratic governors.  They include Judges Jack Luzzo, Matthew Destry, Carlos Rebollo, Barbara McCarthy, Carlos Rodriguez, Susan Lebow, Ken Gillespie and Elijah Williams.

In the race for an open circuit seat, the Herald picked incumbent County Judge Lee Seidman

I believe either Seidman or his opponent, defense attorney Sandra Perlman, have the qualifications to make a fine circuit judge.

Some courthouse sources say Perlman may have an edge in temperment.

Today’s Herald endorsement of Skolnick is here.

3 Responses to “The Herald: Re-Elect Judge Skolnick”

  1. broward reader says:

    Skolnick is a strange duck.

  2. disenchanted says:

    i have to second the above

  3. The Courthouse Rambler says:

    Strange duck for sure.
    Skolnick beat up a woman a few years ago.