Update: The Herald Endorses Seven Incumbent Judges


The Miami Herald likes the incumbents. 

That’s no surprise since most of the sitting judges are better by far than the challengers.

In its third round of independent endorsements, The Miami Herald has picked three more incumbent judges — Matthew Destry, Carlos Rebollo and Barbara McCarthy. 

(There was trouble with the Herald website early Saturday and I could not link to it.)

Destry and his opponent, Robert Jakovich, are evenly matched, said the Herald.

But it gave the nod to Destry, who they noted had a major role in prosecuting serial killer Alleen Wournos while working as a Pinellas County prosecutor before going into private practice. 

Jakovich has more than 26 years as an assistant  Broward Public Defender. The Herald noted that Jakovich “may be running” because the Broward Judicial Nomination Commission “is notorious for overlooking public defenders when sending judicial-appointee recomendations to the governor.” 

The Herald says voters should vote for Rebollo, who prosecuted more than 200 felony cases while at the Broward County State Attorney’s Office. 

“Word around the courthouse has Mr. Nichols openly bragging that he’ll win this race beased on his name.  That’s disappointing,” said The Herald.

The Herald can “happily recommend” McCarthy.  It details some sleazy tactics by her opponent, Alan Bernstein, including attempting to falsely tie McCarthy to the Scott Rothstein Ponzi scheme.

McCarthy “has a genuine rapport with children who must appear in court” and created a special children’s waiting room where they can play during long court hearings.

The Herald earlier endorsed Judges Carlos Rodriguez, Susan Lebow,  Ken Gillespie and Elijah Williams.

All seven of the Herald’s picks so far are fine jurists.

The Friday paper singled out Lebow who was savaged in the media unfairly earlier this year.  She threw out a case when a prosecutor appeared before her unprepared.

The Herald writes:

“Voters would be wrong to oust one of Broward’s most seasoned criminal-court judges — especially at a time when other veteran trial judges have been reprimanded or have resigned because of misconduct.

There’s not a hint of such injudicious behavior attached to Judge Lebow.”

Enough said. 

Here are Friday’s Herald endorsements.

37 Responses to “Update: The Herald Endorses Seven Incumbent Judges”

  1. sunny skies shady people says:


  2. Bernstein No Good says:

    Bernstein’s entire campaign is the falsehood that Judge McCarthy is part of the Rothstein scandal because he gave her campaign money. She returned the money. As The Herald said, “End of Story.”

  3. what the herald forgot says:

    If the Herald is so caught up in the buzz around town maybe they should have mentioned how Judy Stern is running Oliver Parker’s campaign against Gillespie and the irony of the Judy Stern Legacy via the Scott Israel race that Jews should only vote for Jews and ignore qualifications. The irony being that without the success of the of the Jewish name game and the rest of the Judy Stern Legacy, people like Frieda Goldstien would never have thought of running against a good guy like Judge Rodriguez and the rest.

  4. VOTE for my shiksa wife OR ELSE says:

    McCarthy is less then straight forward. Saw her at a function (NRA). she is a loon and is obvoiusly experiencing early signs of robe fever. Birken is rubbing off on her which is good enough reason to keep her off the bench before she causes real damage. what real judicial experience other the dependency does she have. She is the second coming of Aleman…in do time.

  5. VOTE for my shiksa wife OR ELSE says:

    barbara…it is not nice to lie to an old jewish lady about being a democrat only later after being pressured on the subject…to tell her that you are really a REPUBLICAN married to a jew. remember there are democrats and there are the ones like arthur democRATS. remember: the mear appearance…

  6. Broward Lawyer says:

    It’s sad that bob Nichols is running against Judge Rebollo.
    THE MIAMI HERALD CALLED JUDGE REBOLLO AN EXCELLENT JUDGE. Nichols is running because his attorney’s fees on PIP cases has dried up and his long list of sex offenders he represented has dried up. Nichol’s law practice made $95,000 last year. How can he pay the $318,000 mortgage he owes on his house on $95,000 a year? Nichols is a clown. He calls his law office, Bob Nichols and Associates, but there are no associates. It’s a one man firm. He is decceiving the public.
    The most disgusting thing is he is running against Judge Rebollo because of his name. Nichols thinks his name will go over better with the voters than Judge Rebollo.
    PS – Nichols is not Jewish.

    FROM BUDDY: Income is often, but not always, a reflection of ability to pay.
    For instance, a lawyer could have other incomes or invested income. Or a lawyer could just have a lot of assets.

  7. DisgustedObserver says:

    Why attack Bob Nichols? He is a great person who wants to serve. He lives in a modest house and has never lived high on the hog. The way you try to spin the numbers and present them is ridiculous. Bob Nichols has a legal record, that started in the State Attorneys office successfully prosecuting and locking up criminals. He has practiced all types of law privately, including a hefty amount of pro-bono work. He is a fine man, as I am sure that Judge Rebollo is as well. I don’t see the need to trash either of these men. Let’s keep this honest and clean. No one needs to sling mud. So just stop.

  8. The Tax Man Cometh says:

    Based on your facts about Nichols sounds like the IRA needs to be brought in. If he is taking in cash or other “favors” as form of payement then he needs to have an audit.

  9. DisgustedObserver says:

    The people on here talking smack about Bob Nichols and his mortgage and income situation obviously have NO financial background. Let’s just say for conversation sake that his mortgage is what you state and his income is what you state. His mortgage payment wouldn’t be more than $2,200. a month and that is only 28% of his income, which is in line with conservative, traditional affordability. So whatever you think you are trying to imply here is just plain bs.

  10. The Tax Man Cometh says:

    Ok, Bob Or Mrs. Bob, now that you are trying to defend yourself did you forget that your valuation last year was $500,000 and that $300,000 is the balance of your loan? Let’s not forget to factor in your a family of four with one income and two children in private school’s, car loans and all other house hold bills. I guess when you loose this election you can write a book on “Creative Accounting.”

  11. DisgustedObserver says:

    I am not Bob Nichols. I am however, someone who knows him and knows that he is a fine upstanding person. I also know Carlos Rebollo. He is a pleasant person as well. I have nothing but good things to say about both men. There is absolutely no reason to attack either one of these gentlemen.

  12. Broward Lawyer says:

    Disgusted Observer = Bob Nichols

    Nichols you deserve to be attacked and attacked hard like the Miami Herald did.

    Bob – – You picked Judge Rebollo because off his Italian/Spanish name. Shame on you Nichols. the Miami Herald called your conduct disapponting.

    The Miami Herald said of Judge Rebollo: “HE IS AN EXCELLENT JUDGE”


    Last but not least, bob nichols.
    A Person who decides to run for judge and does so because of the judge’s name, like you did, shows very poor judgement and that poor judgment makes them and thus you NOT QUALIFIED TO BE A JUDGE

  13. Broward Lawyer says:

    PS Here is a partial list of the people and organizations backing Judge Rebollo:
    1. Lori Parrish, proeprty appraiser
    2. DEC Leader Diane Glasser
    3. County Commissioner Stacy Ritter
    4. Howard Forman, clerk of courts
    5. Pembroke Pines Mayor Frank Ortis
    6. Coral Springs Mayor Scott Brooks
    7. Pembroke Pines Commisioner Iris Siple
    8. Pembroke Pines Commisioner Angelo Castillo
    9. Pembroke Pines Commisioner Carl Schecter
    10. Representative Ari Porth
    11. Representative Joe Gibbons
    12. Representative Perry Thurston
    13. Broward AFL-CIO Dan Reynolds
    14. Broward PBA Pat Hanrahan
    15. FOP
    16. Broward Firefighters and Paramedics Union – Walter Dix
    17. The Teamsters
    18. 10-13 Club (retired NYPD)
    19. Adele Berger
    20. Norma Goldstein
    That’s just for starters.
    Who is backing Bob Nichols? His friends from Cardinal Gibbons Catholic High School. What year did he graduate Catholic school?
    Is Bob Nichols too elitist to go to a Broward public school? Who else is backing elitist Bob, the Coral Ridge Country Club types?

  14. Cardinal Gibbons 79 says:

    No CG class of 79 is NOT backing Nichols! He has made a complete fool of the entire class and school, he was a looser in highschool and 30 years later he is a bigger looser. I can’t believe you thought it was funny to do such a stupid thing as hump your looser friends backs then days later have time to think about it and still post the video on your FB, what’s next U Tube? If it was such a funny, classy thing to do then why don’t you play the video at your fundraiser or on the campaign trail? You can’t take back the mess you have made of our reunion but do us a favor and STAY HOME in 10 years for the next one, you are not welcome or wanted.

  15. christine says:

    Wow! What a surprise. The Miami Herald picking a less qualified Hispanic candidate over a vastly more experienced candidate. Bob Nichols is a humble person. He would never “tell the courthouse” that he is a sure win. It’s competent journalism at it’s best – that the Miami Herald has picked up the trash from the Rebollo camp and is repeating it as fact. (And that Broward Beat is affirming it) Get your facts straight.

  16. onlyapoorfool says:

    seems like Rebollo people only want the rich to run for office. How does that square with his poor blue collar life

  17. Lawyer in Broward says:

    Bob Nichols never told anyone that he would win based on name alone. I am in the same building as him. That garbage was one of many nasty anonymous rumors that started on the JABBLOG. From what I can see, Nichols has taken the high road on the rumor mill, while the Rebollo camp just seems to make it up as they go along. They posted that Nichols is divorced and living apart for 10 years. I know that they’ve been happily married for 21 years with 2 kids. Last week I read their warnings that “we are watching everything you do.” These people are getting creepy. What is now sad, however, is that these nasty anonymous rumors have now made their way into more respectable publications. Come on folks, let’s stick with the respectable truth here. We all lose when we allow the anonymous rumor mills to run wild.

  18. Broward Lawyer says:

    Race baiting! Shame on you Bob, er, I mean Christine. I wouldn’t play the race card if I were you Bob Nichols. You have 162 Facebook friends on your personal site not one Jewish or African American person. As Buddy would say

  19. Broward Lawyer says:

    @ Lawyer in the same building as Bob Nichols — You sure do sound like Bob Nichols.
    Nichols, if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen. You put in against one of the most respected judges in this county, don’t go crying now. You were told not to. Nichols before the filing deadline you told Team Rebollo that for money and support you would switch races and run against Judges Luzzo, Lebow or Greenhawt. Team Rebollo told you that would never happened and asked you not to put in, but you put in. Now come out and play like a big boy.

    The Miami Herald endorsed and called Judge Rebollo an EXCELLENT judge. The Herald said if you win it would be a travesty.

    P.S. NO ONE ON TEAM REBOLLO HAS POSTED ANYTHING ABOUT YOUR PERSONAL LIFE. Those JAAB posts come from your former classmates at Cardinal Gibbon High School.

  20. Close this thread says:

    Buddy – I know you’re not one for censoring the posts, but this thread has degenerated into the worst of the web. Makes the Pulp comments look tame at the moment.

    A pox on both of these candidates’ houses. Either the candidates themselves or their supporters (whoever is posting) are both disgusting human beings for getting into the dirt.

    I know Carlos Rebollo and have found him a great judge, but if he’s condoning or involved in this garbage, I’ve lost a lot of respect for him.

    As for Nichols, I don’t know him well at all, and frankly, what I’ve seen doesn’t impress me.

    In the end, I think that there’s something to be said for the company you keep.

    As a result, I’ll probably be sitting this one out.

    And Buddy, I’d just suggest you close this thread. It’s gone further into the gutter than nearly any other one I’ve seen on this blog.

    And both Judge Rebollo and Bob Nichols should be ashamed of what is being said here.

    FROM BUDDY: I have tried to remove personal attacks. I believe the debate should be kept to how qualified a judicial candidate is and not whether he is divorced. If you believe other comments need to be removed, please contact me at Browardbeat@hotmail.com.

  21. DisgustedObserver says:

    I gotta say that I have been an active community activist for some time now. I follow local, state and national politics reverently. I have seen plenty of dirty politics and a lot of ugly accusations on all the different blogs here in Broward. But the attacks on Bob Nichols are such COMPLETE fabrications and quite frankly way beyond the pale. Both of these candidates are fine people. We need good people wanting to serve in these capacities. Treating any of them with such hate is just horrible. These are people. They have spouses. They have children. Come on….

  22. Cardinal Gibbons 79 says:

    It amazes me that you follow “local, state and national politics reverently” yet you are surprised that it can get nasty? First rule of thumb is never run for office when you have more baggage in your life than the “A” carrousel at the Miami airport!!!

  23. DisgustedObserver says:

    Wow! What really surprises me is that Carlos Rebollo would associate himself with the trash on the blogs. If these are the people that he has surrounding him, then I am not sure if he is the fine person that he first appears to be. I guess that is the way they do it up in Jersey. Bob is a native to this area, not some transplant. Guess his strong roots in the community has you running scared. Keep making up the lies. I guess your having fun with that. Too bad you don’t feel confident enough in your candidate to just stick to promoting him and his record. You feel like you have to stoop lower than mud. Pigs live in mud. They smell too.

  24. Broward Lawyer says:


    It is pretty clear to anyone with half a brain that you are the person posting as “Disgusted Observer.”
    Dude, you got ADHD or what? Take a rest. Take a deep breath inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, good boy, good boy. Now go to sleep, say night, night BOB

  25. Cardinal Gibbons 79 says:

    Just remember Nichols when you sleep with dogs, (wink, wink) you can expect to get fleas.

  26. Read it and weep Bobby says:


  27. Here’s The Scoop … Scene And Heard Around Town … « Barbara Cole By The Sea says:

    […] http://www.browardbeat.com/the-herald-endorses-judges-rodriguez-lebow/ […]

  28. Hope McCarty is OUT says:

    Judge Barbara McCarthy is a nightmare. She is inconsistent, blames others for her own screw ups. On a daily basis she appears self-absorbed and paranoid. Reportedly, she has run off several deputies and judicial assistants. She even had the locks changed to her favorite courtroom and keeps the key. Just asks courthouse staff about this Judge’s reputation for “power and control” over anything she perceives as a threat.

    Judge McCarthy makes rash decisions prior to hearing all testimony. Some of her decisions verge on the lunatic and are decidedly unfair.

    McCarthy constantly demonstrates that she is two-faced. The good judge manages to be totally rude while smiling at you. Some of her behavior is so erratic that she’s earned the nickname “McCrazy”.

    Of late, she moves her hearings around without any consideration for the litigants or the attorneys. Then she blames attorneys for failing to manage their calendars. Additionally, she does not seem to want to make any real decisions until after the election.

    God help Broward if voters retain this individual as a Circuit Court Judge. She behaves as if she needs medication to treat her lunacy.

  29. OnlyBecauseHesHispanic? says:

    I just read through all these comments and went to that link to the MH endorsement of Rebollo. I am a Hispanic/American and it really pisses me off when elected officials get endorsements purely because they are hispanic. Everyone always thinks we are some charity case who needs help. The newspaper obviously thinks that this Nichols attorney is more qualified, and yet they pick Rebollo? I am sick of the crutch. It makes us weak. If we can’t win on merit, we shouldn’t. Regardless of our culture, skin color or whatever. I can’t vote in this election because I didn’t move my voter card to this county when I moved, so I guess what I have to say means nothing. I just had to comment.

  30. disenchanted says:

    i re read the endorsement and no where did i see the paper alleging nichols is more qualifies or that rebollo is endorsed due to ethinicity. stop this bull campaigning, the folks who re3ad the blog, are hopefully, too wise too give it credance.

  31. only because says:

    OnlyBecauseHesHispanic? says: Obviously you cannot read and you obviously are not really Hispanic either because never have I witnessed another Hispanic cut down their own ethnicity. NO where does it state that Nichols is more qualified, it does say “Both are well-qualified former prosecutors.” and perhaps if you try to r e a d m o r e s l o w l y it will help. Rebollo is more qualified, Hispanic or not.

  32. try again says:

    Try reading it again Bob
    and this time, dont make up words to add in between the lines. For example, that YOU are more qualified cause that is a joke!


  33. Slogan says:

    See I told you his signs read “Elect Robert Bob Nichols vote for me I’m ADD” If he can’t read an article and get it stright how in the hell can he sit on the bench as judge and get a court case stright?

  34. deception alert says:

    Bob Nichols is the king of deception and should never be placed in a position of power. He is using the destruction he did to the Bush family as a campaign “stringboard” and claims to have had witnesses such as Hillary Clinton, Sen. Ted Kennedy, Jeff Conine…..total fabrication, claims he involved hundreds of physicians, total fabrication, fails to mention he kept this poor child in foster care for 10 years until she aged out of the system, fails to mention the years of abuse she endured while under his watch, fails to mention the unethical manner in which he conducted himself during the trial. Does Broward County need a Judge that struggles with the facts, struggles with the truth.

  35. maria says:

    to DisgustedObserver says:
    July 5th, 2010 at 7:38 pm : “Bob is a native to this area, not some transplant.” um, actually you are incorrect and not really that “observant”. He is a transplant if you will from that fine state of Georgia where some of them are still living in the civil war and blazing rebel flag pride, y’all know, that KKK group of folks. He isn’t even from Broward for a majority of his career, so observer (Bob) please stop writing BS about yourself, or for that matter re-writing history as it is. You are a compulsive liar and getting desperate to make up lies about one of the finest judicial representatives we have in Judge Rebollo.

  36. Legal Injustice says:

    As I reviewed the list of Candidates, there was only one name that stood out, Susan Lebow. I had the opportunity to meet her and was disappointed in her lack of professionalism. She showed favoritism to lawyers she knew personally, disregarded the US Constitution when making a decision and made inappropriate comments.
    1. Upon dismissing a case Judge Lebow certified an individual as cute.
    2. Refused a request for a speedy trial because the prosecutor had a prepaid vacation. Lebow told the defendant if she wanted a speedy trial she would have to pay for the prosecutor’s vacation.

    After 24 years, Lebow has become too familiar with prosecutors and defense attorneys, which apparently is affecting her ability to make decisions. Lebow has forgotten a person is innocent until proven guilty.

    A person in her position should present herself as dignified and professional; and not use her sex as a tool to make light of very serious cases that come before her.

  37. David says:

    When you speak of qualifications, you need to determine what sort of experience is important in a judge. No two people have exactly the same backgrounds. As for Bob Nichols, his background is more diverse and balanced than Carlos Rebollo. He has worked as both a defense attorney and as a prosecutor, successful in both. Bob Nichols has spent years running a law firm. Carlos Rebollo’s only experience in law is sitting at a desk receiving a government paycheck as a prosecutor before his term as a judge. Also, drugs, violence, and sex crimes have probably had the most impact on our community and/or families than probably any issues and Bob Nichols developed expertise in all these areas. This would be valuable experience for a judge. I could list it all here and all the training manuals he wrote and his instruction classes to assist law enforcement in these areas, but I don’t think anyone here wants to read several pages. Also Bob Nichols went to bat for women and particularly our young daughters of high school and college age by lobbying for new measures to facilitate the prosecution of those who use date rape drugs. His recommendations were even published as part of the US Senate’s Final Report regarding the need for enhanced national legislation for drug related sex crimes. As far as qualifications are concerned, Carlos Rebollo is clearly not even in the same league as Bob Nichols.

    Bob Nichols has shown stability in devotion in his family life. Unlike Carlos Rebollo, who divorced a couple of years ago, Bob Nichols has been married 21 years and he has two boys who as an involved father, mentors them in sports. He grew up in the Broward County area and went to undergraduate school at the University of Florida. He is an active part of our community and now coaches many sports in our local parks when he is not in his law office or in court. Carlos Rebollo is a transplant from NJ.

    Actually, I have never met Bob Nichols except that I have seen one of his public speeches. I know of his reputation and I have read his and Carlos Rebollo’s resume and I know many people who have worked with Bob Nichols and they all give him praise. He has my vote.